How Much Does IVF Cost in Ohio? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on February 1, 2020

Ohio is one of the states that has a high percentage of the population struggling with infertility. But with the stress of infertility comes the burden of finances. IVF being one of the most advanced fertility treatment is a fairly expensive procedure. IVF cost in Ohio varies from the mandated states because of the difference in the medically covered costs by the insurance. It is commonly known that the infertility guidelines in Ohio are vague.


How Much Does IVF Cost in Ohio?

The IVF cost in Ohio can range between $10,000 to $12,400 excluding medication and testing. In the USA the average cost of medication for a conventional IVF method can range somewhere $3,000 to $5,000. Dealing with the financial side of infertility can be overwhelming. But while there is much criticism of Ohio law for not covering the procedures, it does in fact have a few benefits.

Any insurance mandate that covers advanced procedures such as IVF excludes pre-testing, diagnoses, and consultations with the physicians. This cost alone multiplies the total cost of IVF. In Ohio however, as the law covers “basic health care services”, it includes infertility services which refer to the exploratory and diagnostic procedures. This means that the law helps you save on the cost of pre-testing and consultation. It may also pay for your treatments to correct the diagnosed reproductive diseases if any. While IVF remains in a gray zone by the fertility insurance law, there is much more than it helps you with. Therefore before getting disheartened by the law, consider understanding the law through a financial counselor to benefit from whatever perks you are entitled to.

This makes understanding IVF cost in Ohio is as difficult to pay as dealing with the stress of infertility. Even though as a state it has an insurance mandate for infertility, the advanced procedures such as IVF and ZIFT are not a part of it in Ohio. The only thing the law helps them with is the diagnosis and consultation cost. What is the most overwhelming when it comes to the treatment of IVF is that no clinic includes medication, testing and consultation amount in the IVF cost. For everything other than the procedure you have to pay out of your pocket.

However, the financial programs and IVF grants give hope to candidates who can otherwise never afford the cost of medication in Ohio. While standard clinical rates for a single cycle are impossibly high, such programs allow you to pursue multiple cycles annually at a discounted rate. Taking the help of such financial plans is the best way to save on your IVF cost.

You can also look at the information given below which will give you an idea of average IVF cost in Ohio’s major cities:

Major cities in OhioAverage cost of IVF without medication

Ohio Fertility and IVF Insurance Coverage

You can calculate an estimate IVF cost in Ohio by reading the chapter 1751 of the, Revised Code Annotated, Ohio. Enacted in 1991, it requires insurance programs and health maintenance organizations to cover the cost for basic and medically necessary services. Infertility service is specified as a preventive health care service by Ohio law.

However, there is little or no information about what would be covered by the law. Whether or not advanced treatments are considered as “medically necessary” fertility procedures. What fertility services are covered are not highlighted in the law, which brings you back to your insurance provider to explain how exactly the law helps the residents of Ohio.

Any insurance provider will tell you that the fertility treatment law of Ohio does not cover the cost of experimental procedures for it cannot be accounted as “basic or medically necessary health care”.

The previous fertility law under the Chapter 1742 placed a $2,000 cap on the services of fertility for couples who are unable to conceive and have a medically unexplained infertility. This fertility insurance law was recently replaced by the new one, hence the financial cushion of $2,000 is no more available to couples which makes it even more difficult to afford IVF without any financial support.

Financing Options in Ohio

For any state where the insurance does not cover for the IVF procedure, it is extremely difficult to afford it. Many potential candidates who have a high success rate cannot opt for an advanced treatment due to the unaffordable IVF cost in Ohio.  Understanding these financial bridges, many clinics across the state now collaborate with private insurance companies and fertility programs that help couples afford the IVF treatment. There are IVF grants, loans and discount programs that may share your risk and benefits while struggling with infertility.

IVF Grant

Ohio federal tax and state regulations can also be of great assistance to you. Health saving and flexible spending accounts can reduce the out of pocket expenses. There are several institutes that offer low-interest rate loans to financially support you for an infertility treatment. Paying for the cost of IVF with the help of IVF grants is becoming a common practice.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

This is one of the best financial companies working across the nation. It can help you sign up for small and immediate loans with low monthly payments. It offers:

  •    Immediate loans under $35,000
  •    No collateral
  •    Low monthly returns
  •    Easy and clear process
  •    100% confidential.

BabyQuest Foundation- IVF Grant

A non-profit organization, BabyQuest foundation provides financial assistance to couples who cannot afford the cost of IVF in Ohio. It accepts applicants of all categories from single mothers to the same sex and heterosexual couples. The only eligibility criteria are for the candidates to be a permanent resident of USA. Their medical documentation should reflect their financial needs.

The Cade Foundation – IVF Grant

Cade foundation, since 2004 has been providing its services in the form of IVF grants to couples struggling with the problem of infertility. With a limit of $10,000 per family, this financial grant is to help them save on standard procedure costs. To be eligible for the grant, couples must have a complete medical diagnosis documentation. Should be a resident of USA.

INCIID IVF Scholarships

InterNational Council on Infertility Dissemination has a National scholarship program for those who are unable to pay the cost of IVF in Ohio on their own. This program is associated with several fertility clinics and doctors across the nation to facilitate needy couples.

This scholarship program covers only the cost of conventional IVF treatment. To be eligible, candidates need to register with the INCID community. It is important for them to donate $55 annually and should be medically eligible for IVF under the infertility criteria of American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


WinFertility financial programs are popular across the nation. It has helped thousands of couples afford the treatment for fertility. The financial support by WinFertility extends over to advanced treatments such as IVF. WinFertility covers for the drugs and IVF cost. With a simple application and easy to understand terms and conditions, a couple can opt for the discount packages and grants offered by Win Fertility.

Compassionate Care

Compassionate care helps candidates save 50% to 75% on the medication of IVF. The unaffordable cost of IVF in Ohio is often a result of self-pay medications. Those patients who are eligible for IVF can benefit from this program. You can opt for multiple cycles every year. Eligible veterans can enjoy a 25% discount on their prescribed drugs.

Cost and Financing Options of Fertility Clinics in Ohio

Reproductive Gynecology in OH

Reproductive Gynecology has one of the highest success rates for the IVF treatment. And for a difficult to pay IVF cost in Ohio, this clinic offers a 100% guarantee program which includes three fresh egg cycles and an unlimited number of transfer cycles for frozen embryos.

It also includes the cost of thawing and freezing embryos. For any failed cycle, if there are any frozen embryos left, they will be done prior to the fresh cycle.

In case no pregnancy could be achieved, couples would receive a 100% refund on the upfront payment. This is to share the risk of the candidates and help them save cost on other options such as adoption.

Cost: Cost of IVF treatment at Reproductive Gynecology for women under 35 years is $25,000 excluding medication. For women above 35, it is $27,000 excluding medication. This cost also does not cover for sperm or egg donor test, preimplantation diagnoses, and screening tests. It is the same as other refund programs that require a higher upfront fee against unlimited number of cycles.

There is also an eligibility criterion for this shared risk plan:

  • Women under the age of 37 years
  • Should not have had more than 2 previous miscarriages
  • Normal diagnosis of ovarian reserve
  • Normal uterine cavity analysis
  • Is not diagnosed with obesity
  • Has an otherwise normal health with no chronic disorders, hypertension or diabetes.
  • Male is medically fertile, and can give his sperm for donation
  • Couples should agree upon freezing the left over embryos.
  • Couples who do not enjoy any insurance

SpringCreek Fertility in Centerville, OH

SpringCreek also has one of the most highly reputed fertility programs. While the overall IVF cost in Ohio remains difficult to anticipate, SpringCreek gives a detailed review of its treatment charges as per procedures.

IVF Cost: $8,700

This includes:

  • Medication and Care
  • Testing, monitoring, and ultrasounds
  • Blood work
  • Sperm preparation and egg retrieval
  • Freezing and culture of embryo
  • Embryo transfer

Other costs of SpringCreek Fertility in Centerville, OH are as follows:

  •    Anesthesia Cost: $650
  •    ICSI: $1500
  •    Sperm Preparation: $750
  •    Embryo Preservation for 1 year: $1,000
  •    PGS/PGD: $2,400
  •    Frozen Oocyte culture and transfer: $9000

LIVESTRONG Sharing Hope Program

SpringCreek has a working collaboration with Livestrong foundation’s Hope Program. This program was designed to create medical awareness and provide financial support to couples who cannot conceive naturally. This joint program puts candidates up for discounted services, and drug donations to those who are eligible in Ohio.

Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH

IVF cost in Ohio will eventually run above $15,000 for couples who are not covered for anything by their insurance provider. However, fertility clinics working with financial assistance programs can offer discounted packages to eligible candidates, reducing their burden from 20-50%. Usually, the IVF cost at clinics does not include in drugs, ICSI, pre-testing and post-procedure tests.

At Cleveland Clinic, the cost for the Donor Oocyte program is $10,000 approximately and $16,000 for the medical portion. Patients have to pay an upfront of $9,417 prior to the treatment, including the required medication which may cost $2,800.

Cleveland Clinic, however, collaborates with financial planning programs like ARC infertility and MAP loans. It also offers a Harboring Hope Fun which is designed for candidates who have suffered from a failed IVF attempt.

To afford more than one cycle, it offers couples grants. This grant is available on the basis of merit. A couple that meets the clinical and financial criteria will be given a chance to benefit from the grant in order to give IVF another try.

IVF Michigan Fertility Center in Toledo, OH

IVF cost for the basic procedure at Michigan Fertility center in Toledo, OH starts at $8150. If your insurance covers you for infertility diagnosis and testing, doctors at Michigan may schedule you up for other medically potent procedures such as Assisted Hatching. ICSI and Pre-implantation genetic screening. However, it will only be so if the couple agrees upon opting for such specifications.

New Hope Money Back Guarantee Program

To help couples afford the treatment, Michigan Fertility Clinics offers a money back guarantee program. Those who are listed as eligible will have to pay an upfront amount higher than the conventional IVF procedure. However, this program also allows up to 6 IVF cycles (3 frozen & 3 Fresh). If you are unable to take a baby home, it refunds you the initial amount. It does not include prescribed drugs.

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