How Much Does IVF Cost in Minnesota? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

There is no arguing the fact that fertility treatments in the state are not easy to pay for.The average one cycle IVF cost in Minnesota can range from $14,000 to $16,000  without IVF medication.

Here is one cycle IVF cost in major Minnesota cities:

Major citiesAverage cost of IVF without medication
Saint Paul$15,000
St Cloud$14,500


Infertility Insurance in Minnesota

Having said that, there is no insurance mandate for infertility for the residents of Minnesota. To top that, the law amendments in 2009 even removed the financial assistance for the coverage of fertility drugs that are used to improve fertility.

Regardless of the fact that the public movement is striving hard to have the cost of IVF covered by the law, there is currently no facility available to patients through the state.

As their best shot, patients can discuss their infertility treatment procedure with their private insurance provider to better understand coverage options in Minnesota. Some insurances may even offer support in covering up for the prescribed drugs or for the pre-procedure diagnosis and testing.

Affording the cost of IVF in Minnesota

Other than private insurance, there are many non-profit organizations working to make IVF a more affordable treatment. There are IVF Advantage programs offering a percentage of discount on IVF. Patients can also search for IVF grants and scholarships distributed yearly through multiple organizations.

The state of Minnesota does not have an infertility law mandate. As such, the cost of IVF depends largely on the pricing of the fertility clinic and the discounts they have to offer.

If you are eligible for IVF, chances are you will receive financing and discounts through the clinically affiliated programs. These programs are designed for the ease of patients who cannot otherwise afford the cost of IVF.

The benefit of financing through your fertility clinic is that the process remains 100% confidential, there is flexibility of rates and loans are secured with 24 hours. It is recommended that all patients maximize their chance of receiving a discount by thoroughly going through what the clinic has to offer. If you are eligible, you may not have to struggle as much.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

Fertility clinics play an important role when it comes to the affordability of the IVF cost in Minnesota. As there is no insurance or state-imposed restriction on the prices, it is hard to say what the patient’s estimated cost would be.

Such cost factors depend largely on fertility clinics and how they facilitate patients who cannot afford the treatment. Below is a list of the best fertility clinics in Minnesota and the related financial information.

The Colorado Center-Reproductive Medicine in Edina, MN

The Colorado Center-Reproductive Medicine has an extended fertility network. It participates in multiple discounts and financing programs to reduce the burden of cost in Minnesota. It has a lending  affiliation with LightStream. LightStream offers stress-free and simple treatment financing with the following benefits:

–    Funding for all procedures covered in a standard IVF treatment

–    Funds for medication

–    Flexible and fixed interest rate

–    Loans available from $5,000 to $100,000

–    No application fee or prepayment penalties

–    Easy approval and processing

–    The funds are secured directly by the clinic

CCRM IVF Discount

On the other hand, the clinic also has its discount programs helping people make the best out of their budget. These discounts help patients save a substantial amount on the total cost of IVF. 

–    Discount for Veterans and Active Duty Military

In honor of the army, CCRM has designed a military discount program. It offers IVF at a discounted price to the eligible veterans.

If a veteran has suffered a service-related injury which may have damaged his/her fertility, the clinic offers them a 50% discount on IVF treatment. For active duty military members, there is a 20% discount on the treatment. This facility is available at all locations of the clinic.

IVF Refund Program

The Assure IVF Refund program is designed for the ease and comfort of patients. For parents struggling with infertility, it is best to purchase a treatment plan that maximizes their chance of taking home a baby.

The Assure IVF Refund program allows patients to purchase a multicycle IVF, and if they are unable to successfully complete a nine-month pregnancy, they will be refunded 80-100% of the fee.

The Assure IVF Refund program gives patients up to 3 fresh/frozen embryo transfers. If by the end of the allotted IVF cycles a birth is not achieved or the patient is unable to continue with the treatment, 80-100% amount will be refunded to them.

The eligibility criteria for the IVF refund program is:

–    Patient should be more than 39 years of age

–    Should be medically verified by CCRM for the treatment

–    A documentation of the previous experiences with IVF

Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates in Woodbury/Edina,MN

RMIA believes in financially assisting their patients throughout the treatment process. From warranty programs to structured payment options, Minnesota patients have the flexibility to apply for whatever suits their needs the best.

With a transparent pricing system, the clinic assures that all patients who walk in have a clear estimate of their IVF cost.  For eligible candidates who cannot afford the treatment, there is financing available through RMIA.

IVF cost in RMIA in Minnesota:

–    Egg Retrieval, culture, transfer and anesthesia: $7,700

–    ICSI: $1,100

–    Embryo cryopreservation $1,000

–    Assisted Hatching (if required) $400

–    Embryo storage (if required): $60/month

–    Extended Culture (if required): $300

Additional costs:

–    Pre-screening: $3,500

–    Monitoring: $2,000-$3,000

–    Medication: $3,500-$5,000

–    Police officers, Firefighters, and Military Members

In honor of the first responders of the country, RMIA offers the below-mentioned discounts to these community members:

–    20% discount for active military members, including firefighters and police officers

–    A 50% discount for veterans who have suffered an injury which may have caused infertility issues

–    School Teachers

RMIA is also a fan of teachers who deserve all the best. For all currently employed full-time teachers, the clinic offers a 20% discount on the IVF service. There are two categories of the discount program:

–    20% off on the single cycle fresh IVF (excluding monitoring and medication)

–    20% off HOPE or Warranty program (excluding monitoring and medication)

–    Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is designed for eligible patients with the following discounts:

–    $400 discount on a single cycle fresh IVF

–    $1,000 discount on the Warranty Program


Given financial difficulty, if couples are unable to afford the cost at RMIA, there is financing available through Lending Club.

RMIA has a partnership with the Lending Club with the intention to minimize their struggle with the cost of IVF. Lending Club specializes in planning loans for the elective medical treatments. Its flexible loans with a fixed interest rate are more convenient than a bank loan.

Center for Reproductive Medicine in Minneapolis, MN

There are two extensions of the Center for Reproductive Medicine:

–    Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM)

CRM works with the majority of insurance companies to offer services for infertility testing, consultation, monitoring, blood work and another laboratory testing in MN. This does not apply insurance coverage does not include the advanced fertility treatments like IVF.

–    Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART)

ART does not participate with insurance services. For IVF at ART a prepayment is required prior to the treatment. If patients have any insurance coverage, the reimbursement will be sent directly to then through their insurance provider, while the clinical fee will be paid by the patient.

IVF cost

–    Medications: $2,500- $5,000

–    CRM Monitoring: $2,630

–    Fee for Service IVF

–    ART: $8,670 (includes egg retrieval, culture, transfer, laboratory and anesthesia)

Additional costs

–    ICSI: $1,200

–    Embryo Freezing: $1,200

Frozen Embryo Transfer IVF cost:

–    Medication: $750

–    CRM Monitoring: $1,490

–    ART Services: $2,880

Prosper HealthCare Lending:

This financing program has been delivering discounts and financing services for fertility medications and treatments medications including travel costs if required.

It offers up to $100,000 worth of loans for an 84 months long loan period, with no retroactive interests and pre-payment penalties. In addition, applications can have an immediate loan under $35,000.

To be eligible for this loan applicants must give in an online loan inquiry and be ready to meet all eligibility criteria. They also need to provide their yearly income and credit score.

–    Lending Club Patient Solutions

CRM also participates with Lending Club solutions. To make the IVF cost an affordable one, it offers customized loans tailored to the patient’s needs. There is no credit restriction or a lengthy loan process. Anybody who is authorized by the clinic as eligible for IVF can apply for the loan.

–    CapexMD

CapexMD is another popular financing option in the country. It has collaborations with all the best fertility clinics and specialists in the country. Patients can submit a loan query through their clinic to receive financing for the cost of IVF.

Attain IVF Program

The Attain IVF discount programs have helped thousands of patients across the nation to afford infertility. While individuals count each dollar required to pay for the cost of IVF, Attain IVF enhances their chances of taking home a baby by offering a multicycle IVF at a discounted price.

With a single discounted price patients can get up to 6 IVF cycles. In case they are unable to take home a baby even after the completion of the treatment, a 100% refund will be given back. The average success rate of this program is 3:4.

IVF cost for women under 35:

–    IVF Monitoring (with no insurance): $24,800

–    IVF Monitoring +ICSI (without insurance): $27,200

–    IVF Monitoring (with insurance): $18,900

–    IVF monitoring with ICSI (with insurance): $21,300

For women above 35:

–    IVF Monitoring (with no insurance): $26,950

–    IVF Monitoring +ICSI (without insurance): $29,600

–    IVF Monitoring (with insurance): $20,550

–    IVF monitoring with ICSI (with insurance): $23,150

 Midwest Center for Reproductive Health in Maple Grove, MN

Mid-West Center for Reproductive health is also committed to facilitating patients throughout their fertility treatment. The cost of IVF in Minnesota without insurance can be costly for patients who have no other financing options available to them.

Majority of the insurance companies do not cover for the advanced procedures like ZIFT or IVF either. Some may be covered for testing and medication alone. For such patients MCRH has the following facilities available:

–    Prosper HealthCare Lending

Prosper HealthCare Lending is one of the best known fertility financing companies in the country. With its network all across the US, it helps patients afford their treatment with ease and transparency.

It has a flexible 84 month period loan plan with no prepayment penalties or collateral required. Patients can apply for an immediate loan under $35,000.

IVF costs at MCRH in Minnesota: $11,295 (estimate)

–    Monitoring: $1,500 (estimate)

–    Egg retrieval: $6295 (including anesthesia, laboratory and physician charges)

–    Transfer: $3,500

–    Medication: $5,500

VIP Program:

As mentioned earlier, the cost of IVF is subject to different clinical offerings. MCRH offers a VIP program which gives patients the benefit of paying only for the successful treatments of IVF.

With a 90% refund policy, it guarantees quality treatment to all patients. By giving patients the best chance with their fertility, it allows every patient to succeed with IVF and not worry about the cost.

This program works against a discounted fee for up to 3 fresh IVF cycles. This treatment is to be completed within a year. In case IVF remains unsuccessful, this Minnesota clinic will refund 90% of the fee paid.

This financial sharing helps patients pursue other family building options like adoption. Prior to treatment, a total of $20,500 would be submitted to the clinic. This program does not cover the cost of medication.

The treatment cost with ICSI would be $21,340 (with embryo freezing)

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