Low Cost IVF Options: Affordable Treatment, Cheap IVF Drugs and More

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

The cost of IVF is one of the biggest factors in infertility treatment. If you are looking for low cost IVF options, there are a few different choices that you can consider. These choices can range from seeking out specific fertility clinics or charitable organizations. There are also specialty pharmacies or other financing options. It can also be achieved through special discount programs offered by any of the above options.

Here are some different ways in which patients with infertility issues can hope to lower the cost of their treatment or medications:


Choose the Affordable IVF Treatment

Mini IVF

In cases where IVF treatment is conventional, there will be a lot of use of medications. These medications can be very expensive. Mini IVF is a cheaper IVF than conventional IVF. The procedure itself is similar to conventional IVF but uses weaker medications or lower doses to produce only a few eggs. In some rare instances, it may also be done without any ovarian stimulating drugs. As a result, Mini IVF reduce the associated IVF costs.

Natural IVF

Another low cost IVF option is to consider natural IVF. This is a less expensive IVF procedure where the use of fertility drugs is eliminated.

This affordable IVF procedure is mostly recommended for women who respond poorly to ovulation stimulation drugs. It is also suitable for patients aged 35 and younger with an adequate supply of healthy eggs. In addition, women who cannot tolerate infertility drugs can also consider this option.

Natural IVF is also less risky and simpler than conventional IVF. With this procedure the chance of multiple births is reduced. Plus the side effects associated with drug use get eliminated.

Natural IVF is also takes less time than conventional treatment. Being a simpler procedure, there isn’t a great need for monitoring or testing. So costs are cut on blood draws, ultrasound procedures and lab analysis to make low cost IVF.

Provide Cheap IVF Drugs

People who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover fertility medication can apply to these discounted IVF programs. Programs may be offered by large pharmaceuticals to help patients.

Such specialty pharmacies offer impressive discounts and mail in refund programs on many medications. They may even offer some others free of cost. Typically there is a mixture of free IVF and some affordable IVF medications.

Some of these low cost IVF options include the following:

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring Pharmaceuticals provides cheap IVF drugs for patients with or without insurance coverage for IVF. The company also offers the Heart Beat Program. This option provides specific cheap IVF drugs to cancer patients. The program is devised to help patients preserve their fertility. These drugs include Bravelle, Endometrin, Menopur, Novarel and Repronex. >> Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Heart +Savings Program

This program assists patients who have no insurance coverage. Most Ferring fertility drugs are accessible at participating pharmacies. Patients with coverage can enjoy a savings of $500 is available on every prescription of Bravelle.  Uninsured patients receive cheap IVF drugs savings on Menopur, Bravelle, Endometrin and Novarel. Insured patients can save on Bravelle. To apply, ask your doctor for a Heart+ Savings Card and use at participating pharmacies. >>Heart +Savings Program

Endometrin Instant Savings Program

This program facilitates patients to save up to $50 on every prescription of Endometrin. Eligibility requires that patients must have a prescription for at least 21 Endometrin inserts. Both insured and uninsured patients can apply this low cost IVF program.

To enroll, just ask your doctor for an Endometrin Instant Savings Card. The pharmacist will then apply the discount at the time of purchase. >>Endometrin Instant Savings Program

Heart Beat Program

This program assists cancer patients preserve their fertility. The treatment is administered before starting cancer treatment. The program allows eligible patients to receive specific Ferring Pharmaceuticals cheap IVF drugs.

Female cancer patients who are U.S citizens can apply the cheap IVF program. However, they must not have undergone chemotherapy in the previous six months. They should also have a recommendation by their physician for fertility preservation treatment. >>Heart Beat Program

EMD Serono

This program offers low cost IVF on fertility drugs for different types of patients. They include insured and uninsured patients or others with a financial need. The program also provides a free and confidential support service to individuals at every stage of their IVF treatment. Cheap IVF drugs eligible for discount under EMD Serono include Gonal-f, Ovidrel and Cetrocide.

EMD Serono has a standard set of parameters for applying discounted IVF. These include annual income, number of people at home, state of residence and the federal poverty guidelines. Applicants need to submit current pay stubs and the previous year’s tax returns.  >>EMD Serono

Compassionate Care

This program assists, income eligible, uninsured patients. The program offers impressive savings on EMD Serono products. In fact, savings can go up to 75% off the self-pay price of fertility medications at participating pharmacies.

To be eligible, patients need to prove financial need. They also need to be permanent residents or U.S citizens. There is an income threshold in consideration before selection to the program. Eligible patients can use this low cost IVF program for multiple cycles every year.

The program also caters to eligible veterans helping them save up to 25% off their fertility and IVF medication. Eligible active, veteran or retired U.S. military receive a minimum of 25% off. They may even be eligible for an extra savings up to 50% to 75% off the self-pay price of EMD Serono’s fertility medications. >>Compassionate Care

Go-Direct to Savings

This program assists self-pay patients. Patients who have a valid prescription of Ovidrel, Gonal-f or Cetrocide receive a discount via mail in rebate. The rebate is good for 14% of the total out-of-pocket costs of medication on every cycle.

To receive this low cost IVF rebate, patients must send in valid submissions via mail. They must also include the original pharmacy receipt. The program is only for uninsured self-pay patients for fertility medication. >>Go-Direct to Savings

Co-Pay Savings

The program helps insured patients get discounts for various medications. These include Ovidrel, Gonal-f and Cetrocide at participating pharmacies. The program allows a discount of up to $200 for every prescription per 21 days. Patients can apply for a Co-Pay Savings Card to reuse during the duration of the  IVF treatment.

To be eligible, patients must have a valid Gonal-f prescription. They must also have a drug benefit which covers the cheap IVF medication. Discounts apply to out-of-pocket portion of the cost.

Patients cannot combine the card with any other coupon, rebate, free trail or similar offer. The card is also not eligible for use on prescription that can otherwise get reimbursed under other healthcare programs. These include Medicare, Medicaid or other similar programs.

The Co-Pay Card facility is not valid for self-paying patients. >>Co-Pay Savings

Design Rx Specialty Fertility Pharmacies

This network of specialty pharmacies offers significant savings on IVF drugs. This makes it a suitable low cost IVF option. Discounts can range anywhere between 15- 30%. These cheap IVF pharmacies also offer in-person and web based patient education. There is also support available for patients taking medications. They also provide a complete insurance verification for prescriptions.

To get a comprehensive list of DesignRx Pharmacies, check out their webpage at http://www.designrx.net


WINFertilityRx offers low cost IVF financing options and well as WINFertilityRx Bundles. Both programs can assist in managing the cost of IVF treatment.

This is an online service which requires interested patients to enroll and submit their physician’s authorized prescription. Based on the physician’s recommendation, WINFertility Rx staff will prepare a customized price quote for the fertility medication giving patients a low cost IVF option.

Patients can also get access to fertility coach nurses that offer many services. These include answering questions and providing education and support to callers.

The service also facilitates financing fertility medication. WINFertilityRx contracts directly with fertility manufacturers, specialty pharmacies and fertility specialists. Together they cover a large number of patients every year. >>WINFertilityRx

Livestrong Foundation

This service is for patients and cancer survivors facing the risk of infertility due to cancer diagnosis or treatment.  The organization assists in helping individuals understand risks associated with infertility and gives them options. The same also assists them in getting access to affordable fertility treatment and low cost IVF.

The center partners with more than 500 fertility clinics and sperm banks across the country. Together they provide patients with discounted fertility preservation services. >>Livestrong Foundation

Military Discount

Another low cost IVF option such as military discounts are offered to serving forces members and their spouses who may be on active duty, active reserve duty or retired.

The discount covers various infertility issues including IVF, consultations, in office procedures and others. Some military discounts may only include the procedure with the medications, anesthesia and screenings excluded. Different discounts range from 10-25% or even more off.

To avail the discount, individuals are required to present their U.S. military identification card at the time of consultation.

Consider an Online Pharmacy

Fertility clinics are often associated with pharmacies that supply fertility medications for treatment. The cheap IVF drugs can also be accessed through reputable online pharmacies which offer discounted prices.

Legitimate online pharmacies offering low cost IVF services in the U.S. require a prescription from a physician. The pharmacy will also have a licensed pharmacist available at all times to answer any questions. The pharmacy will be registered as a National Boards of Pharmacy Internet Verified Pharmacy. This registration ensures product safety and reliability.

Online pharmacies also feature regular discounts, coupons and mail in rebates for their customers offering discounted IVF options. If you buy from an online pharmacy, make sure to check with them regularly for special discounts.

Some pharmacies that you can consider for this service include IVF PharmacyIVF Prescriptions and Freedom Fertility Pharmacy among many others.

Get Low Cost IVF from Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty pharmacies focus on high cost, medication therapies for various infertility issues. The discounted IVF medications in specialty pharmacies can range from oral to cutting edge injectable products.

Specialty pharmacies offer services like dispensing, medication therapy management, patient advocacy and therapy compliance. Some examples of specialty pharmacies offering discounted IVF medications and services include Avella Specialty PharmacyIntegrity Rx and fertility services offered by Walgreens.

These pharmacies also offer various financing programs that allow patients to cut down on their cost of IVF medications and treatment.

IVF Refund Programs

These special programs are also designed to help reduce the cost of IVF treatment. With a refund program, the patient prepays for a specific number of IVF cycles. However, if the patient does not take home a baby after that particular number of cycles, the clinic receives all or at least most of their money back.

Typically, eligibility to such low cost IVF refund programs is determined by age limitations among other conditions. There is also a set minimum number of cycles before a refund can be claimed. For instance, an individual or couple may pay a discounted fee in advance for 3 IVF cycles. The IVF refund condition becomes applicable after 3-5 cycles after which anywhere between 70%-100 % of the original amount is refunded. As such, after unsuccessful treatment, the majority of the fees is refunded back.

It is important to know that there are certain IVF clinics that offer these services at low cost IVF treatment. Occasionally these clinics may also offer seasonal or time limited special discounts as well.