How Much Does IVF Cost in Arizona? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on November 30, 2020

The stress of infertility is excruciating, and the cost of its treatment is the cherry on top. It should not come as a surprise that many couples bear the burden of infertility for not being able to afford the IVF cost in Arizona.


How Much Does IVF Cost in Arizona

To find a suitable treatment plan which is efficient and affordable, patients need to be aware of the average treatment costs. These include costs of medication, clinic visits, diagnostic testing and other related expenses. The IVF cost in Arizona is quite high ranging up to an average of $13,000, for one cycle, excluding the medication and any additional, specialized services.

The costs of IVF treatment plan in different cities in Arizona looks like this:

Major CitiesAverage IVF cost without medication
Phoenix$ 10,000
Scottsdale$ 9,000

These costs are not inclusive of diagnostic testing, fresh cycle medications, frozen cycle medications, subsequent frozen embryo transfers and annual specimen storage fee.

Fertility and IVF Insurance Coverage in Arizona

Since the 1980s, 17 states in the US have made provision of infertility in the insurance plan a part of their insurance mandate. However, Arizona has not yet made the list yet. This means that no cost of infertility treatment, especially IVF cost, is not covered by the insurance companies.

Given this scenario, patients have to head to infertility treatment centers and find the right and most convenient treatment plan that they can afford out of their own pockets.

Since insurance companies do not cover the costs for IVF in Arizona, couples have to pay for the whole treatment plan themselves. They can either go for borrowed funding or find a plan that is suitable for treatment according to their income.

Fertility Clinic Payments Plans in Arizona

Disappointed by the lack of infertility insurance mandate, the last resort for many Arizona couples is to get their IVF treatments done at fertility clinics in the state. These clinics have several plans tailored according to the needs and financial status of the patients. There are discounts available along with packages for single or multiple IVF cycles. Some clinics also give a refund if the procedure is not successful.

All clinics have their own exclusive packages or IVF plans for different patients in Arizona. Mentioned below are some of the renowned fertility clinics in the state and their IVF plan costs:

Advanced Fertility Care in Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, AZ 

AFC in AZ has some suitable plans and their physicians are always on call to help patients make an informed decision about the perfect process for their needs.

  • IVF Single Cycle Self-Pay Pricing

The plan costs up to $11,750. The plan covers the cost of monitoring including ultrasound during the whole cycle for the entire process of transferring embryos. Patients get to preserve 5 embryos under this plan. Moreover, blood tests are also covered under the plan. The transfer of a single frozen embryo with assisted hatching to take place within a year of egg retrieval process is also included in the plan.

The costs which are not included in this plan are:

  • Diagnostic Testing ($2000)
  • Fresh Cycle Medication ($4000)
  • ICSI (simple or complex) ($2100)
  • Transfer of embryos ($4000)
  • Frozen Cycle Medication ( $1000)
  • Storage of specimen is priced at $450 per annum.

The company is not contracted with insurance providers. All dues are to be paid at or prior to the time of treatment. Patients may give their receipts to the insurance companies for reimbursement of funds.

AZ fertility clinic has centers in Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale in Arizona.

Boston IVF Arizona in Scottsdale, AZ

Boston fertility center located in Scottsdale also aids patients in covering IVF cost in Arizona. They have different packages including one for single cycle and another for three cycles.

  • Single IVF Fertility Cycle

This cycle covers the cost of ultrasounds, blood work, office visits, egg retrieval, egg transfer, Assisted Hatching, ICSI and anesthesia. The total cost for this single IVF plan is $6,950 which is not inclusive of medications. The fertility clinic does provide 50% off selected fertility meds under this plan.

  • Three IVF Fertility Cycles

This plan is priced at $17,000. With options that minimize financial risks, this plan offers money back guarantee of up to $5,000. The costs covered under this plan include ultrasounds, blood work, office visits, egg transfer, egg retrieval, Assisted Hatching, ICSI, anesthesia and one year of storage at the Scottsdale Fertility Center.

  • Military IVF Discounts Cycle

IVF cost for military individuals comes at a discounted price. The plan includes:

  1. In-cycle monitoring
  2. Anesthesia
  3. Cycle management
  4. Egg retrieval and egg transfer
  5. ICSI
  6. One year of storage at Scottsdale fertility center
  • IVF with PGS

PGS is an important procedure for success of IVF as it improves success rate and reduces the need for multiple IVF cycles. Priced at $10,500, this plan includes clinic visits and all other IVF cycle required procedures.

This fertility center in Arizona also offers 50% off medications as they have partnered with various pharmacies. This offer is exclusive to patients living in and around Scottsdale.

Reproductive Health Center Tucson in AZ

The Tucson Fertility Center of Reproductive Health offers initiatives for covering the cost of IVF in Arizona, serving Phoenix and close by areas with the following plans:

  • Single Cycle IVF Plan

The single cycle IVF plan costs $6000. It covers costs of cycle monitoring including ultrasounds and blood tests, consultation, planning, injection teaching, egg retrieval, ICSI, Assisted Hatching, embryo freezing, one embryo transfer and embryo storage to subsequent July.

  • IVF with PGC or CCT

This plan is priced at $9000. The plan covers costs of cycle monitoring including ultrasounds and blood testing, consultation, planning, injection teaching, ICSI, Embryo Biopsy, PGS or CCS testing, all single embryo transfers to pregnancy and embryo storage to subsequent July.

For an additional cost of $4000, a second cycle is also covered with 3rd cycle being covered at $3000.

These prices are not inclusive of medications. For patient convenience, the costs do not have to be paid in full at the start. Instead, the plan is broken up to be paid as the procedures are conducted.

Patient Finance Plan

The clinic also has two plans set up with ARC and Prosper Healthcare Lending. Patients can set up financing with any one of the two companies. Prosper Health care has given loans of up to $4 billion to cover the cost of IVF for thousands of patients.


In case the patient has paid all dues and chooses to stop the treatment, a refund will be made. Charges will be deducted for services that have been used and the patient will receive the rest of the amount as a refund.

Optional Services cost include:

  • $1950 for testing up to 8 embryos
  • Cryopreservation of sperm samples at $350.
  • Donor sperm will cost in the range of $400 to $600.
  • Frozen oocytes cost up to $13,500.
  • The cost for Donor IVF cycle using an anonymous donor is approximately $19,000 inclusive of all services.

Services with Variable Pricing

The prices for the mentioned services can fluctuate depending on circumstances and various other factors:

  • Fertility Medications
  • Sperm provided by sperm banks
  • Oocytes provided by egg banks
  • Outside laboratory testing
  • Shipping for sperm, oocytes or biopsy material

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists in Phoenix, AZ

ARMS recognizes the needs of couples wanting a baby so they offer a number of treatment plans for covering the cost of IVF in Arizona.

  • Shared Hope IVF Program

This program gives the option to patients to get a discount on IVF treatment by donation of some of their eggs to the egg bank. It is the most cost effective IVF program of its kind offered in the state of Arizona.

  • Gentle IVF

This is a medical procedure that comes with a reduced cost of 50%.

  • Single Cycle IVF Program

This program is priced at $8,900 and is open to all patients. It includes IVF cycle monitoring, ultrasounds, egg retrieval and other costs.

  • Military IVF Discount

IVF cost for military individuals is priced at $5,500. It is inclusive of all the IVF costs at savings of 52%.

  • First Responder IVF Discount

Priced at $5,500, this plan offers all the IVF related treatments to members of police and fire departments.

  • State of Arizona Employee IVF Discount

The employees in Maricopa County are entitled to a 50% discount on their IVF plan at the clinic.

  • Refund Program

Should treatment fail, the clinic offers a 100% refund with the ARMS money back policy.

  • Free Consultations before Starting

Board-certified specialists are present to discuss concerns and queries the patients might have about the whole procedure. The first consultation is free of charge at ARMS.

  • Donor Egg Multi Cycle IVF Programs

Patients can save 10% if they use a total of 4 donor eggs for their IVF treatment, 2 of which would be frozen and the other fresh.

  • WIN Fertility Treatment Discounts

This treatment plan is offered to patients without infertility insurance coverage or benefits to pay for fertility treatments.

Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health in Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Phoenix

This fertility clinic also provides specific plans to cover the cost of IVF in Arizona.  They offer plans at affordable prices with expert fertility care.

  • IVF Single Cycle

The cost for IVF Single cycle in the clinic is around $5,500. This includes the cost of all clinic visits, ultrasounds and other treatment expenses. It comes with free frozen embryo transfer incentive along with a freeze all cycle.

Factors determining the costs of IVF treatment

  • The geographic location of fertility practice. This is noteworthy because IVF costs in other states of the country are higher than IVF costs in Arizona.
  • Experience and credentials of the fertility specialists.
  • Complexity of the patient’s case.

Monthly Financing for IVF Treatment

AZARH has partnered with various finance companies that offer monthly packages to patients. This is just like any other loan or credit card, where the patient has to pay a monthly installment with additional interest at a fix rate.

  • Multi-cycle IVF and Refund

By getting multiple IVF cycles, patients get a discounted price which saves a lot of money. If the plan is not successful, patients may even get up to a refund of 100%. The financial counseling team reviews these programs with the patients as a part of the personalized financial consultation.

South West Fertility Center in Phoenix, AZ

South West Fertility Center offers the following affordable and reliable plans to cover the cost of IVF in Arizona:

  • Single Cycle IVF Fertility Plan

The plan is priced at $ 5,300. It includes cycle monitoring with follicular ultrasounds and blood work. Additionally, it covers medical instruction, cycle teaching, egg retrieval, culturing of embryos, fertilization and embryo transfer.

The clinic participate with many insurance companies including Beech street, Aetna, Admar Medial Networks, First Health and many other to make sure at least some of the expenses of the treatment are covered by insurance.

Additional Expenses

There can also be a few additional expenses which are not included in the package coverage costs.

  • Medical Screening and Initial Work up. These costs are often covered by insurance.
  • Semen analysis and semen freeze
  • SCSA or Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay Test
  • Patient Education Class. These classes may be held twice a week.
  • This cost is applied if the process is recommended by a doctor or lab staff.
  • Embryo Cryopreservation including storage for 1 year.
  • Annual storage fee for embryos after the first year.
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer. The medication and monitoring for this will be responsibility of the patient.
  • Another additional cost may be diagnosis of any genetic disorders before implantation. This is done to ensure that the child will not suffer from any genetic disorder or concerning disease.
  • PGD PGS Gender Selection of the child for up to 5 embryos per cycle.
  • Treatment that is associated with hyper stimulation varies from patient to patient.
  • Confirmation of pregnancy may not be a part of some packages and patients are responsible for it.

Most packages require the payment of dues up front while some allow patients to pay the dues as the procedure moves along.

Even though IVF costs can be costly, they are still considered as less expensive when compared to other fertility treatment options in the country. With military discounts, loan options and financial help, IVF cost in Arizona can fall under the affordable range which allows many couples to find the happiness of having a baby.

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