How Much Does IVF Cost in Wisconsin? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 14, 2021


How Much Does IVF Cost in Wisconsin?

One of the most expensive medical treatments today is that of IVF. The stress of paying for an IVF treatment starts the day couples learn about their infertility. When it comes to this advanced treatment, there is no aspect that comes at an easy to afford the cost. On average, one cycle IVF cost in Wisconsin starts from $9,000 without medication.

Major citiesAverage One Cycle IVF cost without medication
Milwaukee$ 10,000
Green Bay$ 9,500
Appleton$ 9,000

The IVF cost with medication ranges between $12,000 and $17,000. The package patients get largely depends on how much the fertility clinic collaborates with them.

There are several Wisconsin IVF clinics offering an easy to pay for a package with a transparent breakdown of cost. This saves patients the stress of hidden and unpredictable costs.

The cost may vary according to the treatment plan designed for an individual. To best understand the costs, patients can consult financial counselors at the Wisconsin fertility clinic. The cost quoted is for patients with no insurance. It may be subject to change for candidates with insurance coverage or an out of network financing plan.

Infertility Insurance in Wisconsin 

Currently, only 15 U.S states have an insurance plan designed for the coverage of infertility treatments, including advanced treatments like IVF. The rest of the 35 states including Wisconsin, however, remain deprived of this convenience which puts their residents in a position of disadvantage.

While the state does not offer any coverage, there are private insurance companies working in Wisconsin to help infertile couples. With this assistance, patients may be able to cover costs for the pre-procedure diagnosis and test. It is best to check with insurance companies the selected fertility clinic accepts. Plus, take into consideration the percentage of the treatment that would be covered.

Affording IVF cost in Wisconsin

For patients who have no insurance coverage, it is best to look for other IVF financing options for their treatment in Wisconsin. There are several fertility financing organizations that one can approach through the selected clinic for an immediate and easy loan.

At the same time, patients can also lookup for IVF scholarships and grants offered by non-profit organizations. For example, the IVF Advantage program is a discount program in the U.S that helps financially weak, yet eligible candidates pay for the cost of IVF.

The program gives patients two IVF cycles with a fresh and frozen embryo cycle at a 40% discount. There is, however, an eligibility criterion for the treatment. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Wisconsin and should be clinically verified as eligible for IVF.

Fertility Care Programs

IVF cost in Wisconsin for self-pay patients is more expensive than they imagine it to be. The majority of the treatment packages do not include the cost of medication and pre-post testing. This makes it hard for self-pay patients to afford the cost of IVF.

For such patients, non-profit organizations give away grants and scholarships that may help them afford the treatment. Some of the popular programs working in the country are:

–    Baby Quest Foundation

It gives away 2 IVF grants annually to candidates who are authorized as eligible for IVF.  The grant supports funding of $2,000-$16,000 (for a combination of medication and treatment discount offers)

–    Cade Foundation

The Cade Foundation grant is one of the most popular ones. It offers a Tinina Q Cade Foundation grant annually for up to $10,000. The application fee is $50 which is used to raise funds for the next year.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

Most fertility clinics in Wisconsin come up with a financing plan to help patients get their treatment outsourced by an organization. These financing companies make the loan process easy and stress-free.

Aurora Health Care in WI

Aurora Health Care Center is one of the top listed fertility clinics. The clinic helps patients pay for the cost of IVF in Wisconsin through its multiple treatment packages. At Aurora HealthCare center patients can find flexibility through the following packages:

–    IVF Package: $12,500-$12,800

This IVF package includes all ultrasounds, lab works, egg retrievals, embryo culture and transfer, one-year storage of the egg. If for any reason the treatment is canceled before the procedure of egg retrieval, patients will be refunded $8,750. If the treatment is canceled after the embryo transfer, the amount refunded to patients would be $1,725.

–    Frozen Embryo Transfer: $3,500-$3,600

This treatment package includes all ultrasounds, blood work, embryo thaw and transfer. If for any reason the treatment is discontinued, the amount refunded to patients would be $1,400.

–    Multi-cycle IVF

With IVF comes no guarantee of a 100% result. The results vary from person to person and in general, it takes more than a single try for most patients to conceive through the procedure. Aurora HealthCare offers a flexible plan for patients, enhancing their chances of taking home a baby. Instead of purchasing each cycle separately, patients can pay a discounted fee for 4 IVF cycles.

This plan is basically for patients who have no insurance. To be entitled to the treatment patients should be verified as eligible for IVF through Aurora Fertility Service specialist. There is no refund policy in this package.

–    Share Success IVF: $22,000- $24,000

The shared success IVF has a different rate for women of different age groups. This package is designed to share the financial risk with the patients. In case the couple is not able to take home a baby after treatment, they will be refunded the money. The package provides up to 3 IVF cycles with unlimited frozen cycles. The eligibility criteria of this program are:

–    Patients should be less than 35 years of age. For women above 36, the cost would vary

–    The woman should have a normally functioning endocrine and ovarian reserve

–    Should be a non-smoker

–    Above 100,000 motile sperm for the male partner

–    Shared Success Donor Program

The shared success donor program comes at a cost of $34,000. The packages offer up to 2 IVF cycles and all frozen embryo transfers within a 2 year period. It covers all the basic procedures of the treatment including monitoring, lab work, egg retrieval and transfer, semen processing, embryo freezing for 2 years. To be eligible for the treatment, the woman should be:

–    Younger than 45

–    A non-smoker

–    Must have a BMI ranging from 19-30

Financing options

Aurora Health Care provides financial assistance through the following programs:

–    Wisconsin Medical Assistance

–    Crime Victim Compensation

–    Veterans Affairs Medical Benefits

–    Affordable Care Act

Medical College of Wisconsin in WI

The Medical College of Wisconsin also offers peace of mind program to patients who find it impossible to pay for the IVF cost. The majority of the packages come with a refund milestone that compensates patients for canceled or unsuccessful treatments.

It participates in the Attain IVF program which offers multiple payment plans for advanced fertility treatments like IVF. The cost covers the following:

  •    Ultrasounds
  •    Egg retrieval and transfer
  •    Blood tests
  •    Anesthesia
  •    ICSI and embryo freezing

The cost breakdown at the fertility center is as follows:

Medication: $3000-5000

IVF: $12,000

Canceled cycles before egg retrieval refund: $8,700

Canceled cycle after embryo transfer refund: $1,550

Through Attain Fertility plans at Wisconsin, patients can find a discount on the total IVF cost. Through these packages, they can receive multiple IVF cycles against a single fee. The Attain IVF program is available in two options:

–    Core Plan: Offers 2 egg retrievals and transfers with the transfer of all resulting embryos. This plan is only available for patients using their own eggs.

–    Refund Plan: Offers 2 egg retrievals and transfers with a transfer of all resulting embryos. In case a live birth is not achieved patients will receive a 100% refund. This package is designed to help patients with an unsuccessful IVF experience to pursue some other family building option.

Wisconsin Fertility Institute in Middleton, WI

Wisconsin Fertility Institute has a transparent pricing system to ensure that the patients have the correct estimate of the total cost of IVF. Following is a breakdown of cost:

–    Initial consultation: $250

In this process, the patient’s medical records will be reviewed. It would be up to the fertility specialists to verify patients as eligible for IVF.

–    Laboratory Testing: $100+ $25 for venipuncture

–    Micro IVF: $5445

Micro IVF is a comparatively milder approach to IVF. It requires less medication and fewer visits to the hospital which automatically reduces a great deal of the IVF cost. The packages cover the cost for ultrasounds, minimal sedation, egg retrieval, oocytes insemination, embryo culture, and transfer.

–    Standard IVF: $9,020

This is the standard IVF procedure which includes ultrasounds, egg retrial, blood tests, insemination, embryo culture and transfer. The cost of medication is not covered in this package.

–    IVF with ICSI and freeze all embryos: $10,125

Includes ultrasounds, IVF with ICSI, blood works, conscious sedation, egg retrieval, culture and transfer, insemination of oocytes using ICSI and cryopreservation for up to 4 embryos.

–    Frozen Embryo Transfers: $3670

The Frozen Embryo transfer package includes a trial embryo transfer, ultrasounds, blood tests, embryo thaw and transfer. The cost of medication is not included in this package.

–    IVF Prime Advantage: $14,900

The IVF Prime Advantage program is designed for patients who have no insurance and cannot otherwise afford the cost of IVF. The package includes the cost of ultrasounds, egg retrieval, ICSI, insemination of eggs, up to 6 days embryo culture, conscious sedation, follow up visits.

–    IVF Ultimate Advantage Refund Program: $28,900

The IVF Ultimate Advantage Refund Program offers up to 3 egg retrievals with all embryo transfers. In case patients are not able to conceive they will be refunded a 50% amount of the total cost paid for IVF. It includes ultrasounds, egg retrieval, ICSI, insemination of eggs, up to 6 days of embryo culture, conscious sedation, cryopreservation, and follow up visits.

Financing options

Wisconsin Fertility Institute understands that affording IVF cost is dependent largely upon the different plans offered by clinics. As the state does not help infertile couples, the second-best option for them is financing their treatment. If patients feel like no package is an affordable option, they can apply for an easy loan from CapexMD.

–    CapexMD

CapexMD is partners with Wisconsin Fertility Institute. It offers fertility financing to eligible candidates who cannot otherwise afford the IVF cost. It is a well-known organization with a network across the country, offering all types of financial services for the treatment of infertility. It has an easy and simple loan process that ensures that maximum people can reach out to the treatment of IVF. Couples can have loans designed according to their financial needs and circumstances. The loan will be secured before the treatment starts. For the CapexMD loan, the considerations apply:

–    There is a $25 fee for the online application

–    Patients will be pre-approved for the loan within 24 hours

–    Patient details will be confirmed through the clinic to ensure eligibility for the requested amount of loan

–    Patients will sign the documents

–    Funding for the loan will be sent directly to the clinic under the patient’s name

Generations Fertility Care in Middleton, WI

The cost of IVF at Generations is $11,850 to $13,350. The cost breakdown at Generations Fertility Care for IVF is:

–    Initial consultation: $275-425

–    Diagnostic hysteroscopy: $1,550

–    Semen testing: $82

–    Ultrasound: $290

–    IVF: $11,850-$13,350

–    Reversal: $8,700- $9,200

This cost is excluding medications and anesthesia.

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