How Much Does IVF Cost in New York? Average IVF Cost, Insurance Coverage and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

New York is currently one of the 17 states that mandate insurance coverage for fertility treatment. However, the extent of coverage differs greatly based on the employer’s policy. Plus, IVF treatment is not part of the mandate.

As a result, many couples find themselves paying for these IVF cost in New York as out-of-pocket expenses. Fertility patients in the state between 21 and 44 years of age are covered for tests and surgeries related to infertility but not for the IVF procedure itself. The standard health insurance coverage for residents also includes blood work, ultrasounds, fertility drug costs and IUI. Patients should consult in detail with their financial advisor and insurance company representative to determine coverage for IVF cost.


How Much Does IVF Cost in New York?

The average cost of IVF in New York State can fluctuate widely based on factors like location, the cost of additional procedures and fertility drug expenses. On average, a cycle IVF costs can range between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 among different fertility clinics in New York. Typically fertility drug costs can range between $ 50 and a few thousand dollars. Additional treatment expenses like ICSI, PGD/PGS may vary from patient to patient with some needing more cycle s than others. As such, each city has its own average of expenses incurred on IVF treatment.

Here is a look at some major cities and their associated costs of IVF in New York:

Major citiesAverage cost of one IVF cycle without medication
New York City$ 14,000
Rochester$ 10,000
Hempstead$ 12,000
Syracuse$ 10, 000
Buffalo$ 10,000

IVF Insurance Coverage in New York

The IVF Insurance Mandate

While the insurance mandate does apply to some fertility treatments, it does not cover IVF. In fact, the law pointedly excludes IVF, GIFT and ZIFT. Also not included are tubal ligation reversal or vasectomy reversal. Plus, cloning, sex altering procedures and experimental treatments are not part of the mandate.

The Infertility Insurance Mandate

This mandate has a very short list of procedures that are covered. Plans include prescription drug and FDA approved fertility drug coverage. Certain diagnostic procedures and tests covered include endometrial biopsy, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Also included are sono hysterograms, post coital tests and testis biopsies. Plus sperm analysis, blood tests ultrasounds and hysterosalpingograms are covered.

Financing Infertility and IVF Cost in New York

Many residents find that financing much of the IVF cost needs to come from loans and grants. Loans are primarily provided by online lenders who review the patient’s borrowing credentials. In these cases, patients with good credit, reliable work history and sufficient income are likely to qualify.

Grants are opportunities provided by the state government to pay for the associated IVF cost. Among these, the Infertility Demonstration Program is administered by the New York State Department of Health. This is an income based grant that provides financial help for IVF, GIFT and TESE procedures. Yet, not everyone gets help through this program, as it is dictated by “availability of funds”.

IVF Refund Programs 

Several New York fertility clinics offer refund or money back programs on the cost of IVF. These programs permit patients to pay in advance for a certain number of IVF cycles. If treatment remains unsuccessful, they receive a partial or full refund. For the most part, three IVF cycles are included in these packages. This type of IVF program is suitable for patients who need to undergo multiple cycles before achieving a pregnancy. These patients also need as much help as possible to meet IVF cost.

There is criteria for eligibility for refund programs and candidates with a chance of high success qualify. Should a woman become pregnant on the first attempt, the clinic keeps the entire fees. Others who do not conceive on the first attempt may be offered future cycles at a reduced cost.

Income Security

New York State does have one law which provides partial income replacement to help with IVF cost. Patients can apply for the New York State Short Term Disability. This plan replaces 50% of the mother’s income up to a hard dollar cap of $ 170 per week.

The private short term disability provides a higher level of income replacement during a pregnancy disability leave. But patients need to get this policy before becoming pregnant.

The New York Maternity Leave Law gives unpaid job protection for only 12 weeks. This facility does not apply to all workers but only to 40% of working women. Those who undergo a high risk pregnancy typically face the possibility of job loss if they have to stay home longer to care for their babies.

New York Fertility Clinics IVF Cost and Financing Options

To get a better idea of individual pricing offered by fertility clinics, here is a look at some major New York cities and their associated costs of IVF.

Chelsea Fertility of New York City in New York, NY

Chelsea Fertility clinic offers services for all types of clients. However, the cost of services for each patient varies based on their diagnoses, treatment plan, insurance coverage, and prescription benefits. They also offer financing plans to meet the cost of IVF. General costs at the fertility center look like this:

IVF self-pay including ICSI

  • IVF natural cycle costs come to $ 7,000
  • IVF minimal stim costs total $ 7,000
  • IVF standard stim costs $ 9,000
  • Facility fee totals $ 900

FET Costs

  • Frozen embryo transfer costs $ 4,000
  • Package of 2 IVF cycles costs $16,000
  • Package of 3 IVF cycles costs $ 24,000

Non-IVF Treatments

  • IUI costs $750
  • IUI monitoring for natural cycle or clomid costs $2,500

Egg Freezing Cycle

  • One year storage costs are $ 6,000
  • Package of 2 egg freezing cycles costs $ 11,000
  • Package of 3 egg freezing cycles costs $ 15,000

Money Back Guarantee Program

The cost for this program must be prepaid and comes to $ 35,000. The program involves 4 fresh IVF attempts, unlimited cryopreservation and frozen embryo transfer. Refund is based on age and ovarian reserve. Services like assisted hatching, PGS/D facility fee and anesthesia are not included.

Donor Egg Services

  • Donor egg when services are provided by a known donor, the cost is $ 16,000.
  • Anonymous donor services start at $ 26,000 and the price includes screening and donor payment. In this case, the donor is recruited by Chelsea Fertility NYC.
  • Servicesprovided by anonymous donor recruited by agency start at $ 16,000.

None of the above mentioned services include the screening, medications, facility fee or FET unless noted. This can amount to substantial personal expenses for couples trying to meet IVF cost in New York.

  • Anonymous donor frozen egg services including FET are at $ 14,000.
  • Egg exchange with partner services including FET are at $ 16,000.

Strong Fertility Center in Rochester, NY

Strong Fertility Center offers a number of fertility treatment options for their patients.

Single Embryo Transfer Services

There are three options available for patients:

  • Package one includes one fresh IVF cycle and up to 2 transfers. These can either be one fresh and one frozen transfer, or two frozen transfers. The cost for this service is $6,500.
  • Package two includes two fresh IVF cycles and up to 3 transfers which can either be fresh or frozen. The cost is $ 10, 800.
  • Package three includes three fresh IVF cycles and up to 4 transfers either of which can be fresh or frozen.

All packages include the following services:

  • Single trial transfer
  • Injection teaching visits
  • Office visits
  • Ultrasounds
  • Oocyte retrieval plus surgery fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Fertilization and culture of oocyte
  • Sperm preparation
  • AH, if needed
  • Embryo preparation, transfer and post treatment consult
  • ICSI, if needed

The packages are deemed complete when pregnancy occurs. Medications are not part of this price package.

Individual Cycle Pricing

  • Single fresh cycle costs $5,800
  • A second cycle done within one year of the first cycle costs $ 4,800
  • A third cycle done within six months of the second cycle costs $3,800

The following services are included in the case price:

  • Single trial transfer
  • Injection teaching visits
  • Office visits
  • Ultrasounds
  • Oocyte retrieval plus surgery fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Fertilization and culture of oocyte
  • Sperm preparation
  • AH, if needed
  • Embryo preparation, transfer and post treatment consult
  • ICSI, if needed

Medications are not included in the price indicated.

Single FET Cycle

The cycle including ultrasound, lab services and transfer incurs expenses of $ 2,500.

Services included in FET are:

  • Teaching visit
  • Office visits
  • Single trail transfer
  • Ultrasounds
  • Embryo thawing
  • Embryo culture
  • AH, if needed
  • Embryo transfer preparation
  • Embryo transfer

Embryo storage is not included in this price. Medications associated with FET are also not included.

Embryo Storage Fees

Fees for the first year is pro-rated. The first full year of storage costs $ 300 per year. The second year costs $ 375 per year. The third year storage costs total $ 425 per year. The fourth and every additional year thereafter costs $ 500 per year.

Center for Human Reproduction in New York City, NY

CRH offers three different discount programs for patients who fall below certain income thresholds. These patients also need to be without insurance coverage for IVF.

Yearly income of up to $ 50,000.

These patients get discounted services at the following costs.

  • Standard IVF cycle- $ 7,380
  • Anesthesia fee – $ 500
  • ICSI- $ 1,900
  • Assisted hatching- $1,900
  • Embryo cryopreservation $ 995
  • Quarterly frozen embryo storage- $ 250

Yearly income of up to $ 75,000.

These patients get discounted services at the following costs:

  • Standard IVF cycle- $ 8,470
  • Anesthesia fee – $ 500
  • ICSI- $ 1,900
  • Assisted hatching- $1,900
  • Embryo cryopreservation $ 995
  • Quarterly frozen embryo storage- $ 250

Yearly income of up to $ 100,000

These patients get discounted services at the following rates:

  • Standard IVF cycle- $ 9,075
  • Anesthesia fee – $ 500
  • ICSI- $ 1,900
  • Assisted hatching- $1,900
  • Embryo cryopreservation $ 995
  • quarterly frozen embryo storage- $ 250

All three income threshold patients can access the EcoIVF cycle at the following prices:

  • EcoIVF cycle- 5,990
  • Anesthesia- $ 250

EcoIVF pricing includes medication costs and ICSI. This cycle is recommended for women under the age of 38 with normal ovarian function.

Shared Risk Refund Program

CRH also offers a shared risk, refund program to eligible patients. There are two options to consider. The first program is offered to cover the cost of IVF fertility treatments. The program includes one egg retrieval and an unlimited number of embryo transfers, all completed within one year. Participation in the IVF refund program needs precertification by the treating physician. The program does not include the cost of anesthesia, medications and ICSI.

The second program is a refund program for donor IVF. The program works with 8 mature donor eggs with the option of buying more donor eggs if needed. Every additional donor egg comes at the cost of $ 1000 each. Costs covered include donor fees, compensation, consultation, workup and insurance. The anesthesia and donor fee remain non-refundable. Other costs like recipient medications, anesthesia and ICSI are not included.

Multiple IVF Cycle Program

This program qualifies women for up to 4 IVF cycles. The cost comes to $ 39,500 for all CHR related cycle costs. Outside lab costs and medication are not included.

This program is most suitable for candidates who need several IVF cycles to become pregnant.

Buffalo Infertility & IVF Associates in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Infertility and IVF Associates offer insurance coverage for IVF depending upon the individual insurance carrier. Since most insurances do not cover IVF procedures Buffalo infertility & IVF associates offer discounted packages. Discounted packages can significantly assist with meeting IVF cost in New York.

Package One

This package includes the first IVF cycle at $ 4,000. The second cycle costs $ 3,500 while the third cycle is for $ 3,000. Together this fee covers and includes oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer, ICSI and AH. Also included are embryo freezing and storage for one year along with one frozen embryo transfer yearly. The costs of blood tests, ultrasounds and medication costs are not included.

Package Two

The second package includes two cycles of $ 6,000. The package is good for two IVF cycles within one year. All services covered in package one are also applied to package two. If frozen embryos were created within the first IVF cycle, they must be used before proceeding with the second cycle.

In some instances, the lab testing and ultrasound monitoring is also covered by insurance.

New Hope Fertility Center in New York, NY

New Hope Fertility Center is one of best fertility centers in New York with an IVF package of $10,200, excluding the cost of medication. The cost covers the following:

  •    Egg Harvesting and freezing
  •    Embryo transfer
  •    Monitoring

The IVF cost also varies from treatment to treatment. Similarly New Hope Fertility Center also offers the services for Natural and Mini IVF which is comparatively a more affordable. The type of IVF individuals select is largely based on personal choices and has little or no difference in the results. The cost of medication by each IVF protocol is:

  •    Mini IVF- $100-$1500
  •    Natural IVF-$100
  •    Conventional IVF-$2,500-$5,000

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