How Much Does IVF Cost in Michigan? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on May 18, 2020


How Much Does IVF Cost in Michigan

IVF cost in Michigan is approximately the same as in the other states. For as all the other states, the only cost covered by the insurance is that of the standard procedure. It does not include any medication or pre and post-testing. As per the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the average IVF cost in Michigan is $12,000 (excluding medication and additional costs).

Given the overall averages, here is what one basic IVF cycle will cost in major Michigan cities:

Major CitiesAverage basic IVF cost without medication
Detroit$ 16,000
Grand Rapids$ 10,000
Lansing$ 12,000
Ann Arbor$ 13,000
Troy$ 11,000

Michigan fertility Insurance and IVF Coverage

Michigan is one of those unfortunate states that does not have a fertility insurance mandate. It is already so difficult for infertile couples to afford the cost of IVF in Michigan that the lack of insurance adds more to the trouble. With little or no help available by state the residents have their hopes aligned with the discount packages offered by the fertility centers.

The insurance policies claim to be applicable for several medical procedures, however, fertility treatment laws are still vague. There are only 17 states in the U.S. that allow insurance providers to cover the cost of infertility treatment, and unfortunately Michigan is not one of those mandated states.

Nonetheless, with several private insurance providers working across the nation it is a good idea to check with them. Multiple health maintenance organizations offer medical programs that cover the diagnostic and fertility test costs. Interested patients should give themselves a full chance to explore the possible services available before finally signing up for an out-of-pocket treatment option.

Other than the 17 states that have an insurance coverage for IVF, every other state turns its attention towards the fertility clinics in hope of receiving a discount offer or a flexible payment plan. Such plans make it easier for couples to afford treatments that are otherwise impossible to pay for.

Financing Programs in Michigan

While considering the discount packages of fertility clinics is the one way of approaching the IVF cost in Michigan, taking support from the financial programs is the second best option individuals have.

IVF cost in Michigan can also be covered by considering the IVF Advantage Program. Like many other programs working in the state, this is a discount program which allows patients to pay the upfront fee for a standard IVF procedure in a number of cycles. The procedure covers 2 fresh and 2 frozen embryo cycles. Using this discount program couples can save up to 40% on the total cost paid for individual IVF cycles.

There are many popular health care organizations working across the nation to facilitate the expensive fertility treatment. Every advanced treatment costs around $12,000-$18,000 with no guarantee that a live birth will be achieved. This puts couples in a state of confusion to either give their fertility another chance or invest the same for adoption. But with such organizations sharing the financial risks, couples can afford the IVF cost while still saving for other opportunities like adoption.

Ferring Heart for Heroes

This is a committed organization helping couples become parents in Michigan. It offers pharmaceutical products to couples at no cost.


  • Veteran
  • Injury caused infertility
  • Resident of United State
  • Have no insurance for IVF & related medication

Prior to that, couples would need to certify their eligibility and financial needs by a physician.

Lending Club Patient Solutions

Lending Club Patients Solutions makes fertility treatments more affordable. With its IVF loans and grants, it finances the medication, treatment and genetic testing to cover the IVF cost in Michigan for those who are unable to afford the upfront fee. Easy to borrow low monthly payment loans at up to $50,000 can be collected through their partner bank.

Prosper HealthCare Lending

Many of the fertility centers in Michigan are affiliated with Prosper HealthCare Lending. It is a financing program which offers discounts and loans on fertility medications and treatments. Registering with Prosper can help couples receive up to $100,000 for an 84 month period without retroactive interest or penalties. Smaller and immediate loans are also offered under $35,000. It is fast, effective and can be requested for online.

Win Fertility Program

Win Fertility financing has the largest health care fertility plan program with more than 100 locations throughout the country. Its hope extends to discount packages for employers, local residents and insurance companies across Michigan.

The program details are as follows:

  • Couples who have no insurance can have a discount on the single cycle treatment, including medication
  • 40% relief on service and medication fee
  • Treatment bundles for IVF cycles at different rates
  • Low-interest loans

Cost and Financing Options of Fertility Clinics in Michigan

All the best fertility centers in Michigan are either affiliated with health care financing programs or have a payment package planned for those who are unable to afford the treatment otherwise. IVF cost in Michigan is estimated to be somewhere between $12,000- $17,000. This is excluding tests and medications. Registering with non-profit organizations and financing programs for IVF grants and loans is the most effective way to afford the cost of IVF.

Michigan Reproductive Medicine in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Michigan Reproductive Medicine is one of the best fertility clinics. Recognizing the financial challenges couples face while covering for the IVF cost in Michigan, it has designed multiple payment options and fee schedules. It accepts insurances from multiple companies. Including:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beaumont Employee Health Plan
  • Cigna
  • United Health Care
  • Health Alliance Plan

For couples who are not covered by insurance, an upfront fee is required prior to the treatment. However, there are discount programs affiliated with the clinic to support couples.

Individuals may be able to save 25-75% on the cost of medication. Any eligible candidate can enjoy this discount on the pharmacy cost, including the cost of injections like Cetrotide, and Ovidrel Prefilled Syringe etc. This discount is available for multiple IVF cycles in a year.

Other Affiliations:

Other than EMD Serono, the clinic collaborates with the following health care financing services to help couples get loans or grants to make the cost of IVF in Michigan as affordable as possible.

  • Cade Foundation
  • Baby Quest
  • Journey to Parenthood

Michigan Fertility Center in MI

Michigan Fertility Center is another possible option for couples who wish to opt for an IVF treatment. At this fertility center there are two ways to pay for the IVF:

–    Per procedure

This is the conventional way of paying for treatment. With this option, candidates are required to pay the complete charges for the cost of the IVF procedure. The treatment starts at $ 8,150. In addition, patients may require Assisted Hatching, ICSI, PGS or testing, which adds up several hundred dollars to their bill.

–    New Hope Money Back

With the New Hope fertility program potential candidates can pay a slightly higher upfront fee for a higher number of cycles (6 IVF cycles). It is primarily a shared risk program. In case the couple is unable to achieve a live birth, the center refunds 80-90% of the total cost. Patients can discuss their options with any fertility specialist to calculate their discount on the cost of IVF in Michigan.

The Fertility Center in MI

Locations: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Mason, Traverse City

As stated earlier, what makes the IVF cost affordable by the local residents is the discount/financial plans by the fertility clinics. The partnership of fertility centers with non-profit organizations and health care financing companies is hope for thousands of infertile couples exploring their options.

The Fertility Center Michigan provides an affordable estimate of the standard IVF procedure.

  • Visit: $284
  • IVF: $5830 (Egg Retrieval, Culture & Fertilization, Embryo transfer and ART Case Management)
  • ICSI: $1740
  • Cryopreservation of oocytes: $845
  • Embryo Storage: $100
  • Assisted Hatching: $610

This estimate is excluding medication, diagnosis and any tests that may be required during or after the procedure.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan

RMA in Troy, MI also has multiple payment plans for both insured and uninsured candidates. It accepts insurance plans of multiple companies.

  1.    Multiple Cycle Plan:

Multiple Cycle plan at RMA in Troy, MI gives candidates a chance to pay a discounted amount for 2 fresh and 2 frozen IVF cycles. Instead of paying for each cycle individually, patients buy a package of 4 cycles in which they receive a 20-35% discount on the total amount. This plan is financially more suitable and gives a higher edge of achieving pregnancy in Michigan. It is best recommended for those who may require multiple cycles due to difficulty in retaining pregnancy.

This discount is limited to patients who have no insurance or have exhausted their state endowed benefits. However, insurance can be used for medication and testing.


  • Candidate should have a normal uterine cavity
  • Sperm of the male is normal
  • There is a 12-month limit, candidates must take all 4 cycles within the same year
  • Frozen embryos will be used prior to fresh ones.

The cost Includes:

  • 4 IVF cycles
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Ultrasounds and monitoring
  1.    Refund Program

RMA also offers a 100% Refund Guarantee Program on a single cycle package in Michigan. Patients who have tried infertility treatment previously and failed to achieve a live birth can use the single cycle package. In case of failure, RMA will refund the entire fee. This package is designed for those who have exhausted all their benefits.


  • To be under 39 years of age
  • Should have opted for at least 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles
  • ICSI
  • In case of frozen and fresh embryos, frozen embryos will be used first.

The cost Includes:

  • 4 IVF cycles
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Ultrasounds and monitoring

Wayne State University Physician Group in Troy, Southfield, MI

Another fertility center making it financially easier for couples to afford IVF cost in Michigan, Wayne State University offers customized financing options and payment plans. Regardless of the advances in the treatment of fertility, IVF remains an unapproachable treatment, especially while it is not covered by the law under insurance.

The average cost of IVF may be $9,500. WSUPG in MI Infertility clinic offers couples the ARC Affordable Payment Plan in which the total cost of the treatment is effectively divided into monthly payments. It allows patients to buy the package which best meets their financial needs, as per the number of IVF cycles. It is recommended to have a clear discussion about your financial options to make a flexible financial plan. WSUPG is one of the two clinics in the Michigan state offering such a customized financing option to eligible candidates.

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