How Much Does IVF Cost in Indiana? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

The cost of fertility treatment can be overwhelming, especially when combined with the additional charges of medication and testing in Indiana. This means that for the residents of Indiana, IVF is a pay-from-pocket treatment.

Without any insurance laws available, the average cost of a single cycle IVF in Indiana is around $13,000. The highest possible charges of the treatment are $15,000 which is excluding medication and pre/post testing.

In the meantime, here is what IVF costs look like in major Indiana cities:

Major citiesAverage IVF cost without medication
Indianapolis$ 14,000
Fort Wayne$ 12,500
Bloomington$ 13,000
South Bend$ 12,000
Evansville$ 11,000


Indiana Infertility Insurance and IVF Coverage

As for more of the medical conditions, people hope to be covered by the infertility insurance. However Indiana residents cannot hope to do so as IVF cost is not covered. In fact, it is not one of the 17 states that offer an infertility mandate.

As a result, the IVF cost in Indiana is much more than the states that do have an insurance law. While the law does not help residents much, there are non-profit organizations and healthcare institutes working hard to make IVF more affordable.

Affording IVF cost in Indiana 

Regardless of the fact that Indiana is one of those unfortunate states that does not offer an infertility insurance mandate, there are several non-profit organizations and fertility discount programs available across the state to support those who are eligible for the treatment. In addition, there are some private insurance companies that cover the cost of treatment. Patients are advised to verify what insurance their fertility clinic accepts.

Almost every clinic in Indiana is affiliated with a lending or discount providing program. Discounts on medication, pharmacy bills, pre and post testing are a relief to families who have exhausted all the previous benefits, and cannot otherwise afford the cost of IVF.

While such companies work privately to assist infertile parents, it is hoped that the government too would soon revise the law to make space for the treatment of infertility.

Financial Grants

Other than the assistance of fertility clinics, there are private healthcare organizations running in the country to help patients afford the cost of IVF . Such organizations offer discounts, scholarships and grants to local residents who do not enjoy any private insurance or financial facility.

The service is offered through companies or a financial backup to support themselves during the treatment. For the residents of Indiana, the best financial grants are provided by the following:

  • The Kevin J. Lederer Life Foundation

This organization is known to offer IVF grants of up to $10,000 to eligible couples who live in Indiana, Illinois, Washington and Iowa. There is an eligibility criteria in which individuals or couples have to show their medical reports affirmed by a physician to qualify for advanced fertility treatment.

Plus, they should not be enjoying any financial assistance or insurance if they want to get this grant.

  • Angels of hope

Angels of Hope is a non-profit organization offering IVF grants to married couples. It is for couples who cannot afford the IVF cost without any financial support. The application for the grants are sent out during spring and fall. It offers up to $15,000 worth of grants to deserving families.

  • ARC Fertility

Advanced Reproductive Care is an established and well known organization in the country working for the support and service of infertile couples. It is run by the fertility experts of the country who deal with various fertility institutes offering IVF and other fertility services.

With its innovative financing programs thousands of couples receive financial help for the treatment of IVF.

  • Baby Quest Foundation

This is another non-profit organization financially assisting families for the treatment of IVF. With their financial help couples can afford IVF, egg donation, medication and testing. The foundation accepts all patients; same sex couples, heterosexual, single and married.

To be eligible for a grant by Baby Quest, patients must be a permanent resident of the U.S.

Their team will analyze all medical documentation and financial condition. Applicants must be under the age of 40 and qualify as eligible for IVF by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Once patients are provided the grant, they can use it at a clinic of their own choice. Baby Quest grants help hundreds of couples pay for the cost of IVF in Indiana.

  • Compassionate Care Program

Compassionate Care Program is an institute committed to help the veterans receive treatment for infertility at a low cost. It offers free medication to candidates who are eligible for IVF.

Any veteran who has become infertile due to a service related damage can enjoy medication, diagnosis and procedure through compassionate corps program. To participate in the program, it is a required to be a resident of the U.S. Eligible candidates can register with Compassionate Care to apply for the grants.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options in Indiana

Boston IVF at The Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, IN

Boston IVF at The Women’s Hospital has a high success rate for IVF. Understanding the emotional and financial challenges infertility poses, Boston IVF provides unique discount finance programs to provide some relief on the IVF cost in Indiana.

  • Medication Program

The medication program is the most suitable option for patients who can afford the procedure cost but not the added cost of medication. Typically, IVF medication doubles the total cost, so this program helps patients receive a 50% to 70% discount on main IVF injections and medications.

Note: It is only for eligible candidates who do not enjoy any insurance coverage.

  • Military Discount

The military discount plan has been designed in honor of soldiers and veterans. Veterans suffering from infertility can find a discount on IVF treatment with this option. This includes couples in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards and National Guards. They enjoy a 25% discount on IVF and a 50-70% discount on medication.

  • Egg Freezing Program

The Boston IVF egg freezing program is to empower women who are emotionally challenged by the stress of infertility. This is an all-inclusive three cycle program which makes IVF more affordable.

  • Fertility Scholarships

Boston IVF is affiliated with AGC Scholarships that strive to make the IVF cost in Indiana as well as in other states more affordable. It is a non-profit organization committed to supporting families of the U.S. struggling with infertility. For patients who do not have any financial assistance available, AGC gives away scholarships.

  • Fertility Financing

Boston IVF is also affiliated with CapexMD which is one of the best financing programs running. It offers various refund and discount packages for fertility related treatments. At Boston IVF every patient’s financial needs are discussed before selecting the most suitable program offered by CapexMD.

  • Fertility Grants

Boston IVF is also affiliated with Journey to Parenthood. This is an educational and financial institute that supports individuals and couples dealing with infertility. This institute raises funds for infertile couples in search of financial relief. It offers grants for several treatments of infertility.

Chicago IVF in Valparaiso/Munster, IN

Chicago IVF offers multiple discount offers to eligible candidates. IVF cost in Indiana is subject to the fertility financing options provided by fertility centers. Clinics like Chicago IVF are working towards making the procedure of advanced fertility treatment more affordable and approachable by patients.

  • Fertility Screening

The fertility Screening program comes at the cost of $90. This cost includes the AMH testing, ultrasounds and semen analysis. However it does not include the cost of consultation with the physician. This helps patients save a good amount on the pre-testing.

  • Fertility Responders

The fertility responders program offers a 30% discount to self-paying patients who have no insurance coverage in Indiana. Patients with any insurance or financial assistance covering any treatment related cost can apply as this program provides coverage on self-paying services. To be eligible, patients are required to bring their ID and medical history report.

  • Flat rate Discount

The flat rate discount at Chicago IVF is for those patients who know that the cost of IVF becomes much more expensive when it comes with the added cost for screening and testing. This flat rate discount program gives patients relief on screening and tests.

  • Livestrong cancer fertility discount

Chicago IVF understands the pace at which the IVF cost multiplies. Therefore it has collaborated with the Livestrong foundation to offer fertility discount on the IVF preservation treatments to candidates who are afflicted with cancer.

Family Beginnings in Indianapolis, IN

Family beginnings is one of the top rated IVF clinics. While conventional IVF is an expensive procedure and comes at the cost of $11,500, the introduction of Mini-IVF brings patients the same results at a lower cost in Indiana.

Many fertility clinics today are providing the facility of Mini IVF in order to accommodate more patients for advanced fertility treatment. Mini IVF has 3 basic steps:

  • Stimulation with medication to produce many eggs
  • Blood work and ultrasound to analyze the egg product and ovarian growth
  • IVF procedure

Each step has its own cost. Mini IVF requires less medication and has a lower monitoring process. Mini IVF is best recommended for women under the age of 35, for they have a better ovarian function. Following is a cost breakdown of Mini IVF at Family Beginnings:

  • Medication: $789
  • Monitoring: $690
  • Procedure IVF: $4000
  • ICSI (If needed): $850
  • Anesthesia: $550
  • Assisted hatching: $400
  • Blastocyst culture & transfer $400
  • Embryo cryopreservation $ 450

MidWest Fertility in Carmel/Fort Wayne, IN

MidWest Fertility is another reputable clinic in Indiana with a relatively high success rate. IVF cost can be reduced by getting treatment at clinics that have affiliations with financing and healthcare lending programs. Such discount offers and flexible payment packages can help infertile couples have the best chance.

To facilitate this service, Midwest Fertility has introduced a 100% refund program for the advanced fertility treatment, IVF.

Its Attain 100% refund program gives complete IVF treatment with 6 cycles at a single discount price. This is to maximize the chance of getting pregnant. In case no live birth is resulted, the fee will be refunded to the couple.

This program is available to all those applicants who are eligible for an IVF treatment, and are also financially unfit to afford the conventional IVF treatment.

Indiana Fertility Institute in Indianapolis, IN

The cost of a standard IVF procedure is $ 14,000. However, like most other clinics, it has affiliations with financing programs that help patients afford the cost of IVF.

Indiana Fertility Institute has partnership with CapexMD, an institute specializing in financing. It offers loans to eligible candidates through CapexMD for IVF. The loan process is easy with a flexible low interest return. Loan plans are also customized according to the needs of the customer. No annual fee is required.

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