How Much Does IVF Cost in Texas? Average IVF Cost, Insurance Coverage and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

Texas is one of the 17 states that offers a fertility insurance mandate for its residents. This means that insurance companies in the state are required to offer coverage for IVF cost in Texas or for other fertility treatments.


How Much Does IVF Cost in Texas?

Even though Texas boasts an infertility treatment mandate, its limitations can cause many people seeking treatment to pay for the expenses personally. On average, a cycle Texas IVF costs can range between $ 9,000 and $ 20,000 among different fertility service providers. To get an idea about what average IVF cost in Texas’ major cities look like, consider the information given below:

Texas citiesCost of one IVF cycle without medications
Fort Worth$13,000
San Antonio$ 12,000

IVF Insurance Coverage in Texas

Limitations of the Texas Infertility Mandate

To be able to cover IVF cost in Texas through the mandate, there are certain criteria to be met. For instance:

  • Patients must be covered under the group health benefit plan.
  • Egg fertilization for the procedure must only use sperm from the patient’s spouse.
  • The patient and spouse must have a shared history of infertility for at least 5 continuous years.
  • The exception to this is if the patient or spouse suffers from endometriosis, DES, low sperm count or fallopian tube blockage or removal.
  • The patient remains unable to conceive through other less costly fertility treatments offered under the health plan.
  • IVF procedures must be performed at a facility that conforms to the IVF guidelines set by the ASRM.
  • Only certain insurance companies are required to offer IVF coverage.
  • Gay, lesbian and same sex couples do not qualify for benefits.
  • Employees of religious organizations are exempt from the mandate.
  • State government employees are also exempt.
  • The mandate does not cover every IVF procedure and patients need to pay for treatments like artificial insemination, IUI, tubal ligation reversal surgery and vasectomy reversal surgery.

Supplemental Policies to help with IVF cost in Texas

Supplemental insurance for infertility in Texas works for the results alone. It does not cover procedures themselves. The policy covers procedures’ results such as the patient’s pregnancy disability along with hospital stay for labor and delivery. Patients can buy these secondary policies before conceiving.

Among these, the short term disability insurance substitutes a part of the woman’s income during maternity leave.

The hospital indemnity insurance offers payments in cash straight to the owner at the time the patient is admitted to the hospital for delivery.

Insurance Companies Covering Infertility

Different companies offer varying degrees of coverage based on their individual policies. Residents who have a plan with the following companies need to verify the nature and extent of their benefits:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Humana
  • United Healthcare

However, residents often have to rely on infertility loans and financing services to meet their IVF cost in Texas. Or they have to meet the expenses with out-of-pocket costs.

This happens because those who do have coverage for IVF treatment need to wait a long time. The mandate expects potential parents to finance first line infertility treatments themselves for a period of five years. This can often translate into a lot of personal expenses incurred.

Financing Options in Texas

To cover the cost of IVF in Texas, every program offered comes with its own pros and cons that patients need to be aware of. Some of these programs include the following:

Loan and Financing Programs

Patients can work with borrowed money to finance their IVF cost in Texas. Loans and financing plans lend the cash required to pay fertility clinics. The same can also finance hardships when payments are due.

Money Back Guarantee Programs

The IVF money back plans guarantee refund and shared risk programs. These programs can assist prospective parents save some capital. Should couples fail to become pregnant, they get a percentage of their money reimbursed. The reimbursed amount for the cost of IVF in Texas can then be used to pursue further treatment or finance adoption.

Money back guarantees to cover the cost of IVF offer the option of multi cycle discounts. Such packages allow patients and their spouses to secure expenses in a single tax year. The multi cycle option maximizes savings as well.

The criteria for qualification for this option is very specific and only couples with a high likelihood of success get considered. Fertility clinics only propose the money back guarantee to these couples making supplemental insurance a very viable choice.

Military Discount to Cover IVF cost in Texas

Several fertility clinics in Texas offer military discounts. The discount is offered to active duty and retired military personnel. Those on reserve active duty can also apply. The discount also applies to spouses.

Most discounts amount to 25 % off the service price. Fertility services often included in the discount include initial consultation and various in office procedures.

Other Financing Options for IVF cost in Texas

Where fertility clinic IVF cost cannot be met with out-of-pocket expenses, other financing options may be considered. These options include loan and financing programs.

Texas fertility clinics mentioned below and others collaborate with these financial lenders to make IVF a reality for patients. Some of these lending options include the following: 


CapexMD is a lending company that specializes in IVF loans and other financing services for various infertility treatments. The company provides an easy and convenient loan process that comes with competitive rates. With an IVF loan through CapexMD, individuals can be sure to access the right fertility treatment they need based on their circumstances.

The company can customize an IVF loan plan as per individual needs while also covering the cost of fertility drugs.

Prosper Health Care Lending

Prosper Health care loans permits patients to borrow up to $35,000 for different medical treatment needs. This also includes expenses incurred on IVF cost. Prosper Health Care requires that the recommended credit score for a loan application should be at 640 or higher. The company can provide loans ranging between minimum amounts of $2,000 to a maximum of $ 35,000. The company can provide loan terms that range from 3-5 years. There is a quick turnaround time of 1-3 business days.

The company also specializes in giving out fertility treatment loans to manage IVF cost in Texas.  They offer lower monthly payments for long term loans with no collateral required. With Prosper Funding, patients are not subjected to prepayment penalties and the process is an easy and quick one. Applying for the IVF loan with Prosper Funding is an absolutely confidential process.

Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care has an IVF loan program which helps patients who do not possess insurance and come within a specific income threshold. Patients who meet the criteria are able to use this loan for multiple IVF cycles every year. Patients can also save anywhere from 20%-75% off the price of medicine at participating pharmacies. Such savings can go a long way in meeting IVF cost in Texas.

Compassionate Care also offers other services which include getting a 10% discount per unit through mail in rebate. Such discounts and rebates are very helpful in meeting IVF cost.


WINFertility collaborates with some of the most renowned financial companies that offer competitive rates and payment plans for meeting IVF cost in Texas. For IVF loans, WINFertility can help infertility patients who have limited insurance. Loans can also be given to couple and individuals who have run out of their benefits.

Loans from WINFertility may be used for either fertility medication or fertility treatment when trying to meet IVF cost. Their offer financing for long terms of up to 5 years. The company also offers secured and unsecured loans with APR rates starting at 6.75%.

Texas Fertility Clinics IVF Cost and Financing Options

The following information gives price quotes about some of the IVF cost in Texas’ fertility clinics:

IVFMD in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

This clinic has offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. They charge an IVF global fee to facilitate meeting treatment expenses. The fees covers all services included in a typical IVF cycle or a mini IVF cycle. All procedures from start to finish are included with global pricing implemented to make IVF more affordable.

Patients do not need to worry about additional costs once treatment commences. The IVFMD global fee also covers frozen cycle which permits delayed transfer of embryos frozen from a fresh cycle.

  • Global Fee For IVF Cycle

The cost of one IVF cycle is $8,500. This price includes everything from cycle management, monitoring, and egg retrieval to embryo culture, transfer, freezing and pregnancy tests.

  • Global Fee For Egg Freezing Cycle

Egg banking cycle costs are $ 6,000. Services covered include facility fee, professional management, sonograms and egg retrieval. Other services also included are anesthesia for retrieval, verification and storage for one year.

  • Global Fee For Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen embryo cycle fee amounts to $2,000. Services covered include cycle management, monitoring, sonograms, and embryo thawing and preparation. Also included in the global fee are laser hatching, embryo transfer, and first 2 pregnancy tests and sonograms.

  • Egg Freezing Fees

Storing frozen embryos for one year costs $500

Storing frozen eggs for one year costs $500

The IVF global fee does not cover the cost of medication which can range between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 based on the patient’s egg reserve. Also not included is the $ 500 anesthesia fees which is paid directly to the anesthesiologist.

Effortless IVF in Dallas, TX

The effortless IVF bundle pricing offers services directly related to the treatment cycle in Texas.

  • New Patient Consultation

All pre cycle testing and follow up consultation costs total $ 2,000. There is a qualification criteria for new patients which includes the following conditions:

  • Normal ovarian reserve
  • Normal configuration of uterine cavity
  • Normal semen parameters
  • Ovaries accessible to transvaginal retrieval
  • Body mass index of 35 or less
  • Body weight of 190 or less
  • 45 years or younger
  • No significant illnesses
  • Any medications to be discontinued before the start of the treatment

Candidates meeting this criteria will receive treatment at a cost of $ 4,500. Treatment includes monitoring, egg retrieval, embryo culture, transfer and cryopreservation of extra embryos.

The cost of medication is not included which can be between $1,500 – $ 4,000 of Effortless IVF in Dallas, TX.

Center for Assisted Reproduction in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

The Center for Assisted Reproduction offers a number of IVF services to its patients in Texas. Given below are estimated IVF cost since specific treatment plans are assigned to every patient.

  • Timed IUI Global Discount

This service costs $900 including lab work and sonograms. The cost covers the patient up to their first pregnancy test.

  • Clomid IUI Global Discount

This service costs $950 including lab work and sonograms, but medications are not included. The service also covers the patient up to the first pregnancy test.

  • FSH Intrauterine Insemination

One cycle of FSH costs $1,185. The service includes the cost of semen analysis, sperm prep and insemination. All hormonal tests and sonograms are also included. Medications are not included in this cost.

  • In Vitro Fertilization of Center for Assisted Reproduction in TX 

One cycle of IVF costs $ 8,500. This price includes management services, sonograms and hormone testing. Also included are anesthesia, ICSI and egg retrieval, transfer and freezing services among others.

IUI comes at a cost of $ 1,250.

Medication is not included in this price.

  • Frozen Embryo Transfer

The cost for frozen embryo transfer is $ 2,545.

Donor Frozen Embryo Transfer

This donor frozen embryo transfer costs $ 1,000.

Frozen embryo transfer costs $ 2,545.

  • Egg Donation of Center for Assisted Reproduction in TX

One cycle cost for egg donation comes to $ 24,000.

  • Tubal Reversal 

Tubal reversal services cost $ 3,000 for surgeon’s fee, $ 800 anesthesia charges, and $2, 400 for facility fees. The total service is provided at $ 6, 200.

Smart IVF in McAllen, TX

Smart IVF offers fertility programs centered on personal care. Their IVF pricing in Texas is as follows:

  • IVF Classic Package

The IVF Classic Cycle price costs $ 11,950. This includes ovarian stimulation, monitoring, ovum retrieval, culture and fertilization. Also included in this price is the embryo transfer.

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