How Much Does IVF Cost in Pennsylvania? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Affordable Financing

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

There are a total of 17 states that offer an infertility insurance mandate which covers the cost for the standard IVF treatment including the prescribed drugs. It is unfortunate for the residents of Pennsylvania that this state does offer any insurance on the treatments for infertility. As a result, the cost of IVF in Pennsylvania, is extremely expensive and a core reason why couples find it difficult to pursue any advanced medical treatment.


The Average Cost of IVF in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of those states that does not have an insurance mandate for the fertility treatment. While it is already an expensive medical procedure, the lack of insurance adds more concerns to the situation. The cost for a standard IVF treatment excluding tax and additional charges can add up to be as high as $18,000.

The average IVF cost in Pennsylvania for one cycle is $13,850, excluding taxes. The most expensive estimate of the procedure can cost around $18,850 while with the collaboration of discount programs and less expensive IVF options, it can cost you around $10,000.

Due to a smaller number of population, even organizations do not accommodate residents with a health plan that can cover at least the standard IVF treatment. Regardless, there are many non-profit and financing programs running across the nation to help such potential candidates receive an IVF treatment. IVF cost in Pennsylvania could be impossible to afford without the facilitation of such programs.

Here is what it can cost you when you live in one of Pennsylvania’s major cities:

Major cities in PennsylvaniaAverage cost of one IVF cycle without medication
Philadelphia$ 13,000
Pittsburgh$ 13,000
Harrisburg$ 12,000
Scranton$ 11,000

Pennsylvania Insurance Issue

Not having an insurance mandate is a much recognized problem in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry issued an application to the state claiming that the employers of the state pay above $10 billion to the health care centers every year.

It also stressed that employers due to limited population and added expenses find it unaffordable to offer a health plan to employees. While the state may or may not decide on giving its residents the benefits of insurance, there are other ways one can afford an infertility treatment.

Affording IVF cost and IVF Financing in Pennsylvania

Several insurance programs offer discount programs that can help people afford the cost of IVF in Pennsylvania. There are non-profit and health maintenance organizations running across the nation to accommodate such couples who are unable to afford the IVF treatment.

Such programs work in collaboration with fertility clinics and can share a large percentage of financial burden of IVF. Any insurance counsellor can help you understand the different procedures of these plans and the estimated difference between the covered and out of pocket cost.

As difficult as it is to afford the treatment, it can be even more overwhelming to locate the right IVF financing program that can help you save on IVF cost in Pennsylvania. However, the following list of financing programs that have a nationwide reputation for allowing thousands of couples a chance for advanced fertility treatments.

Advanced Reproductive Care Fertility Program

With a nationwide network of medical centers offering discount on IVF treatments, ARC facilitates you with the following finance packages in Pennsylvania:

  • 1,2, or 3 cycle fresh and frozen egg cycles
  • ARC Success Program with a refund policy for unused cycles in case a birth is achieved.
  • Refund Guarantee Program if birth is not achieved after all cycles. Candidates will receive a refund of a certain amount.
  • Pharmacy plan helps candidates afford medication for IVF

Note: The eligibility for ARC programs is for the fertility center to be within the ARC network.

Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility network offers a 100% refund on IVF cost in Pennsylvania for up to 6 egg cycles against an upfront fee. It covers the cost for all frozen embryos. If for any reason the candidates wish to discontinue the treatment, or are unable to conceive, they can claim a 100% refund. The age limit for this program is women below 39.

WINFertility Program

WINFertility Program is one of the most popular fertility programs with over 100 locations nationwide. It offers infertility treatment plans to employers, insurers and residents of Pennsylvania, and has five offices throughout Southern and Central Pennsylvania. It has recently extended the number of candidates it can facilitate through its discount programs to help them afford the IVF cost in Pennsylvania.

The program details are as follows:

  • Candidates with no insurance can pay for a single discounted IVF treatment which includes medication and treatment
  • 40% discount on the medication and service fee.
  • Treatment bundles for single cycles at varying prices.
  • Loans available at low interest.

First Steps

Of the many organizations helping couples afford IVF cost is DesignRx. Its First Steps financing package is available for candidates who are not covered by any insurance program or cannot afford the cost of medication. Patients who are considered eligible for the program will receive a 75% discount on all the prescribed medication. It also offers smaller discounts like 25% or 50%.

In Vitro Sciences

IVF refund program is currently offering a three cycle IVF with a discount on the upfront fee in Pennsylvania. In case the couple is unable to achieve birth, they will receive a 70% refund on the fee paid. The limitation of this package is that the IVF treatment should be taken at In Vitro Sciences Center of Excellence and would be financed by SpringStone Patient financing. Also, that the candidate should be less than 38 in age.

Prosper HealthCare Lending

This program offers discount and financing on advanced fertility treatments and medications including travel expenses if required. It helps candidates receive up to $100,000 for 84 months, with no pre-payment penalties and retroactive interests in Pennsylvania.

Moreover, it has an effective immediate loan program in which candidates can receive urgent loans under $35,000. To qualify for this loan candidates must submit a loan inquiry online and should be able to meet the criteria of the loan, providing their annual income and credit score.

PA Fertility Clinics IVF Cost and Financing Options

A number of fertility centers located throughout Pennsylvania offer specialized discounted IVF packages to meet the various costs of treatment. Some of these options include the following:

Family Fertility Center in Bethlehem, PA

Family Fertility center offers multiple discount packages for fertility treatment.

Global Fees

This package is for all candidates who are not covered by any insurance and are interested for a single cycle IVF treatment. The global fee package covers for the standard IVF cost. Note that the out of pocket cost will vary according to the required tests, medications and screening. The discount package will not cover for lab tests, screening, medications and any kind of follow ups.

Partners in IVF program

This package guarantees that if a couple is unable to take a live birth home, they will be refunded with the 50% amount of the package. Candidates eligible for this package will be offered four fresh and four frozen embryo transfer including ICSI. If a pregnancy is not achieved after the completion of four oocytes, a 50% refund can be claimed. Anesthesia, medication and other additional costs are excluded from this bundle.

Caring Heart Program

Several health insurance programs help couples cover the IVF cost, while others do not offer coverage for advanced treatments. Family Fertility center has designed its caring heart program for income class residents of Pennsylvania. It offers discounts to candidates who have a high chance of achieving pregnancy but have limited financial resources. For the eligibility criteria, a report of annual household income is required.

Minimally Stimulated IVF Program

Family Fertility Center has designed an IVF affording package for women who have a severely low reserve of oocytes. Such candidates do not respond well to conventional methods, and therefore can try the clomiphene citrate IVF stimulation for up to three cycles.

Crozer Keystone Health System in Delaware, PA

This medical center is currently offering affordable pricing plan as its Multi-Cycle package, which increases the chance to conceive. In order to facilitate each candidate, different pricing has been designed by the clinic in Pennsylvania.

The packages provided has been divided into four major categories:

  • Fresh Retrieval Cycle
  • Fresh Retrieval and Unlimited Frozen Cycle
  • Unlimited Frozen Cycle

Fresh Retrieval Cycle includes:

  • Lab work
  • Oocyte identification
  • Oocyte insemination
  • Monitoring of Follicles
  • Sperm injection (intra-cytoplasmic)

Cost: $6,000

Fresh Retrieval and Unlimited Frozen Cycle includes:

This package includes all of the above facilities but also incorporates transfer, thawing, and storage of embryo at the cost of $8,000 in Pennsylvania.

Unlimited Frozen Cycle includes:

This package does not include any of the facilities mentioned above, but only facilitates lab work like ultrasounds, laboratory tests, and blood work and embryo implantation at the cost of $2,850.

The estimated expenses for medication concerning IVF cost can range from $1,500 to $4,000 depending on the age, condition and requirement of each candidate. Discount on pharmacy is available for multiple cycle packages.

Jefferson Highly Personalized Fertility Care in Philadelphia, PA

Collaborating with several pharmacies and providing medications at less cost, Jefferson clinic’s treatment package includes both IVF and IUI cycles. These cycles include facilities like:

  • Nurse Consulting
  • Monitoring
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Anesthesia
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Mock Embryo Transfer
  • Original Embryo Transfer
  • Biopsy
  • Cryopreservation

Alongside all these facilities, the candidate can always freeze the cycle with embryo biopsy. Stretching over a period of nine months, this includes one FET, egg retrieval, and embryo biopsy. It is offered to all those RMA patients who are using their own embryos.

RMAssure in PA

The clinic has an edge of providing its clients with RMA facility of money back guarantee. Patients choosing RMAssure are offered up to six IVF cycles. Even after six complete cycles, if the patient is not able to conceive, RMAssure ensures hundred percent refund.

Couples and individuals without IVF insurance coverage are offered special discount programs. However, they are not applicable on coinsurances and copays. Various third party medication discounts are also offered to eligible patients.

These discount programs include Compassionate Care, Life Strong Fertility, Heart Beat Program, etc. It is best to discuss your opportunities with a financial counselor to best understand the procedures.

PennMedicine in Philadelphia, PA

PennMedicine clinic accepts different insurance plans and provides complete financial assistance to its couples. It helps them opt for the right treatment plan that can cover for their IVF cost in Pennsylvania. In order to facilitate individual needs as well as to ensure multiple chances for gaining pregnancy, Penn Medicine provides following financial options:

  • Self-Pay Packages
  • Advance Reproductive Care (ARC)

Varying greatly on the basis of each individual’s condition, Penn Medicine offers easy packages for self-paying patients. These packages have been solely designed to address individual needs. The additional amount is usually taken during the IVF cycle.

With the help of various single and multi-cycle bundles, a percentage of the total cost can be saved. The starting package for the first trial in single fresh cycle package costs around $8,500. If the first trial is unsuccessful, the second and third cycles are offered at a very suitable discounted rate.

The downside, however, is, that since these packages are very low in terms of cost, an upfront fee has to be paid without any claims with an insurance company.

A part of Advanced Reproductive Care, which houses an extensive network of fertility specialists, Penn Fertility Care offers facilities within predictable costs in order to conceive a baby. These facilities include:

  • Pharmacy discount packages
  • Financing facilities
  • Predictable treatment packages

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