Based in San Francisco, IVF Authority team consists of reproductive health practitioners and medical researchers committed to provide the most professional and reliable contents.

We specialize in IVF data processing, analysis and mining. We update reports on the top USA IVF clinics in states and cities every year soon after CDC published the IVF data. We have developed a system named IVF ihelper to help people to find high calibre IVF clinics from more than 400 fertility clinics based on their options.

We have the largest USA IVF clinics directory database of contact information. It is the most comprehensive IVF web portal providing reports, tools and information.

—-Fertility clinics data & reports

—-IVF success rates data & reports

—-IVF  costs data & reports

—-IVF calculators

—-Fertility clinics directory

—-Informative content for ART education

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