10 Best IVF Clinics in Texas by Success Rates and Reviews 2017

Here are the top fertility clinics in Texas with high IVF success rates as rated by the Texas community. These clinics have received the best reviews and they are currently accepting new patients. Schedule your appointment today!

All Texas IVF clinics rankings are based upon live birth rate per transfer with 20 or more transfers from latest 2015 CDC IVF Success Rate Report.

10 Best IVF Clinics in Texas with High Success Rate & Reviews

1. Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates

5477 Glen Lakes Drive Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75231
Phone: 214-363-5965

Considered one of the best fertility centers in Texas, Fort Worth Fertility Associates offers state-of-the-art fertility treatment with sought-after team of Dallas fertility specialists. They have restored hope for achieving a successful pregnancy for hundreds of couples with a full range of fertility treatment, diagnosis and testing services, including third-party donor services and an in-house egg donation agency.The clinic has access to the best IVF success rates for For egg donation in Texas.

Practice Director: Samuel J. Chantilis, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Marius Meintjes, Ph.D.
Total IVF Cycles:1096

2.Fertility Center of San Antonio

4499 Medical Drive, #200
San Antonio, TX 78229
Phone: 210-692-0577

Fertility Center of San Antonio is a Texas fertility clinic whose mission is to provide the patients with experienced doctors and state-of-the-art therapy. Equipped with Long-standing experience and high-tech fertility diagnosis and treatment, this facility was the first practice to offer office-based IVF in Texas and the first to achieve a pregnancy through ICSI in the Southwest.With some of the highest IVF success rates, the clinic help couples struggling with infertility issues.

Practice Director: Joseph E. Martin, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Thomas B. Pool, Ph.D., HCLD
Total IVF Cycles:669

3.Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PA

19296 Stone Oak Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone: 210-337-8453

RMA OF TEXAS provides a variety of fertility services such as IVF,IUI and ICSI by some of best Reproductive Endocrinologists in Texas.The clinic has friendly staff and relaxing environment that enrich the fertility care experience of every patient. Using the most breakthrough and safest technologies, RMA of Texas is proud to have one of the highest success rates in the state for IVF Treatments.

Practice Director: Francisco Arredondo, M.D., MPH
Laboratory Director: Anthony Anderson, M.Sc., ELD
Total IVF Cycles:603

4.Houston Fertility Institute

2500 Fondren, Suite 350
Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 281-357-1881

Houston Fertility Institute is Houston’s IVF leader staffed with some of the best doctors in Texas with proven fertility success rates. HFI has a advanced team of fertility specialists who has completed subspecialty clinical training and certification in infertility and reproductive Endocrinology. The clinic has the only donor egg bank and the largest third party reproduction program in Texas. A wide variety of procedures including: IVF,ICSI,FET and Egg Freezing are given using the best techniques and advanced technologies available.

Practice Director: Jason Griffith, M.D
Medical Director: Ghassan Haddad, M.D..
Laboratory Director: Wei-Hua Wang, Ph.D., DVM
Total IVF Cycles:3537

5.Houston IVF

929 Gessner #2300
Houston, TX 77024
Phone: 713-465-1211

Led by some of the best physicians, embryologists, nurses, lab technicians and other specialists trained in the fertility treatment, Houston IVF is one of the most successful fertility clinics with high success rates in Texas. The clinic offers an array of the best fertility services through meticulously performed, current techniques.The facility aims to provide IVF in Houston, Texas, with compassionate care.

Practice Director: Timothy N. Hickman, M.D.
Total IVF Cycles:841

6.Fertility Center of Dallas

3900 Junius Street, Suite 610
Dallas, TX 75246
Phone: 214-823-2692

One of the best fertility clinics with high pregnancy success rates in Texas, Fertility Center of Dallas offers diagnostic services and reproductive treatments including IVF,IUI and PGS/PGD.Well-known in the Dallas community,the clinic specialists are recognized as innovators in reproductive disorders treatment procedures and techniques.

Practice Director: J. Michael Putman, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Lilly Zhang, Ph.D., HCLD
Total IVF Cycles:218

7.Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLC

5757 Warren Parkway, Suite 300 Dallas, TX 214-750-5500
Phone: 214-618-2044

Located in Frisco, Fertility Specialists of Texas is one of the most successful fertility clinics in Texas.The Fertility Specialists of Texas doctors have been listed as a top doctor in several publications.The clinic provides advanced and efficient assisted reproductive technology including IVF, PGD and Egg Freezing with quality of care and with reputation live birth rates.

Practice Director: Jerald S. Goldstein, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Carlos A. Guerrero, Ph.D., HCLD
Total IVf Cycles:622

8.Fertility Specialists of Houston

Laboratory for ART 7900 Fannin St, Suite 4400
Houston, TX 77054
Phone: 713-512-7851

Houston Fertility Specialists is one of the most well-respected fertility clinics in the Texas.The clinic has an expert team of board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists and Infertility (REI) specialists. They offer a variety of fertility treatments including IVF and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).HFS is the leader using elective single embryo transfer (eSET) to increases the implantation success rates.

Practice Director: George M. Grunert, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Wan-Song A. Wun, Ph.D., HCLD ELD
Total IVF Cycles:1310

9.Dallas IVF

2840 Legacy Drive, Suite 110
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 214-297-0020

As a Dallas fertility pioneer,Dallas IVF is one of the nations’ leading infertility centers and consistently has among the highest IVF success rates in Texas.With 4 locations in Texas, The clinic can provide egg freezing and world-class IVF lab facilities using the latest reproductive technologies. The clinic team including board certified fertility specialists and highly skilled embryologists help couples and individuals to experience the parenthood joy.

Practice Director: Brian D. Barnett, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Oscar Perez, Ph.D., HCLD/ELD
Total IVF Cycles:896

10.Advanced Fertility Center of Texas (AFCT)

10901 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77079
Phone: 713-467-4488

AFCT located throughout the Houston metropolitan area features a renowned, holistic reproductive clinic in Texas. The clinic has an experienced and well-renowned fertility specialists team. AFCT offer the most up-to-date infertility technology, including IVF,PGD/PGS/Genetics,Donor Egg IVF and egg freezing. The clinic have been able to reach an excellent pregnancy success rate.

Practice Director: Michael A. Allon, M.D.
Laboratory Director: Dmitri I. Dozortsev, M.D., Ph.D.,HCLD
Total IVF Cycles:382


Top IVF Clinics in Texas for Own Eggs Using Fresh Embryos

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age Under 35

RankingClinicCityFresh TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX10064
2Houston IVFHouston, TX18961.4
3North Houston Center for Reprod. MedicineThe Woodlands, TX3060
4Southwest Center for Reproductive Health, PAEl Paso, TX2060
5Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX11457
6Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX10057
7Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX3756.8
8Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Center for Fertility and Reproductive SurgeryLubbock, TX3455.9
9Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine-DallasDallas, TX5255.8
10Dallas IVFFrisco, TX5855.2
11Scott & WhiteTemple, TX2955.2
12Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX12453.2
13IVFMDIrving, TX10953.2
14Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX7052.9
15Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX14349.7
16Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX7548
17Austin Fertility And Reproductive Medicine – Westlake IVFAustin, TX4946.9
18Repromed Fertility CenterDallas, TX2445.8
19Reproductive Institute Of South TexasMcallen, TX4443.2
20Brooke Army Medical CenterFort Sam Houston, TX6341.3
21Houston Infertility ClinicHouston, TX3938.5
22Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX11337.2
23Fertility Specialists of HoustonHouston, TX4515.6

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age 35-37

RankingClinicCityFresh TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX2860.7
2Houston IVFHouston, TX8048.8
3Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine-DallasDallas, TX2045
4Austin Fertility And Reproductive Medicine – Westlake IVFAustin, TX2045
5Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX5642.9
6Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX4542.2
7Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX4238.1
8IVFMDIrving, TX3537.1
9Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX6536.9
10Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX2729.6
11Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX3627.8
12Brooke Army Medical CenterFort Sam Houston, TX2227.3
13Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX4025
14Dallas IVFFrisco, TX2025
15Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX2123.8

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age 38-40

RankingClinicCityFresh TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX3336.4
2Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX2236.4
3Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX2934.5
4Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX4630.4
5Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX2030
6Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX2528
7Houston IVFHouston, TX6026.7
8Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX3423.5
9Austin Fertility And Reproductive Medicine – Westlake IVFAustin, TX2623.1
10Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX6322.2
11Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX2114.3

Top IVF Clinic for Women Age 41-42

RankingClinicCityFresh TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX2114.3
2Houston IVFHouston, TX2711.1
3Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX234.3


Top IVF Clinics In Texas for Own Eggs Using Thawed Embryos

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age Under 35

RankingClinicCityThawed TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Fertility Center of DallasDallas, TX2867.9
2Advanced Fertility Center of TexasHouston, TX8363.9
3Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX17961.5
4Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX9561.1
5Austin Fertility InstituteAustin, TX9560
6IVF PlanoPlano, TX6858.8
7Dallas IVFFrisco, TX18758.3
8Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX12957.4
9Fertility Institute Of Texas, PLLCNew Braunfels, TX2857.1
10RMATX.COM, PLLC, RMA of Texas-AustinAustin, TX5156.9
11Houston IVFHouston, TX9455.3
12Frisco Institute for Reproductive MedicineFrisco, TX8953.9
13Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX9953.5
14Reproductive Institute Of South TexasMcallen, TX2552
15Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX77850.6
16Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Center for Fertility and Reproductive SurgeryLubbock, TX2050
17Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX8848.9
18The Centre For Reproductive MedicineLubbock, TX4748.9
19Family Fertility CenterHouston, TX4847.9
20Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX34147.8
21Fertility Specialists of HoustonHouston, TX23346.8
22Repromed Fertility CenterDallas, TX2744.4
23IVFMDIrving, TX9242.4
24Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX11439.5
25Presbyterian Hospital Plano ARTSPlano, TX2737
26Scott & WhiteTemple, TX2634.6
27Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine-DallasDallas, TX2934.5
28Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX15729.9

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age 35-37

RankingClinicCityThawed TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Presbyterian Hospital Plano ARTSPlano, TX2070
2Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX3268.8
3Frisco Institute for Reproductive MedicineFrisco, TX2060
4Fertility Center of DallasDallas, TX2157.1
5Advanced Fertility Center of TexasHouston, TX3956.4
6IVF PlanoPlano, TX3256.3
7Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX6055
8Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX3053.3
9Dallas IVFFrisco, TX8648.8
10Houston IVFHouston, TX5347.2
11Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX19545.1
12Repromed Fertility CenterDallas, TX2045
13Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX27244.9
14Fertility Specialists of HoustonHouston, TX13044.6
15Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX3842.1
16IVFMDIrving, TX4240.5
17Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX4835.4
18Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX6835.3
19Austin Fertility InstituteAustin, TX3435.3
20Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX4526.7

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age 38-40

RankingClinicCityThawed TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX2365.2
2Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX3056.7
3Dallas IVFFrisco, TX4351.2
4Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX4247.6
5Fertility Specialists of HoustonHouston, TX7445.9
6Houston IVFHouston, TX4645.7
7Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX11643.1
8IVF PlanoPlano, TX2240.9
9Frisco Institute for Reproductive MedicineFrisco, TX2040
10Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX21239.2
11Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX5139.2
12Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX3138.7
13IVFMDIrving, TX2832.1
14Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX3129
15Advanced Fertility Center of TexasHouston, TX2828.6
16Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX3821.1

Top IVF Clinics for Women Age 41-42

RankingClinicCityThawed TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Fertility Specialists of HoustonHouston, TX3554.3
2Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX5837.9
3Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX7732.5


Top IVF Clinics in Texas for Donor Eggs Using Fresh Embryos

RankingClinicCityFresh TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX2576
2Houston IVFHouston, TX3966.7
3Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX2360.9
4Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX2157.1
5Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX4055
6Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX3253.1


Top IVF Clinics in Texas for Donor Eggs Using Thawed Embryos

RankingClinicCityThawed TransfersSuccess Rate(%)
1Fertility Center of San AntonioSan Antonio, TX2560
2Dallas IVFFrisco, TX7554.7
3Fertility Specialists of Texas, PLLCFrisco, TX2454.2
4Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility AssociatesDallas, TX5251.9
5Center for Assisted ReproductionBedford, TX2951.7
6Center of Reproductive MedicineWebster, TX5450
7Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PASan Antonio, TX2250
8Advanced Fertility Center of TexasHouston, TX2147.6
9Fertility Specialists of HoustonHouston, TX6540
10Houston Fertility InstituteHouston, TX17039.4
11Texas Fertility CenterAustin, TX10136.6
12Houston IVFHouston, TX2835.7
13Fort Worth Fertility, PAFort Worth, TX6732.8
14IVFMDIrving, TX2532