Use the IVF cost calculator below to estimate what you would expect to pay a typical US clinic for your IVF treatment. The calculator include donor, surrogate, frozen embryo transfer (FET), ICSI, PGD and freeze embryos cost in person options.


How much does IVF really cost? And, what can you expect to pay based on your specific situation? An IVF cost calculator can help you answer those questions. In fact, IVF cost calculators are useful because you can use them to experiment with a variety of scenarios. As a result, you’ll have a better sense of which options are the most feasible for you at this time.

Often, women and couples struggle to understand the full cost of IVF treatment. Depending on the treatment you choose, IVF treatment costs could range from $10,000 to nearly $100,000 in US. Because of that, people generally have a difficult time figuring out if they can truly afford IVF treatment. However, the good news is that an IVF cost calculator helps you see the differences in treatment costs. Hopefully you will be able to get a better sense of the different options out there, and which are affordable for you.

Additionally, you can use an IVF cost calculator to see clearly how IVF success rates directly impact the cost of treatment. It may go without saying that the higher the success rate, the more likely you are to get pregnant. But what many people don’t realize is that the higher the success rate of the clinic you choose, the less money you will pay in the long run.

Read this article to learn about the pros and cons of using an IVF cost calculator, how to use it, and example scenarios from the calculator.

How to Calculate the Cost of IVF

To calculate the cost of IVF treatment, consider all of the variables. Your choice of clinic is a variable, for starters. Where you choose to receive treatment, and who you choose as your fertility specialist plays a role in the cost of IVF treatment. Important facts about the IVF clinic, such as the live birth rate, impact the cost, so those things are factored in.

Live birth rate can be one of the most important factors in IVF cost calculator. If your clinic does not have at least a 51% live birth rate then odds are that you will need more than one cycle of IVF. Two IVF cycles will always be more expensive than one cycle.

Clinics and fertility specialists provide live birth rate information to potential patients as well as to the CDC. You can also search our clinics directory to get the live birth rate for a clinic, prior to even talking to them. However, if you do not know much about it and aren’t sure how to read the data, it is best to just have a discussion with your fertility specialist.

Other factors in IVF cost calculator include the woman’s age and whether not she is using her own eggs, donor eggs, a surrogate, or not using a surrogate. Additional considerations, including assisted hatching, ICSI, decisions around freezing eggs, and genetic screening are factored in.

The costs of IVF consist of medication cost,pre-cycle costs,cycle costs,egg donor costs and surrogate costs in IVF cost calculator. There followed a list of specific IVF costs for reference.

Medication Cost

Age is a important factor that affects cost of IVF treatment.older female patients usually will take longer with higher doses of stimulation medications. The age of donor woman affects the cost of medications in IVF cost calculator.

Low dose/shorter length $1,500
Low dose $2,000
Medium dose, medium length or Higher dose $3,500
High dose, longer length $6,000

Pre-cycle Costs

Pre-pregnancy screening $340
Sonohysterogram $585
Trial transfer $135
Semen analysis $125
Semen culture $135
FSH level $85
Initial Visit $320
E2 level $85
TSH $90
Free T4 $50
Prolactin $120

Cycle Costs in IVF cost calculator

Assisted Hatching help with implantation of the embryo. Usually done age > 36 or previously failed IVF cycles women.

Blastocysts include culture of embryos for an additional 2-3 days and for blastocysts. Blastocyst stage embryos help to selecte the best embryo(s) for transfer. (usually done age < 40)

ICSI is a procedure used for male partners with poor motility or abnormal sperm count. It is also used for donor and/or frozen sperm.

Pre-implantation genetic screening checks embryonic chromosomes for common abnormalities. The procedure is done before transferring the embryo to the womb during IVF or ICSI.

Embryo freezing allows patients to store additional viable embryos which can be used next time.

Many clinics will charge additional coordination fees for patients who transfer their cycles from other clinics.

Base Cycle Cost $8,000-12,000
Anesthesia $580
Assisted Hatching $450
Blastocyst Transfer $630
ICSI $1,840
Out Of Area Patient Fee $2,000
PGD/PGS $6,000
Embryo Freezing $600

Egg Donor Costs and Surrogate Costs

Donor eggs or surrogate add an additional high cost to the IVF cycles in IVF cost calculator.It includes service fee,legal fees,agency fees, donor fees, and other lab and screening fees.

For an anonymous egg donor,an agency fee and a donor fee will be add the IVF cost in the calculator.If an known egg donor is used, there will be no agency fee and a donor fee associated with the IVF cycle of this calculation.

FDA Administration Fee $2,625
Substitute FDA Labs $650
Genetic, infectious and drug screening $800
Mock cycle $775
Psychological consultation $400
Legal consultation $750
Egg donor health insurance $500
Genetic consultation $200

Surrogate Fee $30,000
Monthly Expenses $1,000
Insurance $9,000
Life Insurance $600
Reserve Funds $10,000
Screening $150
Psychological Counseling $900
Legal fees $7,500
Accommodations $600

Each of these options makes a difference in the overall cost of treatment. An IVF cost calculator will produce different results based on those options.

Calculating IVF treatment costs using an IVF cost calculator

An IVF cost calculator provides a detailed breakdown of all of the common costs associated with IVF treatment – and if you’re new to IVF, there are more than you would think! Labs, medication, evaluations, consultations, and each step of the treatment costs something. The IVF cost calculator shows you how all of the costs add up to the total amount.

Itemizing the costs helps in two ways. First, you can easily make adjustments to the itemized costs so that you have an accurate total amount. Second, you can get a better picture of the impact of your decisions regarding medication, surrogacy, and the number of IVF rounds.

  • How it works:The IVF cost calculator uses the live birth rate, the woman’s age, and the costs of medication, pre-cycle treatment, and cycle costs to determine the estimated overall cost of IVF treatment for you.
  • Chance/odds of more than one round needed: When you enter a live birth rate lower than 51, the calculator also provides an estimation of how likely you are to need more than one round.
  • Factors not included: What the IVF cost calculator doesn’t take into consideration are premiums you may pay for better care or a higher quality fertility treatment team. It also doesn’t consider the cost of travel, if needed, to a distance fertility clinic. So keep in mind that those are additional costs you may incur.

How to use this IVF Cost Calculator

The most commonly used IVF cost calculator asks you a series of questions about the clinic, your personal situation, and common options for treatment. The calculator also allows you to make adjustments for the cost of medications, if you know they will be higher or lower than average. You can also adjust the calculator’s default costs for things like screenings, cultures, and consultations.

Step 1: Enter the woman’s age and your treatment type.

The first step is to enter the patient’s age (enter only the patient’s age; if you’re using a donor or surrogate, you’ll enter the age of those people later on). Finally, choose your treatment type in the IVF cost calculator. You have four options:

  • Own eggs
  • Own eggs with surrogate
  • Donor eggs
  • Donor eggs with surrogate

Step 2: Adjust medications, pre-cycle, and cycle costs, if desired

By default, the IVF cost calculator will provide typical costs for medications, pre-cycle treatments and cycle treatments. However, you can modify these if you know that your costs will be different.

Note that the calculator populates the fields with default costs based on the age you entered and the treatment type you selected. For example, if you selected Donor Eggs, the IVF cost calculator populates the medication cost based on a low dosage. Alternatively, if you selected Own Eggs, the calculator populates a much higher medication cost because the dosage will be higher.

Step 3: Select Yes or No for Assisted Hatching

Will you be using assisted hatching? If you’re not sure, the IVF cost calculator provides some guidance. If you’re over the age of 36, the calculator suggests that you answer Yes. So, even if you’re not sure but you are at least 37 years old, select Yes. If you’re 36 or younger and you are not sure, select No.

Step 4. Select Yes or No for Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst transfer can sometimes be more successful than embryo transfer. Choose Yes if you would like to see the costs for blastocyst transfer. Otherwise, choose No in the IVF cost calculator.

Step 5: Choose the Male Factor Issue (if applicable)

If male factor infertility will be addressed with ICSI, donor sperm, or frozen sperm, select the correct choice. If you know there is some male factor infertility, but it is moderate and won’t be treated, select “Moderate or severe male factor.” If no male factor infertility issues exist, just select No Male Factor.

Step 6: Select Yes or No for PGD/PGS

Do you plan to be screened for genetic abnormalities or to select the sex of the baby? If so, the IVF cost calculator will factor in those costs. Select either Yes or No depending on intentions. If you select Yes, you can adjust the costs or continue with the default.

Step 7: Make Your Embryo Freezing Intentions

Freezing your embryos can ultimately reduce the cost of additional rounds of IVF, but it is not free of charge. Clinics will charge you a fee to freeze extra embryos that are not transferred. Select the choice for you based on your intentions in the IVF cost calculator. Then, either adjust the default cost or continue as is.

Step 8: Answer Out of Area Coordination Fee Question

Under special circumstances, you may begin your IVF treatment cycle at one clinic and complete it at another. If that happens, your clinic may charge a coordination fee. Select the choice that applies to you based on your situation.

Step 9: Enter the live birth rate

The last step is to enter your desired clinic’s live birth rate per transfer for women in your age group in the IVF cost calculator. You can  search our clinics directory to get the live birth rate for a clinic.

Step 10: Calculate

Once you have answered all of the questions, click calculate.

Example Results from an IVF Cost Calculator

See below for three sample calculations using the IVF cost calculator. Every woman is different, so cost of IVF given are approximate. The data on this IVF cost calculator are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or advice.

Sample Calculation 1: own eggs IVF costs

  • 37 year old woman
  • Using own eggs
  • Using assisted hatching
  • No blastocyst transfer
  • No male factor
  • Is planning to freeze extra embryos
  • Is planning to use PGD/PGS
  • No out of area coordination fee
  • 45% live birth rate at her desired clinic

own eggs ivf costs

IVF cost calculator result:

Estimated one cycle IVF overall cost: $21,300

Pre-Cycle Costs: $2,070

Cycle Costs: $15,730

Medication: $3,500

Egg donors costs:$0

Surrogate costs:$0

According to the IVF cost calculator, the chance that more than one round of IVF will be needed, based on the live birth rate, is 55%.

Because the odds are high that the woman will require more than one round, the calculator’s estimated total cost of two cycles is $42,120.

Sample Calculation 2: donor eggs IVF costs

  • 39 year old woman
  • Using donor eggs(anonymous egg donor,the donor woman age <24)
  • No assisted hatching
  • No blastocyst transfer
  • No ICSI
  • No PGD/PGS
  • Is planning to freeze extra embryos
  • No out of area coordination fee
  • 66% live birth rate at her desired clinic

donor eggs ivf costs

IVF cost calculator result:

Estimated one cycle IVF overall cost: $32,410

Pre-Cycle Costs: $1,730

Cycle Costs: $10,980

Medication: $2,000

Egg donors costs:$17,700

Surrogate costs:$0

Two cycles IVF odds:34%

Estimated two cycles IVF overall cost: $64,340

Sample Calculation 3: donor eggs with surrogate IVF costs

  • 41 year old woman
  • Using donor eggs with surrogate (anonymous egg donor,the donor woman age <24)
  • Yes assisted hatching
  • Yes blastocyst transfer
  • Using ICSI
  • Yes PGD/PGS
  • Is planning to freeze extra embryos
  • No out of area coordination fee
  • 58% live birth rate at her desired clinic

donor eggs with surrogate ivf costs

IVF cost calculator result:

Estimated one cycle IVF overall cost: $101,830

Pre-Cycle Costs: $1,730

Cycle Costs: $20,400

Medication: $2,000

Egg donors costs:$17,700

Surrogate costs:$60,000

Two cycles IVF odds:42%

Estimated two cycles IVF overall cost: $143,180

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