How Much Does IVF Cost in North Carolina? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

Currently, there are 17 states that have made it mandatory for insurance companies to offer infertility treatment as a part of their plan. Unfortunately, North Carolina is not one of them which means that patients do not have any insurance options in their existing plan for coverage of IVF cost.

As such, before North Carolina residents start their IVF treatment, it becomes essential to talk to a consultant and calculate the costs of treatment based on their specific procedure. It is always recommended to have an idea first so that patients are not overwhelmed by the hefty bills later.

IVF costs cover various treatment procedures present in the overall process. These include clinic visits, ultrasounds, ICSI, embryo freezing, and other related expenses. These costs are most often not inclusive of medicinal charges.

At the moment, the average IVF cost in North Carolina is about $ 12,000 to $ 13,000. This is quite high considering this does not involve medication cost or any other cost such as shipping of sperms, shipping of oocytes, storage of sperm for a longer period.

Major CitiesAverage IVF cost without Medication
Charlotte$ 12,000
Raleigh$ 9,000
Durham$ 10,000
Asheville$ 9,000
Wilmington$ 9,000

The costs may not be inclusive of some procedures like frozen embryo transfer, storage of semen, frozen cycle medication and shipping costs for sperms and oocytes.


Infertility Financing Without Insurance in NC

Since no laws require insurance plans to cover infertility treatment, the patients have to cover the costs from their own pockets. In this scenario, North Carolina residents need to consider other alternatives such as financing by private companies or loans.

Since the cost of IVF is not affordable for everyone, it becomes important to weigh all options and look for suitable initiatives and programs for individual needs.

The consultation process before starting the treatment is very useful as it helps the patient see the total amount they will have to pay based on their insurance plan, geographical location and the complexity of their case.

Therefore, it is important to see which options are available and get suitable loans or financial assistance according to your plan if it is required.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options in NC

IVF cost in North Carolina is covered mostly by the fertility clinics and their suitable payment plans. Before starting treatment at any clinic, it is advised to search through various clinics in the city and book consultations with their physicians and finance department officials. They can help you in deterring the total costs of your procedure along with telling you about the available options for the financing of this whole process.

There are a number of fertility clinics with different IVF plans in North Carolina. Their plans may be for a single cycle or a multiple cycle. Additionally, some clinics also offer discounts to military individuals, people in the police or fire department. A few fertility clinics along with their IVF costs are mentioned below.

Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC

REACH offers some suitable fertility plans and also accepts a few insurance plans to aid their patients. It is a provider of IVF treatments and also offers affordable coverage plans for IVF Costs.

Accepted Insurance Plans

  • REACH accepts the following insurance plans:
  • Blue Shield/Blue Cross
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Private Health Care Systems
  • Aetna

Verification of Benefits

REACH makes an effort to validate the benefits of every patient before starting treatment. Still, it is advised that the patient talks to their insurance providers to learn about their benefits covered by the insurance. If your insurance company is not listed above, you can contact REACH for more details.

Attain IVF Refund Program

This Refund Program costs about $24,000. It includes a maximum of six tries with three being fresh cycles and the other three being frozen. If patients had to pay for the same plan for every cycle, the cost would come up to $40,000. So this plan is actually quite cost-effective with a saving of 40% on IVF costs.

To be eligible, patients have to go through a clinical criterion to get selected for this program. Annually, 75% of the applicants get into this program and yield the benefits.

Refund Options

If the plan is unsuccessful, patients can benefit from the following:

  • There is a 70% refund for the women who use their own eggs for the procedure.
  • There is a 100% refund for those women who use donor eggs for the procedure.

The number of frozen embryo cycles offered to recipients of donor eggs is unlimited. This Program is quite effective as about 75% of the procedures are successful with the couple taking a baby home.

Attain IVF Multi Cycle cost

The IVF cost for more than one cycle can be up to $18,000. This program is available for patients whose doctors have recommended them to use their own eggs for IVF treatment. Even the patients who do not qualify for the Attain IVF Refund Program can take advantage of this plan.

The program comprises four tries of which four are frozen and the other four are fresh embryos. If patients had to compensate for this whole program cycle by cycle, the total cost could possibly be up to $27,000. Based on this figure, this cost is quite effective as it helps the patient save 30% of their expenses.

This plan does not come with a refund policy. However, it does offer low cost program to reduce the stress caused by IVF. At the same time, it ensures a greater rate of success and increases in chances of your getting pregnant.

Attain Program

The Attain Program is another program that can help cover the IVF cost in North Carolina. It covers the charges of a typical IVF cycle with all the associated processes. Also, it covers the cost of in-cycle FET services, monitoring visits, ultrasounds, blood tests, and the egg retrieval process. It also covers the cost of embryo transfer and fertilization.

There are a few costs not covered by this plan which includes pre-screening for IVF and medications. Plus, cryopreservation, storing excess embryos, assisted hatching, and blast culture, along with anesthesia are also not covered. However, the costs can vary from one practice to the next.

Other Features

REACH offers a financing program to help their patients focus on the prospect of parenthood instead of being worried about the financial costs in North Carolina. There is also a team of people guiding the patients who want to use donor eggs. The staff is there to help the patients through every step.

NCCRM in Cary, NC

NCCRM is another option for covering IVF costs. They offer many programs for their patients such as:

IVF Pricing Single Cycle

The IVF price is $3,975 for a single package. This package includes anesthesia, egg retrieval, ICSI, fertilization, associated hatching, one FET and freezing of any remaining embryos.

This package does not include monitoring and medication, donation of sperm or storage of the embryos for more than a year, any laboratory or embryo transfer expenses. Patients will be responsible for the medications and monitoring. If the patient wishes to store the embryo for more than a year, the subsequent costs come up to $350.

Before proceeding to the next cycle, patients need to make sure that they have used up all the frozen embryos. The latest for the cycle to be completed is 18 months after the beginning of the first one. The cost for additional FET cycle is $1,325.

IVF Fertility Preservation Multiple Cycles

The IVF cost for multiple cycles is $9,700. It includes retrieval of two eggs, all the anesthetic charges, culturing of 2 embryos, fertilization, 2 assigned hatching, 2 blastocysts, and transfer of a single embryo. Only transfer of one embryo will be covered under the plan which will result from the patients performing 2 retrievals for the preservation of their embryos. If the patients wish to have another embryo transfer, the charges for that are $ 1,350

Egg Preservation Costs

The process of preserving eggs can cost up to $4,000. It is inclusive of storage of eggs for 12 months and all the anesthetic procedures. This does not include medication and monitoring.

Preservation of embryos costs $3,600. It is inclusive of anesthetic charges and at this cost, embryos can be stored for one year. It does not include medication and monitoring.

An additional $350 is charged for embryo and oocyte storage.

Egg Freezing

There are a few other costs that are not included in discounted packages.

  • Medical screening and starting checkup costs up to $1300 or $2000.
  • For $100, patients can get their semen analyzed.
  • Semen freezing costs up to $ 200.
  • The cost of getting the structure of chromatin in the sperm get tested is up to $ 350.
  • If a couple wants to have an educational class, they can do so for $ 65.
  • ICSI is $100 if the physicians or the consultant says it is necessary.
  • If you store the embryo for more than a year, an additional annual fee of $ 350 is charged.
  • The cost for preimplantation diagnosis of genetic disorders is $7,600.
  • The plan does not cover the costs of monitoring to detect if the patient is pregnant.
  • Any treatment that may involve hyperstimulation varies and can have additional charges which are not covered by the program.

All prices may change and patients need to be qualified for these before the treatment can start.

Coastal Fertility Specialists in Wilmington, NC

This is another fertility clinic that offers various plans for IVF costs in North Carolina.

Attain IVF Program

Coastal Fertility Specialists work with Attain IVF to provide multiple treatment cycles for a discounted price and make the IVF cost more affordable. This option is available for all patients whose doctors have recommended them to undergo IVF.

92% of the patients are successful in this procedure. It offers all the typical IVF treatments including egg retrieval, ultrasounds and blood testing, etc.

  • Attain IVF Three Cycle Refund Program

This cycle includes three cycles of IVF treatment and pays for the frozen embryos. If patients were to pay for this procedure according to per cycle costs, the sum would be larger.

  • Attain IVF Three Cycle Refund Program for Donor Eggs

This plan is for those patients who use eggs donated by others in IVF. This is inclusive of the donor eggs and the use of all the frozen embryos. Patients also have the option of changing their donor if their previous eggs are unsuccessful. This plan costs much lesser than carried out cycle by cycle.

  • Embryo Donation Cycle Fee Schedule

The fee for embryo donation is $ 3,000. It is inclusive of 2 frozen embryos and required testing for the sperm and oocyte donor. This does not include recipient medications, monitoring, ultrasounds and blood test, frozen embryo transfer and psychiatric evaluation. The fee for embryo donation is due within two weeks of selection for embryo.

  • Fertility Drug Saving

Along with the reduced cost of treatment plan, there are also drug saving plans by this clinic in North Carolina. Patients can get a discount of 75% at almost every pharmacy. Patients also get a discount on all manufactured brand drugs.

Families of patients who have a Discount Card can also use their card to get a discount on medicines that come under insurance.  The only requirement is to be enrolled in the program and use the discount card. Other than that, there is no requirement or ay criteria that you may live up to.

Carolina Fertility Institute in Winston Salem / Greensboro / Charlotte, NC

CFI offers flexible payment programs that make treatment more accessible and easy for the patients. There is a flexible fee schedule that gives patients access to leading-edge technology that is not available at other fertility clinics.

Prosper Health care Lending is the major financing company that covers the IVF cost in North Carolina. With a loan from Prosper Healthcare, patients get the following benefits:

  • Immediate decisions for loans less than $ 3,500
  • No collateral required
  • Confidential
  • No pre-payment penalties

Longer-term for lower monthly payments

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