How Much Does IVF Cost in Tennessee? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

There is no arguing with the fact that IVF is an expensive treatment in Tennessee. Anybody who is suffering from infertility would tell you that paying for IVF is as stressful as dealing with infertility. An average family would find it hard to cover for without the financial support of insurance or fertility centers.

In the case of Tennessee, the average cost of IVF can range between $10,000 and $12,000 excluding the cost of medication. Added on is the cost of multiple cycles, medication, anesthesia and donor eggs. These minor differences in costs may seem easy to pay off in the beginning but collectively multiplies the total cost. It is recommended to be creative in your search while opting for an IVF treatment.

Here is what average IVF costs look like in major Tennessee cities:

Major citiesAverage IVF cost without medication
Nashville$ 11,000
Memphis$ 11,000
Knoxville$ 10,000
Franklin$ 9,000

IVF cost in Tennessee depends largely on the choice of fertility center and the related payment packages. Look for discount offers, non-profit affiliations, and low-cost financial grants available to you through these fertility centers. Remember that the best treatment option is the one that gives you the best chance of taking home a baby.


Infertility and IVF Insurance in Tennessee 

The cost of advanced infertility treatments is one of the major reasons why couples do not pursue the treatment in the U.S. There are 35 states of the country that do not offer any kind of insurance on fertility treatments like IVF, and unfortunately, Tennessee is one of them.

The lack of insurance coverage puts behind many local residents who cannot afford the treatment without any financial assistance.

There are a number of private insurance companies and company-based health services that offer coverage for infertility. Patients are advised to check with their health service providers to determine how much they can save on treatment through such incentives.

How to afford IVF cost in Tennessee?

Regardless of the fact that the cost of IVF in Tennessee is 90% out of pocket, there are many patients can do before losing all hope. For instance, they can still find insurance coverage for medical treatments like diagnostic testing, medical causes of infertility and consultation covered by their company insurance.

If none of these options are available, patients can search up for the IVF Advantage grant that is offered to eligible candidates. Such grants can relieve them from a percentage of the total amount of IVF.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options in Tennessee 

IVF cost depends variably on the fertility clinic chosen and the discount packages offered. Realizing that the IVF cost in Tennessee is otherwise unaffordable by the average working class, many fertility specialists and institutes are involved in healthcare financing and discount offering services to help couples afford the treatment.

Tennessee Fertility Institute in Franklin, TN

Tennessee Fertility Institute offers advanced fertility treatments with multiple financing options. For starters, financial counselors at the institute offer a 30-minute consultation to candidates to determine the best treatment options, reviewing the medical history and fertility tests.

For eligible couples who are not covered by any insurance, there are multiple discount packages. The financial breakdown for IVF as per the packages is as follows:

  • Hardship Discount

The Hardship Discount is for the single IVF cycle for couples whose income is less than $50,000 annually, or individual income of an eligible individual less than $30,000 annually. This discount offer is not offered to those who are already using another discounted package.

  • Military Discount

Discount is offered on the IVF cost for eligible veterans striving to take a baby home. In this package, veterans can enjoy a discount on IVF cycles. The package is limited as not to be combined with other packages.

  • First Responder Discount

First Responder Discount is for firefighters, EMTs, and police officers on IVF cycles. This package cannot be used with other discount packages as well.

  • Livestrong Fertility Discount

Livestrong is a non-profit community working to provide financial support to cancer patients. It is for women and men diagnosed with cancer. Because cancer risks fertility, this foundation offers preservation services to eligible patients. The survivors can use their sperms and eggs later at a discounted rate.

  • Financing

Tennessee Fertility Institute has a partnership with financing companies. It currently offers financing services through CapexMD. The customized loan services help hundreds of financially stressed couples to afford the IVF cost.

CapexMD has an easy loan process with competitive rates. With a variety of lending options available, couples can get a customized financing plan for themselves at flexible low-interest monthly returns.

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine in Chattanooga, TN

It also offers multiple payment plans to reduce the burden of high IVF cost in Tennessee. Here are the following discount programs available to patients:

  • IVF Multi Cycle Discount

The Multi-Cycle discount program is a financial relief for patients who are eligible for the treatment of IVF but cannot afford the IVF cost due to the lack of insurance coverage.

Multi Cycle IVF has a larger rate of success and significant cost saving in the long run. This program comes in two discount options. For both, there is an eligibility criterion and the candidates can also select a PGS treatment which multiplies the chance of successfully achieving a pregnancy.

Multi-cycle option 1:

  •    2 fresh and 2 frozen embryo transfer without the use of PGS
  •    2 fresh and all frozen embryos with PGS till a live birth is achieved

Cost of IVF without PGS: $21,000

Cost of IVF with PGS: $24,000

This price is excluding the medication cost of $2000-$5000 and the anesthesia cost of $350.

Multi-cycle option 2:

  •    4 egg retrievals & 3 frozen egg transfers without the use of PGS
  •    3 retrievals and use of all frozen embryos till a live birth is achieved with PGS

IVF without PGS: $29,000

IVF with PGS: $31,000

  • IVF Guarantee Program

The IVF Guarantee Program available aims at minimizing the IVF cost in Tennessee for patients with a high chance of IVF success. This program offers 3 fresh and all frozen embryos. In case patients cannot take a baby home, they will receive a 100% refund on the IVF cost. This program comes at an upfront single discounted price of $25,000

To qualify for the program patients need to be under the age of 38, with no health-harming habits like smoking. The treatment should be completed before the age of 39 or they will no longer be eligible to continue the treatment.

Financing Options

The financing options available to patients are:

  • Prosper HealthCare Lending

Prosper Healthcare lending is one of the most renowned medical financing services. Apply to get fast and easy loans under $35,000.

  • Lending Club

Lending Club also offers to finance all types of fertility treatments. It allows patients to apply online with a needed quotation. They can select from multiple loan plans or request their own. Interest rates and monthly returns are flexible and smooth.

–    Attain IVF Programs

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine also provides refund programs through Attain IVF. There are currently two programs available to patients; Attain IVF multi-cycle and Attain IVF refund program.

Both programs offer a discount on the IVF cost for up to six cycles. In case a live birth is not achieved, patients can claim their money back. The multi cycle program by Attain offers four series of IVF cycles at a discounted upfront cost.

Nashville Fertility Center in Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN

Nashville Fertility Center is dedicated to providing the treatment of IVF to the people of Tennessee at an affordable cost. If patients do not have any insurance coverage for the IVF cost they can opt for the IVF Flat Rate schedule program. The approximate cost of IVF at Nashville Fertility Center is $9,250 in Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN. The variations in the cost are subject to the following:

  • Number of monitoring cycles
  • Laboratory services used, including storage, sperm preparation, embryo culture, embryo transfer, assisted hatching, etc.
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Physician charges

Individual costs may increase if patients buy the following treatments:

  • PGD

The Fertility Center in Chattanooga/Knoxville, TN

The IVF cost starts from $10,000 and unlike other fertility centers, it covers the lab, ultrasound, cryopreservation, and all IVF treatment cost. It provides multiple programs that can accommodate patients for IVF treatment.

Bring Home a Baby Guarantee

The bring home a baby or your money back guarantee program by the Fertility Center comes at the cost of $24,900 if couples use their own eggs. The same is available at $35,900 if treatment includes donor eggs or sperms.

Financial consultants at the fertility center are available to help patients determine the best package for them. This package does not include the cost of medication or diagnostic testing.

Finance Partners

The Fertility Center has partnerships with many financial partners. These financing programs can help you purchase low-interest loans available at flexible terms. This is to help patients afford the overwhelming cost of IVF.

  •    Lending Club Patients solutions

Using the affiliation of The Fertility Center patients can apply for the lending club loans. From the multiple loan packages, they can select the one that best suits their needs.

  •    United Medical Credit

United Medical credit also offers personalized loans through the Fertility Center for advanced fertility treatments like IVF. Eligible candidates can apply for loans best suited for their needs by sending in an application.

  •    Prosper HealthCare Lending

Prosper HealthCare lending provides immediate loans under $35,000 to eligible patients. With an easy and simple loan process, patients can have a customized loan plan designed for them through Prosper for the IVF treatment at the Fertility Center.

The Center for Reproductive Health in Nashville, TN

The Center for Reproductive Health is committed to helping candidates disappointed by the cost to receive the treatment for IVF. With a high quality of treatment, it aims at covering the cost of IVF in Tennessee stress-free and easy to manage. To provide financial assistance to patients it collaborates with several lending insurance programs.

ONEMAIN Financial

ONEMAIN Financial offers a straightforward and simple application process with fixed payments and interest rates. The multiple payment plans offered through loans are:

  • Immediate loans from $300-$15,000.
  • Clear payment plan with no collateral required.
  • Fixed interest rate that would not change throughout the loan period
  • Risk-free loan process in which you can cancel your loan and return the money by the end of the 14th day.


The LightStream is a division of SunTrust bank. It currently offers loans from $5,000 to up to $100,000. It is available to all candidates with excellent credit.

Patients at the Center for Reproductive Health can secure a good amount of loan with a fixed interest rate of 5.99%.

ARC Fertility

Fertility procedures like IVF that are not covered by insurance are unaffordable for many. To help afford the IVF cost, ARC fertility provides financial assistance to affiliated clinics like the Center for Reproductive Health. ARC Fertility financial assistance to eligible candidates has several payment plans offered through infertility specialists.

Southeastern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery in Knoxville, TN

The Southeastern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery also offers different payment plans to IVF patients in Tennessee and Southeast. The standard IVF cost starts from $12,000 plus the cost of medication which is less than $3000.

To help afford the IVF cost, it collaborates with WinFertility for fertility medication and IVF procedure. WinFertility offers bundle price discounts on IVF and other fertility treatments. Eligible candidates can receive discounts from 10% to 40% on the IVF medical service.

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