How Much Does IVF Cost in Colorado? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 21, 2020

IVF is one of the most commonly opted for treatments of infertility and can range between an average rate of $10,500 to $12,000 in Colorado. However, there are only a total of 17 states in the U.S. that offer insurance coverage for fertility treatment, while the remaining 33 states are deprived of such incentives by the state. Colorado is sadly one of the 33 states that currently does not cover fertility treatments. For the residents of Colorado the best option to pay for the cost of IVF is to look for private insurance plans that offer relief on some percentage of the total amount.

Major citiesAverage cost of IVF without medication
Denver$ 12,000
Colorado Springs$ 11,000
Boulder$ 10, 500
Fort Collins$ 10,500
Aurora$ 10,500

Infertility and IVF Insurance in Colorado

For every state of the U.S. that is not covered by an insurance plan, the best way to go about the treatment of infertility is to find a fertility clinic which offers discount programs, flexible payment packages and has affiliations with financing partners. If patients want to save on the cost of IVF in Colorado, they should look for health care programs networked across the country that offer multiple discount plans to eligible candidates.

Plus, patients can also check to see if their state based health insurance plan can pay for their testing and pre-procedure diagnosis. This would help save on the initial cost of consultation, testing and diagnosis.

States like Colorado that do not enjoy an insurance mandate for fertility treatments are dependent on the private institutes and clinics. Like many other states deprived of an insurance plan, the IVF cost is also a subject to clinical plans.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options in Colorado

Most of the clinics in Colorado however, have designed discount programs or money back guarantee programs to share a percentage of risk with the patients. Healthcare lending companies are playing a major role in providing financial support to eligible candidates who cannot otherwise pay for the treatment of infertility. While it would be better if the state provides insurance, it is recommended that patients compare one clinic to the other and approach the best suited choice for their specific needs.

Advanced Reproductive Medicine in Denver, CO

The University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine Center offers one of the best treatment facilities available. With its discounted package for those who are not covered by insurance, patients find relief in the treatment costs. To be benefit from the discounted package, patients would need to make a full upfront payment prior to the treatment.

  • Initial consultations: $250
  • IVF Price: $12,005
  • ICSI: $2,000
  • Embryo freezing: $1,200
  • PGS Biopsy: $3,000

Additional costs

  • Egg retrieval: $7,155 for 10 eggs
  • Frozen egg transfer: $3,788-$6,288
  • Donor fee: $2,400
  • Gestational fee: $2,400

Financing programs

It has a partnership with ARC fertility. ARC fertility is a network of nation’s best fertility specialists. An organization committed for the benefit and support of patients, it strives to minimize the cost of IVF in Colorado as well as other states deprived of insurance. ARC facilities available are:

  • One-cycle plus program(refund policy)

1 egg retrieval and 2 fresh/frozen embryo transfer

  • Two-cycle plus program

2 egg retrievals and 4 embryo transfer

  • Three-cycle program

This program includes 3 egg retrievals and a complete 6 fresh or frozen embryo transfer.

  • Pharmacy plan:

The cost of IVF medication is also expensive, and mostly excluded from the treatment cost. To make it more affordable for the patients, ARC fertility has a pharmacy plan which allows patients to have a percentage of discount on the pharmacy cost.

 Rocky Mountain Fertility Center in Parker, CO

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is another affordable option for IVF patients in Colorado. This fertility center accepts insurances from multiple providers to maximize benefits for couples. It also offers a low discount package price for prepaid customers to cover for the cost of standard IVF procedure. Multiple financing options are also available to needy patients.

The breakdown of cost at Rocky Mountain fertility center is as follows:

  • IVF with ICSI: $ 11,200
  • IVF with CCS: $ 13,250
  • Sperm wash: $ 385
  • Egg freezing single cycle: $ 6,200
  • Egg freezing two cycles: $ 10,000
  • Egg Freezing three cycles: $ 13,500

This is excluding the cost of medication and anesthesia. The cost of anesthesia is $400 while the cost of medication varies from one individual to the other.


  • Win Fertility

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center also offers financing and discount packages through Win Fertility to eligible candidates. Patients can apply for multiple discount plans in which they are likely to save 10-75% on the procedure or medication.

  • Prosper Financing

Prosper Healthcare lending is a renowned organization in the U.S that offers immediate loans under $35,000. It has empowered more than 250,000 people who could not have otherwise paid for their health care treatments. Prosper Healthcare Lending is affiliated with Rocky Mountain fertility center. Patients can apply for immediate loans at a flexible 84 month return period.

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado in Littleton, CO

At conceptions, patients can find multiple payment plans for IVF. Below is a cost breakdown for the IVF treatment:

  • Fresh Blastocyst IVF: $12,094

This cost covers the following:

  • ICSI
  • IVF trial embryo evaluation and transfer, analysis of uterine blood circulation
  • Oocytes retrieval, embryo culture and embryo transfer
  • CCS IVF Package: $19,411

For IVF with CCS, the cost covers for the following:

  • IVF trial embryo evaluation and transfer, analysis of uterine blood circulation
  • ICSI
  • IVF unlimited ultrasounds and laboratory tests
  • Oocytes retrieval and embryo culture for 5 days
  • Embryo transfer
  • Freeze all IVF: $12,654

The IVF cost with freeze all eggs is approximately the same, and has the same level of results. It covers all the previously mentioned procedures in the cost.

Refund Program:

Conceptions offers an IVF refund program to candidates who are eligible for the treatment. This assists many couples to pursue treatment, completing maximizing cycles in order to capitalize their chances of getting pregnant. In this refund program patients can have 3 fresh and 3 frozen embryo transfer cycles, to be completed in a limited time frame. This refund program requires a single discounted upfront payment. In case a pregnancy is not achieved, the amount will be refunded. This is to share the financial risk so that couples may try other options such as adoption.


  • Med Loan

If patients are not able to pay for the cost of IVF in Colorado, Conceptions can help them apply for loans. It partners with Med Loan Finance which is one of the best known medical financing company in the country, dedicated to providing need based loans. It deals with people of all kinds of credit history and has an extensive loan providing network which increases the chance of having easy financial assistance at hand.

  • Prosper

Conceptions is also affiliated with Prosper Healthcare Lending. Apply for the customized or existing loan packages to easily pay for the cost of IVF.

Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology in Denver, CO

The cost of IVF in Colorado is a subject to different payment plans offered by fertility clinics. Every clinic does its best to facilitate patients who are not financially fit. The average cost of the procedure remains approximately the same, and is only different in terms of the packages and discounts offered through financing programs and healthcare programs. You can enjoy a flexible payment plan, effected by multiple discount offers.

The average cost breakdown is as follows:

  • ICSI: $2600
  • Egg freezing: $950
  • IVF procedure: $ 12,850
  • Anesthesia: $ 400
  • Medication: $ 2000-$6000

If patients have any insurance, it may only cover for a percentage of test and treatment cost. It would be upon the clinic to determine what their insurance plan would cover. Although the clinic participates in multiple payment plans, it may not be guaranteed that your treatment will be covered through insurance. However, there are out-of-network payment plans that can help patients receive a discounted treatment.


  • SpringStone

SpringStone medical financing is popular throughout the country. Eligible families can apply for discount offers and loans to afford the cost of IVF.

  • Prosper HealthCare Lending

Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology also deals with Prosper HealthCare lending to help patients afford the cost of IVF. If patients are unable to find financial relief anywhere else, they can apply for an immediate loan through Prosper HealthCare lending.

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Lone Tree/Denver/Louisville, Colorado

CCRM Colorado also offers a flexible payment plan after understanding that affording the cost of IVF is a major financial burden for many patients. It accepts multiple insurance plans and out of network financing options. The cost breakdown at the fertility center is as follows:

  • Diagnostic testing for IVF: $2,700. Excluding the additional tests like blood work, diseases testing, genetic carrier and HSG
  • IVF procedure medication: $5,800-$10,800.
  • IVF cycle cost: $14,922 including blood work, ultrasounds, retrieval transfer, physician and ovarian stimulation.
  • Anesthesia: $475
  • ICSI: $2836

Patients can consult with financial advisors at CCRM to develop a customized financing plan for their treatment. They can also discuss their insurance or grants to get the lowest possible quotation for IVF.

HQA Fertility Centers in Colorado Springs, CO

Just as most clinics in Colorado, HQA also strives to make IVF more affordable and accessible by all patients seeking treatment. The IVF cost becomes easier to pay when the treatment covers maximum procedures, with less additional charges. At HQA, the cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Frozen Embryo IVF: $5,900

This procedure is ideal for women who are more responsive to the treatment and can get pregnant without CCS. This frozen embryo transfer cost includes the following:

  • Blood work and ultrasound
  • Egg retrieval
  • ICSI
  • IVF frozen Embryo
  • Storage of Embryo for 1 year
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Standard IVF: $8,900

This is the standard IVF procedure with CCS. The cost for it covers the following procedures:

  • Blastocyst culture
  • ICSI
  • Blood work and ultrasound
  • Egg retrieval
  • Vitrification (Freezing) Embryos
  • Chromosomal screening for up to 8 embryos.
  • Frozen embryo transfer

Reproductive Care Center in CO

Reproductive Care Center is another clinic successfully dealing with the daunting cost of IVF, and providing the latest technology treatments to residents of Colorado.

  • IVF Money Back Guarantee

The biggest issue with IVF is that of uncertainty. Chances are patients may not be able to take home a baby even after several tries. This puts them at a great financial loss, increasing their time span for taking home a baby through other means (adoption). To share this risk, Reproductive Care Center has designed an IVF money back guarantee program.

  • Single Fresh IVF Cycle
  • Standard IVF stimulation: $7,300 + $1000 for blood work
  • Low stimulation without antagonist: $5,924+$859 for blood work and monitoring
  • Low stimulation with antagonist: $6,272+909 for blood work and monitoring 
  • IVF Multiple Discount

Prepaid discount is offered to patients who purchase the multi cycle package. It includes cycles from two to four. The contract ends when all cycles are used. The cost per cycle is:

  • Two IVF cycles with fresh embryos: $15,593
  • Three IVF cycles with fresh embryos: $18,481
  • Four IVF cycles with fresh embryos: $20,792

This does not include the cost for medication and anesthesia. This is best for patients who are already opting for the money back guarantee program.

Albrecht Women’s Care in Englewood, CO

The IVF cost varies clinic by clinic, depending on the cost of anesthesia, medication and the follow ups required. The cost of IVF at Albrecht Women’s care is below $12,000. The cost of medication will range between $3000 and $8000.

To help patients afford the treatment, Albrecht offers financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending. It is a premier financing organization committed to delivering financial relief to patients all across the Colorado state With Prosper Lending, patients get the following benefits:

  • Immediate loans under $35,000
  • Easy loan process
  • No collateral required
  • No payment penalties
  • 100% secure and confidential

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