How Much Does IVF Cost in Virginia? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on December 22, 2020


How Much Does IVF Cost in Virginia?

When looking at the IVF cost state by state, the average IVF cost in Virginia comes to about $12,500 for one cycle excluding medications. This amount is a lot for middle-class and lower middle-class families.

IVF cost in Virginia is as expensive as it is in the other states of the country. While the states that enjoy an insurance mandate do in fact have the leverage to save on some cost at least, the approximate cost more or less remains the same in both cases. What helps the patients eligible for IVF the most is the financial support of fertility clinics and their affiliations with financing programs.

Many non-profit organizations in the country are working to make IVF an affordable treatment for lower and middle-class families in the USA. IVF cost is hard to anticipate due to the varying prices of every clinic. Every fertility center in Virginia has its own payment plan and the included procedures. Overall, one must have a budget for the IVF procedure, the pre and post-testing, and the medication. It is recommended to look up private insurance providers as well as non-profit programs that can put you in line for discount offers on IVF.

To get an idea of what IVF costs look like in different cities of Virginia here is some information:

Major citiesAverage IVF cost without medication
Charlottesville$ 14,000
Richmond$ 13,000
Virginia beach$ 11,000
Alexandria$ 12,000
Norfolk$ 11,000

Virginia Infertility Insurance

Insurance coverage is a hope for many who cannot otherwise afford the cost. However, Virginia is not one of the 17 states in the USA that have an insurance mandate for the treatment of infertility. Having said that, while infertility insurance is unavailable, there are several private programs that can help patients cover the cost of IVF in Virginia. It is suggested that every couple spend some good time researching their treatment options, including discount offers, comparison of price per procedure, and lending finance options.

In the U.S, even states that have an insurance mandate find it difficult to afford the treatment for infertility. It is unimaginable for states that have no insurance plan at all. For the residents of Virginia, all the hope lies in the fertility specialists and centers to provide those packages that are flexible and affordable for an average working class.

Affording IVF cost in Virginia

IVF Discounts

Being an advanced and complex fertility treatment, IVF comes at an expensive cost. With every new medicine or test comes a list of new charges in your bill. Realizing this, many American non-profit organizations have started to fund IVF treatments. IVF Advantage is one such example that helps people buy packages from different fertility clinics at a discounted price in Virginia. Couples who meet the eligibility criteria can enjoy perks on pharmacy, medication and treatment discounts. IVF advantage is for patients who have no insurance or cannot afford the treatment at any cost.

Lending Club:

Lending Club is a popular fertility and health care financing program in the United States. It offers flexible and affordable financing options to those who find it difficult to pay for the cost of IVF in Virginia. This program helps patients afford the treatment with low interest rate payment plans. For this loan, couples do not require an upfront fee. Using this facility helps them take the loan for an extended period.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options in Virginia

Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA

It is one of the top-rated fertility clinics in Virginia for the treatment of IVF. They offer flexible financial packages that one can choose as per what suits them best.

  • Single Cycle

Single-cycle IVF at RMSC is a fresh embryo transfer. This package will cost patients $ 8,600 in Charlottesville, VA. The cost includes the following:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Blood tests
  • Egg stimulation
  • Egg retrieval
  • Sperm preparation
  • Embryo culture & transfer
  • Laboratory Charges
  • Freeze All Cycle

Patients can also select the all freeze IVF cycle in which frozen embryos will be used as they have a higher rate of success. The package covers IVF with one frozen transfer at $ 10,450 in Charlottesville, VA. It includes:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Blood tests
  • Egg retrieval and stimulation
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo cryopreservation

In case assisted hatching or ICSI is required, the additional charges would be $ 2,750 excluding medication. For candidates who have embryos of cryopreservation standard, the next IVF cycle would be much less.

  • IVF Refund Program

IVF is a successful advanced treatment for infertility, however, it still does not have a 100% success rate. For women above 35 years, multiple IVF cycles may be required before they could achieve a live birth through IVF. A single cycle IVF is as expensive with a lower percentage of success.

For such candidates, there is a 100% guarantee refund program at Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia. This package of $ 20,000 ($ 23,900 with ICSI) gives patients 6 complete cycles in Charlottesville, VA. In case they are unable to get pregnant, the entire cost will be refunded.

  • 2 Fresh & Unlimited Frozen Cycles

Another flexible package offered is IVF with unlimited frozen cycles at a single discounted upfront fee. The discount is 1/3 of the standard IVF cost.

Instead of purchasing every cycle separately, patients can buy a bundle in which their chance of conceiving is higher. This package is for candidates who will be using their own sperms and eggs. If a patient opts for this option, they will not be eligible for the refund program. The pricing for this discounted program is $ 15,000 and $ 17,000 with ICSI but excluding medication in Charlottesville, VA.

Washington Fertility Center in Annandale / Fredericksburg / Reston, VA

Washington Fertility Center also has a clearly designed pricing. Infertility costs are clearly mentioned in all packages, without any hidden or new charges during the treatment. The cost of IVF is:

  • Single Cycle+ Medication $ 9,900
  • IVF for two cycles $ 16,900
  • IVF Refund Guarantee $ 19,900

This refund guarantee program gives patients 6 IVF cycles to maximize their chances of getting pregnant. In case no live birth is achieved, the money gets refunded.

Special Offer:

Washington Fertility Center gives many financial incentives to patients in Annandale / Fredericksburg / Reston, VA. Some of these packages include:

  • Egg Donor cycle: $ 15,985
  • 10% Military Discount
  • 10% Educator Discount
  • Tubal Reversal Ligation: $ 6,900
  • Two Cycles (Egg and & IVF donation)

Assisted Fertility Program, Jacksonville in Roanoke, VA

When it comes to covering the cost of IVF, there are many more options than conventional IVF. Technology has advanced and therefore there are many low cost IVF options available to the residents of the Virginia state.

Mini IVF is one such procedure that has the same rate of success but costs less. Low cost IVF options at Assisted Fertility Program in Roanoke, VA can reduce the stress of cost for patients while they maximize their treatment options.

  • Mini Stimulation IVF: $ 5,550

Mini stimulation IVF cost includes all IVF procedures and ultrasounds. Unlike conventional IVF, mini stimulation is done on a lower dose of FSH which immediately saves a lot more on the medication cost. Mini IVF requires medication only on the basis of an individual’s response to the treatment. Some patients may require some and some patients may have a stronger immunity for the treatment.

However, if you opt for other IVF options, the costs in Roanoke, VA are as follows:

  • Standard IVF: $ 6450 (egg retrieval and transfer)
  • Anesthesia $ 450
  • Medication $ 2000-$ 5,500
  • IVF with Egg Donor: $ 11,000
  • IVF using Gestational Carrier: $ 11,000
  • IVF Using Gestational Carrier and Egg Donor: $ 13,000

New Hope Center in Virginia Beach, VA

New Hope Center offers every individual a flexible customized payment plan. The exact cost of IVF in Virginia is impossible to anticipate because the medication and anesthesia cost varies from clinic to clinic. At New Hope Center patients interact with financial counselors in the first meeting. The Center provides multiple financial facilities to patients, making the overall IVF process easier. Treatment costs depend on the following factors:

  • The services and treatment
  • The insurance policy of the patient
  • Clinical program selected
  • Pharmacy discount program selected

The cost per procedure is:

Pre Testing:

  • Laboratory works: $ 105-$ 300
  • Ultrasound: $ 350-$ 440
  • Semen Analysis: $ 175-$ 250
  • Sperm Freezing: $ 150
  • Fresh IVF $9,250
  • Co-IVF: $ 10,750
  • Donor Egg IVF: $ 16,750

Additional Charges:

  • ICSI: $ 2,400
  • Embryo Freeze: $ 2,000
  • Blast Transfer: $ 750

Virginia Fertility Associates in Richmond, VA

Virginia Fertility Associates strives to reduce the cost of IVF by offering the best finance packages to patients. These costs can be shared by such financial programs to give those who have the potential to get pregnant through IVF the best chance. At Virginia Fertility Associates, financial packages like Compassionate Care Program, IVF Refund Program and WinFertility healthcare finance are helpful resources.

Win Fertility

The patients of Virginia Fertility Associates who do not enjoy any kind of insurance or have exhausted their chances can find financial accommodation through WinFertility. It is an infertility management company that deals with pharmacies, laboratories and fertility specialists to cover the cost of thousands of patients annually. It has an affiliation with WinFertility, offering discounts on the total IVF cost in Virginia. It offers single discounts and bundle packages. Patients who require multiple IVF cycles can enjoy bundled treatment programs at a less expensive cost.

Win Fertility packages available includes:

  • 40% discount on Testing and medication
  • 24/7 Access to nurses
  • Monitoring for best results
  • A second try IVF program
  • Installment financing

Medication Discount on IVF

Virginia Fertility Associates also provides competitive discounts on the total cost of IVF. Its Compassionate Care program gives leverage on the cost of medication. The discount on pharmacies can be up to 40%.

Multi-Cycle IVF Discount

The multi-cycle refund program is slightly different than the other refund programs at other clinics. In this refund program, candidates are not restricted to commit to multiple cycles in order to qualify for the refund. Instead, it is a second Chance IVF refund in which patients get two chances with one frozen and one fresh IVF cycle.

This program is limited to 12 months and includes medication and cryopreservation. If the frozen embryo is not used by the patients, they receive a 70% discount on the unused medication and cost. There is no restriction of age. This gives a flexible opportunity to patients against the overwhelming cost of IVF.

Procreate Fertility Center of Virginia in Chesapeake, VA

The conventional procedure IVF cost is expensive with similar discounts available at most clinics. Procreate Fertility Center of Virginia offers a new advanced treatment of IVF known as INVO. It is recently affiliated with FDA for the same results as a conventional IVF procedure. The only difference is the difference in cost, including savings on other related charges of IVF. The INVO procedure includes:

  • Sperm and egg culture with cone-shaped inner vessel
  • The vessel is adjusted within the outer cell
  • The device is inserted in the vagina for 72 hours (embryo development period)
  • Best embryos are selected for the implantation

INVO is a 50% reduction in the actual IVF cost. It is not only affordable but comes at the same success rate as the traditional IVF. The fertility treatment process is much closer to natural treatment and less artificially performed in the laboratory.

It is currently available only at a few fertility clinics. Procreate Fertility Center is one of the few centers in the U.S. that offer this advanced technology of INVO with the goal to reduce the burden of IVF cost.

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center in Richmond, VA

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center offers different IVF programs to facilitate the overall IVF cost.

IVF cost in Richmond, VA for Single Cycle: $ 13,150

  • Single IVF Cycle $ 6,650
  • Medication $ 3,500
  • Physician $ 3,500

This does not include the cost for ICSI, biopsy, sperm preparation, cryopreservation, embryo cycles, laboratory services, donor eggs, and sperms.

Single Oocyte Cryopreservation Cycle $9,980

  • Second Cycle fee: $ 8,138
  • Third cycle fee: $ 7,424

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