How Much Does IVF Cost in Maryland? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on December 22, 2020


How Much Does IVF Cost in Maryland?

The one cycle IVF cost in Maryland can range between $9,500 to $10,500  excluding medication and testing. The average IVF Medication cost is between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000.

On the average cost of IVF cycle in Maryland are shown in the following table:

Major CitiesAverage cost of IVF cycle without medications
Baltimore$ 9,500
Annapolis$ 9,000
Rockville$ 9,000
Silver spring$ 9,500
Frederick$ 9,500

The total cost of IVF in Maryland can be different in different cities.  Consultations are provided before the treatments by the fertility clinics which help the patients in deciding what program is in their budget and for how far they can go with it.

Infertility and IVF Insurance in Maryland

Out of the 50 states in the U.S., there are only 17 states that have an infertility insurance mandate set up. Maryland falls among the lucky 15. This mandate demands health insurance plans to provide coverage for the costs of the treatments related to fertility.

Maryland Insurance Mandate

In accordance with the infertility treatment insurance law in the state of Maryland, the policies of health and hospital insurance that give pregnancy related benefits should also give benefits regarding fertility, which comes from in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

Unlike other states, Health maintenance organizations are not exempted from this law. Instead, they also have to abide by this law.

Exemption from covering IVF costs in Maryland

There are some specific exemptions which include the following:

  • The law excludes those employers who have less than 50 employees from having to cover for IVF costs in Maryland.
  • Religious organizations whose beliefs and teachings go against fertility treatments are excused from this requirement. They would not need to cover the costs of IVF.

Limitations of Maryland Infertility Insurance Mandate

Like many other states, the infertility insurance mandate has limitations as well. If IVF costs are to be covered, the following conditions should be met in every way:

  • The egg of the patient can only be fertilized by her own husband’s sperm.
  • There should at least be a two-year history of infertility issues for the couple unless the infertility is caused by other conditions. These can include low sperm count if one or more fallopian tubes are blocked or surgically detached, or endometriosis.
  • The procedures have to be administered at an endorsed fertility clinic or a medical facility that qualifies for it.
  • The maximum number of IVF cycles that can be covered are three. Costs should not exceed more than $ 100,000 in the three times of coverage.

Because of the infertility insurance mandate, many health insurance organizations do not cover IVF costs. As such, every couple needs to devise their own plan and work on it carefully while keeping their resources in mind.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

IVF treatments can only be given at the state’s fertility clinics. Every fertility clinic should meet standard requirements given by health organizations under the state’s supervision.

To manage IVF costs in Maryland, there are specific plans or procedures that provide one or more IVF cycles. In addition, there are also refund programs some of which are offered through plans specializing in IVF services at reasonable discounts.

Each clinic also offers its own plan under the state’s law to cover the cost of IVF. Some of the well-known fertility clinics in the state of Maryland are the following:

Fertility Center of Maryland in Towson, MD

To deal with the cost of IVF in Maryland, the Fertility Center offers the following choices for reasonable IVF treatment.

  • IVF Patient Refund Program

There are many couples who do not have tolerable insurance coverage regarding IVF treatments. The IVF Patient Refund Program provided by the center gives couples who have no insurance coverage at all six tries to have an IVF baby without any financial worries.

If the patient does not achieve a live birth during this time, they will obtain a full refund which can be used to pursue other opportunities.

How does it work?

If the patient decides to go along with the program, they may attempt up to six full IVF cycles with the addition of cryopreservation for a cost of $ 20,000. If the patient is in need of ICSI, the cost of the program would come to $ 22,000.

The center can only earn the fee if the patient has a live birth. In case of failure to achieve a live birth, the center gives a complete refund.

Eligibility criteria

To be considered a candidate for the program the following conditions must be met:

  • The patient should be less than 39 years old.
  • Medical screening must be normal including those of all procedures.
  • Previous records, including past IVF cycles, are considered before the treatment begins.

Inclusions in the fee

  • Up to six IVF cycles from the beginning of the procedure to the end, including all medical and laboratory services.
  • The cost of the procedure called “mock embryo transfer”.
  • The cost of freezing the embryos that are not moved throughout the fresh cycle.
  • The cost of embryo transfer cycles until the patient has a baby or chooses to remove themselves from the program.

A full IVF cycle is measured as one in which the embryo or embryos are developed and are moved or frozen during the procedure. If the physician cancels this cycle and no eggs are retrieved then it does not count as a cycle.

If the transfer never happened then it will count as a cycle. If the procedure is done right and the patient becomes pregnant but loses the baby through miscarriage, then it will be considered a full cycle and be counted as one.

Medication costs

The medications which cost around $ 6,500 will only be covered in the case when the patient undergoing the treatment does not surpass their 39th birthday by the time of the sixth cycle. If the patient becomes pregnant through the procedure, then medications are to be covered by the insurance companies.

In-case of withdrawal

The patient can withdraw from the refund program at any time.

  • If a female patient turns 39 before the sixth cycle, the center will charge $ 3,000 for a given single completed IVF cycle.
  • Another $ 3,500 and $ 1,000 will be charged for ICSI and embryo freezing procedures respectively.
  • $ 1,800 will be subtracted from the medication procedure regarding IVF cycles or any other procedure.

Global Package Fee

The Global Package Fee is a package for patients without any insurance coverage for IVF treatments. This package covers the fee regarding the treatments from the beginning of the procedure which is at the time of ovarian stimulation to the end until the embryo transfer. The package also includes freezing of the embryos and storing them for one year.

Washington Fertility Center in Rockville, MD

Washington Fertility Center offers numerous IVF treatments that provide clear and affordable prices to its patients to cover IVF costs in Maryland. These include the following options:

  • Natural IVF Cycle costs $ 4,985. This plan includes monitoring and teaching of the donor and the recipient. Egg retrieval, fertilization and identification of Oocyte, culture of the embryo and embryo transfer. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is also included at no additional charges.
  • The IVF single cycle costs $ 9,900 at Washington Fertility Center in Rockville, MD. The IVF single cycle includes culture of oocytes, monitoring and teaching the patients throughout the procedure, cycle synchronization, egg retrieval is included as well as embryo transfers.
  • The IVF for Two at Washington Fertility Center comes at a cost of $ 16,900. Treatment includes cycle synchronization, monitoring and teaching, egg retrieval, culture of oocytes, embryo transfer. This comes at a 33% discount with the actual price of this treatment standing at $ 23,700. If the patient does not get pregnant after the first cycle, a second one can be done.
  • The IVF Baby Guarantee plan costs around $ 19,900 at the center. The treatment gives patients up to 6 fresh embryo transfers as well as an unlimited transfer of frozen embryos.

In addition, the treatment also provides cycle synchronization like its other treatments, monitoring and teaching, egg retrieval, culture of oocytes, transferring of embryos and embryo cryopreservation.

Annual storage fee of cryopreserved embryos, sperms, and oocytes are also provided by the center, with the addition of embryo assisted hatching.

  • Egg donation single cycle costs around $ 13,900. The program includes monitoring and teaching of donor and recipient cycles, cycle synchronization, egg retrieval, culture of oocytes, embryo transference.
  • Egg donation for two costs a total of $ 19,800. This plan includes synchronization and monitoring of patient’s egg and donor’s cycle. It also includes donor egg retrieval and fertilization by the partner’s sperm.

Donor anesthesia and embryo culture, embryo transfers are also included in this plan. This plan originally costs around $ 29,700, which after the 33% discount comes down to $ 19,800.

  • Donor Egg Baby Guarantee costs a total of $ 29,900. This plan includes the transference of 6 embryos in total and unlimited frozen/thawed embryos can be transferred.

It also includes cycle synchronization, monitoring and teaching of donor and recipient cycles, egg retrieval, transferring of the embryos, cryopreservation and culture of oocytes. The annual storage fee of the cryopreserved embryos, sperm and oocytes is included in this package. Frozen embryo thawing and transferring with embryo assisted hatching is also provided.

  • The Affordable Egg Donor Cycle costs about $15,985. This plan provides an egg donation cycle by using a shared donor at a very reasonable cost. By going through the procedure of menstrual synchrony, the patient has the liberty to choose an egg donor they prefer.

People who opt for this plan can save a considerable amount of money. With many benefits, this plan includes clinical services and also covers all the other expenses which include donor recompense, prescriptions, etc.

Usually, the process costs $ 8,000 to $ 15,000. These additional benefits are only included for this plan and no other at the Washington Fertility Center.

Shady Grove Fertility Center in MD

Shady Grove Fertility Center offers a wide range of IVF financial plans that are carefully created to help patients with infertility problems. Shady Grove Fertility center specializes in affordable IVF costs in Maryland.

Shared Risk 100% Refund Program

Patients who have chosen this program can select a total of up to 6 IVF treatments or donor egg cycles for a very affordable fee. If the procedure is successful the center will have earned the fee, but in case of no results, the center will give a complete refund. Patients who chose this plan can withdraw anytime they wish.

Some of the costs that are not covered by this plan are pre-screening tests, surgeries that are not related to in vitro fertilization procedures and purchase fee of donor sperm. The cost of donor egg is also not included in this program.

Multi-cycle Discount Program for IVF

This plan offers the patients up to two IVF cycles. This program also provides a discount of 40%. The services included in this program include the following:

  • Two IVF cycles with addition to medical and laboratory fees
  • Embryo storage for the first year as well as cryopreservation
  • Provides unlimited transference of frozen embryos
  • Monitoring of all the cycles

Military Discount Program

Shady Grove Fertility Center provides current US military and reservists a 25% discount for affordable IVF costs. On presenting the US military ID card candidates can receive the military discount.

The discounted services provided by this program include pre-screening, pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. In addition, shared-risk programs, timed intercourse and natural cycles are all part of the program.

ESSURE procedure, cryopreservation and storage charges, donor egg bank fee, oncofertility, IUI and IVF also come at discounted prices.

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