How Much Does IVF Cost in Florida? Average IVF Cost and Affordable Financing

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

The state of Florida does not have a state health insurance mandate. This can make covering IVF cost in Florida a real challenge for residents.


How Much Does IVF Cost in Florida?

A cycle average cost of IVF is about between $ 10,000 and $ 16,000 among different IVF clinics. This would not include the cost of ICSI, medications, or other advanced IVF treatments such as PGD/PGS. With very little help from government grants, many Florida residents need to revisit their infertility treatment options. To get an idea of what infertility treatment will cost, here is a look at the average cost of IVF in Florida’s major cities:

Florida citiesAverage cost of IVF cycle without the price of medications
Miami$ 16,000
Orlando$ 10,000
Tampa$ 12,000
Jacksonville$ 14,000
Key West$ 10,000

Affordable Financing Options for IVF cost in Florida

While some Florida residents do have access to insurance coverage for infertility treatments, many others can only resort to alternate financing options. Some of these options to meet IVF cost include working with borrowed money. Such financing and payment plans can make infertility treatments and IVF more affordable for residents.

IVF Financing Programs

These programs facilitate couples to jump start their infertility treatment. Financing programs are also beneficial in keeping various Florida clinics in business. Many clinics work in financial collaboration with these lending parties and refer patients to them.

IVF Payment Plans

Many fertility clinics do not offer payment plans to cover the cost of IVF in Florida. Instead long term unsecured loans that come with monthly payments are offered. The clinic refers patients to third party lenders who provide them with financial assistance.

These plans are also designed to facilitate participation of couples in a refund program. Typically these programs have a qualification criteria which is based on the patient’s health. They also offer multi cycle discounts and commitment upon qualification. In the multi cycles discount, there is a partial reimbursement of funds if treatment remains unsuccessful.

The clinic only offers the refund program to patients who demonstrate a very high projected rate of success. This works in favor of the clinic as it allows enough attempts at IVF cycles to get a favorable result.

Government Grants 

There are a number of non-profit charitable organizations offering IVF grants to couples in need. The primary source of funding for these organizations is donations, with funds being very limited at times.

The flip side to this option is that the grants are not exclusive to Florida. Instead, couples need to compete with applicants from all over the country. So, only a few might be lucky enough to avail this opportunity.

Florida Fertility Clinics IVF Cost and Financing Options

More cost information regarding individual fertility clinics in Florida is available below:

The Reproductive Medicine Group in Temple Terrace, FL

Fertility clinic estimates for IVF cost in Florida vary based on every patient’s individual needs. At the Reproductive Medicine Group, the following estimates can give patients an idea of what to expect. The various services offered at RMG are as follows:

  • Initial consultation- $ 300
  • Fertility testing for men- $ 200
  • Fertility testing for women- $ 800
  • IUI- $ 375
  • IVF one cycle- $ 10,500
  • Embryo freezing- $ 1,225
  • FET-$ 4,200
  • ICSI- $ 1.230
  • PGS/PGD- $3,000

Brown Fertility in Jacksonville and Orlando FL

Brown fertility is another Florida based fertility clinic that can assist patients with meeting their IVF cost. The clinic offers fertility services that can fit the treatment needs of different patients. Check out their prices below:

IVF pricing

  • IVF cycle including monitoring, retrieval, embryology and transfer cost $ 8,995
  • Semen analysis cost $ 195
  • IUI cost total $ 500 which does not include monitoring

Possible extras include the following

  • ICSI, if needed is included in the cost of the cycle
  • Anesthesia comes at an additional cost of $ 350
  • Long term storage at Reprotech is subject to third party pricing as is the cost of medication
  • Frozen embryo transfer at Brown Fertility cost $ 3,495

Brown Fertility also offers a package of 3 IVF cycles including 3 fresh and unlimited frozen cycles. The cost for this package is $ 18,995. Additional fees for medications, anesthesia and other services may apply.

Fertility and Genetics in Plantation, FL

Infertility treatment packages at fertility and genetics include many different options. These options come with discounted prices to meet IVF cost in Florida. They range in service from multi cycle packages and shared egg donation plans among others. The prices offered at the center are as follows:

Multicycle Discount IVF Plan

Fertility and Genetics offers a multi cycle IVF for the price $ 9,900. The flexible discount allows patients to get 30% on the cost of a single cycle. This plan is inclusive of 3 tries at pregnancy with one fresh and two frozen IVF cycles. The added bonus of this discount plan is that patients can wait for the result of their initial IVF cycle before committing to future cycles.

IUI Plan of Fertility and Genetics

The affordable IUI plan from Fertility and Genetics includes all doctor’s fee, additional embryology services and surgical facility fees. Medications for each cycle of IVF can be between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 and will be different for every patient.

Shared Egg Donation IVF Program 

This program offers shared egg donation services at competitive rates in South Florida. Couples choosing the shared egg donation option can get this service for $ 19, 325. The couple then splits the cost of testing, treatment, medications and compensation for the egg donor.

IVF Refund Plan

This is a shared risk plan that refunds 50% of the total program cost in case the treatment is unsuccessful. Patients need to qualify for the plan by meeting a medical criteria. The plan includes up to 2 fresh and 2 frozen IVF cycles each to be administered over the span of one year.

Fertility Center & Applied Genetics

Infertility services offered at the fertility clinic caters to all types of patient needs. They offer competitive prices to meet the IVF cost in Florida, giving patients a chance to pursue their treatment.  The prices offered at Fertility Center & Applied Genetics are as follows:

Standard IVF

This cycle cost $ 8,250. Price is inclusive of all office visits, hormone testing and monitoring. The package also includes oocyte harvest, anesthesia and fees for anesthesiologist and embryo cryopreservation. The cost of preoperative and post-operative care is also included.

The standard IVF cycle also includes the expenses incurred for embryo transfer and one month storage until the embryos get transferred to a long term storage facility. The cost of medication or pretesting is not included.

IVF with Egg Donor

IVF with egg donor services come at a cost of $ 15,450. All services provided in the standard IVF cycle along with donor matching and screening as well as FDA required lab work are included. The fees is exclusive of medications, pretesting, and the donor’s fee.

Outside of the package, donor fees ranges between $ 3,500 and $ 7,500. Plus, donor insurance is paid directly to New Life Agency. This fees is $ 395.

IVF with Gestational Carrier

Services offered in the standard IVF package are all inclusive. Plus, the surrogate matching and screening fees along with FDA required lab work is also included. Not included are medications, surrogate fees legal fees or pretesting.

IVF with Donor Egg and Gestational Carrier

This package cost $ 20, 750. It is a very comprehensive package that includes donor matching fee and screening, surrogate matching and screening along with FDA required lab work. The package is exclusive of medications, surrogate fees, legal fees and pretesting. In addition, donor fees is also not included.

Additional Procedures

Other infertility treatment procedures are available at the following cost:

  • Assisted hatching is available for a cost of $ 850
  • ICSI cost $ 1,500
  • MESA/TESA comes at a cost of $ 700
  • Embryo biopsies cost $ 3,000 for up to 8 biopsies. If more than 8 biopsies are required, there is an additional fee of $150 per embryo.

Florida Fertility Institute in Clearwater, FL

Different financial packages are available at Florida Fertility Institute for patients who do not have insurance coverage. These packages include options given below. For couples using their own eggs, IVF cost in Florida can be reduced by choosing from the following packages, others can work with donor eggs to achieve their dream of having a baby.

Florida Fertility Institute offers one of the most comprehensive IVF treatment programs where every patient can find something suited to their needs.

IVF Single Cycle Package

The single cycle is most suitable for patients who use their own eggs for treatment. Plus, they feel no need for more than one IVF cycle. cost for this cycle are as follows:

  • Lab and doctor’s  fees – $6,450
  • Facility charges stand at $ 2,400
  • ICSI,  if required – $1500
  • A H, if required – $680
  • Anesthesia charges stand at  $400
  • Medication cost vary  and are to be paid straight to the pharmacy
  • Embryo Cryopreservation with one year of storage cost $950
  • Annual fees for cryopreserved  storage of embryo is $360

IVF Multi Cycle Package

The multi cycle package is better suited for couples using their own eggs with the need for more than one cycle. To be eligible, patients cannot have insurance coverage. The fee structure for this package is as follows:

  • Lab and doctor’s fees – $23,000
  • Included are facility charges, ICSI and assisted hatching if needed Anesthesia Fee is also part of the price
  • Medications – Varies
  • The fee for embryo cryopreservation is included and storage for one year is at $ 360

 IVF Refund Package

The IVF refund program works well for patients who use their own eggs and are eligible for getting a refund in case there is no pregnancy. Patients should not have insurance coverage.

Services are available at the following prices:

  • Non-refundable administrative fee of $3000
  • Facility charges of $2,400. There is a $1,600 charge for every retrieval and $800 for every transfer
  • Lab and  doctor’s fees – $28,750
  • ICSI, and assisted hatching, if needed  are included
  • Anesthesia fee is inclusive
  • Medications – Varies
  • Embryo Cryopreservation is included in the price and annual storage for frozen embryo is $360

Another set of packages are availabel to patients who are in need of donor eggs. These services include the following options:

IVF Single Cycle Donor Egg Package

Couples who need donor eggs but feel only one cycle is needed can opt for this package. The fee structure for this cycle is as follows:

  • Laboratory and Physician Fees – $6950
  • Facility Fees – $2400
  • ICSI, if needed – $1500
  • Donor Fees – $9000
  • Anesthesia Fee – $400
  • Medications – Varies
  • Embryo Cryopreservation Fee (includes 1st year of storage) – $950
  • Cryopreservation Embryo Storage Fee – $36

IVF Egg Donor Refund Package

Couples requiring donor eggs are eligible to get a refund back if pregnancy does not happen. The cost are as follows:

  • Non-refundable administrative fee at $3,000
  • Lab and doctor’s fees – $35,000
  • Facility charges – $2,400. Prices are $1,600 for every  retrieval and $800 for every transfer
  • Included services are ICSI, donor fees and anesthesia charges
  • The cost of medications varies
  • Also included are fees for embryo cryopreservation with a yearly storage fee of  $360

IVF Donor Egg Bank Package

The egg bank package is for couples requiring donor eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA.

  • DebUSA has a single cycle fee of $17,000. This service is inclusive of lab fees, doctor’s fees, screening of donor egg, donor stipend as well as shipping cost

The below mentioned are not part of the in the DebUSA single cycle fee:

  • Facility Fees, which come to $800
  • Medications are not included
  • Testicular sperm extraction
  • Before or after IVF laboratory assessments
  • Embryos storage longer than the first year
  • PGD/PGS or embryo biopsy
  • Donor Sperm
  • Medical care such as ultrasounds,
  • Outside facility monitoring

IVF Egg Freezing Package

Women looking to preserve their eggs can get these services at the following prices:

  • Lab and doctor’s fees – $4,250
  • Facility charges are at $1,600
  • Anesthesia charges are $ 400
  • Medications – Varies
  • Cryopreservation of egg with one year of storage is $950. The annual fee for egg storage is $ 360

IVF Frozen/ Thawed Embryo Transfer Package

This package is for couples using their own frozen embryos at the following prices:

  • Laboratory and Physician Fees – $2760
  • Facility Fees – Per Transfer -$800

Medications – Varies

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