How Much Does IVF Cost in Louisiana? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 14, 2021


How Much Does IVF Cost in Louisiana?

IVF has become one of the most commonly sought infertility treatment. Yet, regardless of its success rate in helping couples take home their own baby, the treatment comes with a financial burden. The average IVF cost in Louisiana is $12,000 to $17,000 excluding medication and testing.

The IVF cost in Louisiana varies from clinic to clinic based on the treatment design and the condition of the concerned individual. A woman who is older than 35 years may need additional medication. All these factors combine to increase the average total cost of IVF.

Here is the average cost of one cycle IVF in major Louisiana cities:

Major CitiesAverage cost of IVF without medication
New Orleans$ 14,500
Baton Rouge$ 14,500
Lafayette$ 14,000
Shreveport$ 13,000
Lake Charles$ 13,000

IVF Insurance Law in Louisiana

In the US, there are only 17 states that offer infertility treatment. Luckily for the residents of Louisiana, the state is one of them.

The law for infertility insurance can be reviewed in Chapter 22: 1036 of the insurance code, Louisiana. The law clearly defines that the health insurance plans provided to the residents would include a cover for the treatment and diagnosis of infertility.

It restricts the insurance providers from excluding the coverage for all correctable treatments. However, IVF is not a correctable fertility treatment, but an advanced procedure after all the naturally correcting medical treatments expire.

The law of Louisiana does not restrict the insurers to cover the cost of IVF, or for any assisted reproductive procedures.

Some states offer complete coverage but a restriction of it being available to only employees of a big organization, while others do not cover for the advanced treatments at all.

However, the situation for the insured states is still better. While patients may not be able to cover the treatment through an insurance plan, they can have all their pre-procedure diagnoses and tests covered by health insurance. This helps them save a percentage of the total IVF cost.

Affording IVF cost in Louisiana 

IVF is an expensive treatment and becomes harder to pay for when individuals realize they have no insurance covering it for them. While some may be able to get a pre IVF diagnosis covered by health insurance, not all may be able to take home a baby through IVF at the same cost.

For the cost of IVF in Louisiana, much hope lies towards the discount programs offered by fertility clinics. Patients should search for authorized fertility clinics that participate in various financing and discount program services.

Such services are worth a shot to make treatment more affordable and effective. With these options, patients can purchase multiple cycle IVF to minimize the loss and maximize the long-term benefits.

Affordable financing Payment

  • Prosper HealthCare Lending

Prosper HealthCare Lending is one of the best-known financing companies that work with the majority of fertility clinics in the US. With the help of its relationships with the fertility institutes, it helps patients afford the IVF cost.

If patients are unable to afford the IVF cost, they can apply for a customized loan from Prosper through Fertility Answers. It helps with immediate access to a loan under $35,000. There are 84 months of flexible loan plans with no prepayment penalties or requirements of collateral.

  • CapexMD Financing

CapexMD is one of the best-known financing company in the country, dealing with cases of infertility. CapexMD helps individuals with their finances by offering easy loans at competitive rates. It ensures that affording the IVF cost is no more an obstacle for any patient.

The company has varied loan options tailored to the need of each individual. Patients can select the one which fits best their needs. All credits will be secured through the Fertility Loan Specialists prior to the treatment.

  • ARC 

The Fertility Institute participates in the Advanced Reproductive Care network. It designs affordable treatment packages tailored to the needs of each individual.

Every package has a list of its own services that are covered. More treatment options can be added for a customized package that helps applicants improve their odds of becoming a parent in Louisiana. Below are some of the most successful ARC packages:

–    ARC Success Program

–    ARC Refund Guarantee Program

–    ARC Military Program

–    ARC Multi-cycle Packages

Most of the packages by ARC refund any unused services if a live birth is achieved prior to the completion of all cycles.

IVF grants

While everyone may not be able to enjoy state-based incentives, there are many more ways to make the IVF cost affordable and accessible. For patients who cannot afford insurance or any other clinical packages, there are Louisiana or national IVF grants and scholarships distributed all across the nation to eligible infertile couples.

  • Baby Quest

The Baby Quest grant is a popular one. It awards 2 IVF grants annually to couples who are declared eligible for IVF through an authorized clinic.  The grant supports funding of $2,000-$16,000 (for a combination of medication and treatment discount offers)

  • Hope for Fertility IVF Grants

There are many companies working towards making the cost of IVF more affordable for individuals dealing with the pain of infertility. The Hope for Fertility organization offers IVF grants to the most deserving couples in Louisiana. The eligibility criteria for the treatment is:

–    Married couples who permanently reside in the US.

–    The couples should be medically verified as eligible for an IVF grant

–    There is a grant application fee that is used for helping another couple. The application money is disbursed amongst the other eligible couples

–    The grant covers the most of IVF procedure. It does not cover medication

–    The number of grants available every year depending on the number of funds raised. Typically the grants range between $250 and $ 5,000.

  • Gift of Hope Grant

The Gift of Hope is a non-profit organization that awards a free IVF cycle to eligible candidates. There are a total of two grants given to two fortunate couples. The grant offers the following services:

–    Laboratory work and ultrasounds

–    Medication required for fertility ($3000 per cycle)

–    Egg retrieval, culture, and transfer

–    Anesthesia

The eligibility criteria for the grant are:

–    patient has been clinically verified for IVF

–    Has a combined income of less than $100,000 per year

–    Is a permanent resident of Louisiana

–    Does not enjoy any health insurance coverage

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

Audubon Fertility in New Orleans, LA

The IVF cost for most couples is extremely expensive to be paid from the pocket. On top of that, the IVF treatment comes with its own uncertainties.

An individual may have to opt for multiple cycles in order to conceive. For people with no insurance coverage, it is difficult to afford multiple IVF cycles.  However, clinics like Audubon Fertility work towards making it easier for people to afford the cost of IVF in Louisiana by offering financial assistance through the best financing companies in the nation:

–    Prosper HealthCare Lending or CapexMD

Audubon Fertility Center also offers to finance through Prosper HealthCare Lending or CapexMD. Prosper or CapexMD also has an extended network and years of commitment to serving needy patients, eligible for medical assistance.

–    Audubon Assurance Plan

Audubon Assurance Plan is a new kind of guarantee plan designed by the fertility specialists of the clinic. This plan shares the financial risk of patients by offering a free second and all fresh IVF cycles if they do not conceive on the first try. The treatment will continue till patients are able to take home a baby.

The limitations of the program are:

  •    Not for patients with insurance coverage
  •    This does not cover the cost of anesthesia, medication, and laboratory
  •    For patients who do not have normal embryos

–    Livestrong

For cancer patients who may lose their fertility because of the disease, the clinic provides facilities through the Livestrong Foundation. It is a non-profit organization for education and resources for cancer patients. Using the discount program by Livestrong Fertility the survivors can pay a discounted IVF cost.

Fertility Answers in Lafayette/Baton Rouge/Lake Charles/Alexandria, LA

Fertility treatments like IVF are considered effective for the treatment of infertility. The Fertility Answers clinic helps patients afford the treatment by offering multiple package options in Louisiana.

With its affordable care, the clinic makes it easier for more women to pursue the treatment. The fertility costs can be discussed prior to the treatment. It allows patients who do not have an insurance plan to apply for loans through the associated financing programs including Prosper HealthCare Lending.

Such programs help patients afford the excruciating IVF cost and related medical treatments.

Fertility Answers also has collaboration with DesignRX First steps that has devoted itself to the ease of patients who have financial needs when it comes to family building. It understands that it can be difficult to pay for the IVF cost without any insurance or discount, so it offers discounts on medication to self-pay patients.

Eligible patients can have a 75% discount on the prescribed drugs. Moreover, it has committed itself to provide a discount to all those who apply for it. The discounts may range from 25% to 75% according to the need and financial circumstances of an individual.

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