How Much Does IVF Cost in Washington? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on November 30, 2020


How Much Does IVF Cost in Washington?

According to a recent survey, approximately 150,000 women in Washington State are suffering from infertility. Along with the pressure of not being able to conceive, they have to face the trauma of meeting infertility costs. On average, the IVF cost in Washington can reach up to $12,000 for one cycle if not covered by any insurance or discount program.

Here is a look at what one cycle of IVF can cost in major Washington cities, without the cost of medication:

Major CitiesAverage cost of IVF without medication
Seattle$ 14,500
Spokane$ 11,000
Tacoma$ 9,000
Vancouver$ 12,000
Bellevue$ 10,000

Fertility and IVF Insurance in Washington

The IVF cost in Washington is daunting one for a state that does not provide any financial relief through an infertility insurance law. It is not one of the 17 states that cover the treatment for IVF under the infertility law. While the cost of the treatment itself is quite expensive, the additional charges of the counselor, physician, tests, and medication multiply the bill.

Getting any type of advanced fertility treatment in Washington State is costly as most of these treatments require multiple cycles. When it comes to insurance law, it is surprising that the state does not offer any coverage on the treatment for infertility. The residents are currently pushing the lawmakers and employers to revise the insurance plan.

Affording IVF cost in Washington State

While the Washington law does not offer any perks to couples facing the troubles of infertility, certain private insurance providers offer payment plans for advanced fertility treatments like IVF. Many of the fertility clinics in the Seattle area have partnered with financing programs and non-profit organizations that are working to support couples in their journey towards parenthood.

Such programs offer discounts at varied prices with multiple packages as per the need of the couples. Many fertility clinics offer a customized treatment plan in order to facilitate the eligible infertile couples as much as possible.

Some Considerations

When it comes to selecting treatment from multiple options, it is best to research upon the success rates of each clinic. The fertility clinic selected for treatment should be affiliated with American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Also, it is important to analyze personal costs on the basis of the number of IVF cycles required.

Most fertility centers that have a higher success rate offer more than one IVF cycle in to increase the chances of live birth. You can review our IVF clinics directory to have a better understanding of the ratings each clinic in Washington State has. Note that since IVF cost is not covered by insurance, it is best to opt for clinics that have affiliations with non-profit organizations and healthcare lending programs.

Cost and Financing Options of Fertility Clinics in Washington

With IVF comes the stress of finances. Many fertility clinics in the USA have now collaborated with non-profit organizations and financing programs to deal with the problem of the financial burden. IVF cost in Washington State is subject to what a candidate receives through discount programs and IVF grants. Such options provide a limited percentage of relief but are still a relieving facility than what the state offers. It is hoped that the lawmakers and employers work on revising the fertility insurance plan to support families in their journey towards parenthood.

Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine in Bellevue/Seattle WA

Every couple can discuss financial terms with the counselor at WCRM, the different treatment options, and possible financial relief. It offers a pay-as-you-go program in which couples pay only for the treatment received with no hidden or fixed costs.

There is offered a special price on IVF at $9,750 until December 30th. In its family balancing IVF plan which allows patients to receive treatment ranging between $14,950 and $15,950.

Special arrangements and customized plans can be made for those who face financial hardship. The Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine collaborates with Springstone to provide financial ease to customers. To provide a relief on the cost of IVF, SpringStone patient financing offers plans from $2,000-$40,000 with low-interest rates and a flexible term of 84 months.

Center for Reproductive Health in Spokane, WA

The Center for Reproductive Health is another fertility clinic that facilitates multiple plans to help eligible couples afford the cost of IVF in Washington. It gives every candidate the opportunity to have a meeting with financial coordinators that indicate an estimated cost of the IVF treatment including testing and diagnosis. Following is a cost breakdown:

  • Initial Visit: $ 310
  • Ultrasound: $ 215
  • IVF cost in WA: $ 8,360
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer: $ 3160
  • Anesthesia:  $ 600
  • IVF egg treatment with donor egg: $ 6,565
  • Medication: $ 2,000-$5,000

For service, co-payments will be required. The Center for Reproductive Health accepts most insurance companies. It can also obtain patients’ insurance benefits directly. It partners with Prosper Health care lending to maximize the financial benefits available to patients.

POMA Fertility in Kirkland, WA

At Pome Fertility Center the IVF cost starts from $10,635. This cost excludes medications and anesthesia. Financial experts at Poma fertility give patients clear information regarding everything that would or would be not covered in the IVF cost. At Poma Fertility, the IVF treatment does not charge extra for the following services:

  • Extended culture
  • ICSI
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Uterine and blood monitoring
  • Embryo Cryopreservation

Self-Pay IVF: $10,900

Poma Fertility center currently offers IVF for Self-Pay patients at only $10,900. This cost excludes medication, pre testing and anesthesia. It has collaborated with Prosper Healthcare Lending for the support of those who find IVF cost in Washington State unaffordable. It provides financial assistance for all fertility treatments and related expenses.

Olympia Fertility in Olympia, WA

Olympia Fertility center offers various multiple IVF methods at a flexible cost in Washington state. The specialists at the center believe that stimulated cycle IVF has a better chance of resulting in pregnancy (according to the rate of success). However, the cost of stimulated IVF is much higher than the standard procedure.

Unfortunately, Olympia Fertility does not accept any insurance provider. The center is neither affiliated with insurance company, nor does it accept write-offs. To continue the service at Olympia Fertility one needs to maintain the balance of $500. An upfront payment will be required prior to the IVF treatment.

At Olympia, there is an advantage for patients who cannot afford the IVF cost. Potential candidates can sign up for an egg sharing program. In this case, the patient’s eggs will be sold to a new couple who would pay for their lab work and gonadotropins.

Seattle Reproductive Medicine in Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma/Kirkland/Spokane Valley, WA

Seattle Reproductive Medicine has a flexible payment plan for patients who find it difficult to pay for the cost of IVF in Washington State. It collaborates with multiple financing programs in order to facilitate every candidate who desires to achieve a live birth. SRM offers Attain IVF Flex Plans. At a discounted upfront fee, it offers patients multiples cycles of IVF to increase their chance of pregnancy.

It is common that women who are above the age of 35 may require multiple IVF cycles before they can achieve pregnancy. In such cases opting for a single cycle, IVF program can cost them about an equal amount as to what they can get at such discounted plans. SRM will enroll patients for Attain IVF program in which they can pay on a per cycle basis.

There are currently two Attain IVF plans offered by SRM.

  • The first IVF Core Plan offers unlimited FET with two IVF cycles against a single discount upfront fee. It is for candidates who will be using their own eggs and sperms.
  • The second is IVF Refund Program which allows patients to select 2-3 egg retrievals with unlimited frozen embryo transfers against a single discounted price. It is best suited for patients who will likely be needing an egg or sperm donation.

Financing Program Collaborations

SRM also collaborates with financing programs to help eligible candidates afford the cost of IVF in Washington State. It has partnered with CapexMd to make available comprehensive and flexible financing options along with customized loan plans. CapexMD has a repute for offering financing services for different fertility treatments. With an easy and clear loan process, they offer multiple loan types including loans for medications and testing. Each loan can be designed as per the needs of the customer. The CapexMD advantages include:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Fertility financing
  • No prepayment
  • Approval of loans within 24 hours
  • Flexible terms
  • No hidden charges
  • Easy and secure online terms
  • Highest confidentiality

Overlake Reproductive Health in Bellevue, WA

Overlake Reproductive Health center is another great option for residents in the State of Washington. With its Peace of Mind 100% refund program, the center accommodates couples who enjoy no insurance based perks for the fertility treatments and cannot afford the cost of IVF. Any couple that medically qualifies for the IVF cycle can opt for 4 fresh and unlimited frozen embryo cycles at a discounted price of $37,508. Couples who will be using their own eggs would need to complete their fresh egg cycles before the age of 38. Program fees include:

  •    Individuated protocol
  •    HCG trigger check
  •    Ultrasounds
  •    Embryo culture and transfer
  •    Assisted Hatching
  •    Embryo cryopreservation
  •    ICSI
  •    Media Order
  •    Injection Teaching
  •    RFID card

Other programs include

  • Multi-cycle IVF:Priced at $ 1, 8754 (buy 2 get 1 free). The plan fees excludes medication, anesthesia and pretesting. No insurance is accepted for this plan.
  • IVF with freeze all and transfer cycle.This cost covers the following:
  •    IVF ultrasounds
  •    Embryo Culture and transfer
  •    Embryo cryopreservation
  •    Assisted Hatching
  •    Injecting teaching
  •    Media order
  •    Estradiol test
  •    ICSI
  •    RFID card
  •    Culture to Blastocyst

Pacific NW Fertility in Seattle, WA

Pacific NW Fertility also offers multiple payment plans to eligible candidates. With its in-house multiple cycle plans patients can purchase the service package for all frozen and two fresh embryo transfer within a year’s period. It works with two financing companies that accommodate the cost of IVF in Washington for those who cannot afford it.

Prosper HealthCare Lending

Just like many other clinics, the collaboration with Prosper HealthCare helps patients borrow up to $100,000 for an 84 month period. This financial program has helped more than 250,000 people to afford various facilities. It offers:

  • Immediate loans at less than $35,000
  • 84 month term period
  • No collateral required
  • 100% confidential

Lending Club

The second association of Pacific NW fertility is with the Lending Club. It presents flexible financing options to patients through Lending Club. This program can help patients afford medication and treatment with low rate monthly plans. An upfront fee is not required. By using these facilities to pay for the cost of IVF, patients can easily make an estimate of their out-of-pocket costs. To continue with the procedure patients need a short application with their medical history.


Pacific NW fertility also deals with non-profit organizations that offer IVF grants annually to those who are in need of fertility treatment in Washington state. To receive the grant patients need to submit an application form along with a non-refundable amount of $50. The copy includes details of insurance (if any), patient’s medical history and personal story as to why they need the grant. A consent form from the physician clearly indicating eligibility for an advanced fertility treatment like IVF is also required.

Cade Foundation

The second non-profit organization Pacific NW fertility works with is Cade Foundation. It supports and educates families who are dealing with the issue of infertility. The requirement to be eligible for a cade foundation grant is to:

  • Have an infertility diagnosis report
  • Be a resident of USA

There is no limitation of age for this grant. It is offered only once a year to selected candidates.

AGC Scholarship Foundation

This is a non-profit organization working with Cade to provide financial and emotional support to couples who are dealing with infertility. Its scholarship program gives financial support to pay for the cost of IVF in Washington.

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