How Much Does IVF Cost in New Jersey? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

From among the many challenges while struggling with infertility, the stress of cost is without any doubt one of the most pounding ones.  The IVF cost in New Jersey is as unpredictable as it is in other states. The limitations imposed by the law on the eligibility criteria minimizes the chance for the local residents to afford an advanced fertility treatment.


How Much Does IVF Cost in New Jersey?

For instance, the IVF cost in New Jersey for a single cycle is estimated to be $12,000 without medications, which is an out of question situation for many.

Unless employers or insurance companies cover most of the IVF procedures, it becomes fairly expensive to opt for an IVF cycle in New Jersey. While the responsibility falls greatly on the medical centers to facilitate patients who are not covered by the insurance, it is best if you as a candidate ask for an affordable service plan.

Moreover, to calculate an estimated cost of the procedure in New Jersey clearly ask what it covers and what it does not. For example, if the cost of ultrasounds would be charged collectively or per ultrasound. Such unforeseen charges can multiply your expected price. A Breakdown of what the insurance covers, what the clinical treatment covers and what you will have to pay from pocket is necessary. Get an idea of average IVF costs in New Jersey major cities from the information given below:

Major cities in New JerseyAverage cost of one cycle of IVF without medication
Newark$ 12,000
Atlantic city$ 13,000
Trenton$ 10,000
Princeton$ 12,000
Jersey City$ 12,000

Plus, the IVF cost in New Jersey also varies from clinic to clinic. Many fertility centers, in general, use a conventional IVF procedure which requires a good amount of medications to make the most of the developed eggs.

This increases the out of pocket cost. Comparatively milder treatments such as mini IVF are more cost effective and have a relatively similar success rate. This is a cost cutting edge for many residents who cannot afford conventional IVF cost.

What is covered in IVF cost in New Jersey?

On average, majority of the IVF procedures include the cost for

  •    Oocytes retrieval
  •    Anesthesia
  •    Egg and tissue culture
  •    Embryo transfer

This is the most basic requirement of IVF in New Jersey. Additional costs such as that of medications often multiply the cost by the end of a completed cycle. For every concerned couple, it is significant to have into consideration the cost of the following:

  • Evaluation treatment which is fairly expensive in New Jersey
  • The egg monitoring cost
  • Additional procedures for embryology
  • Freezing the embryo
  • Medication which may range between $5000 and $7000

Some Considerations to IVF Cost in New Jersey

  • If a couple is unable to complete an IVF cycle, the medical centers do not offer a refund in NJ. Naturally, this brings to mind many more questions. What are the chances of conceiving even after spending so much? How many cycles does the insurance cover per lifetime in New Jersey? What are the unforeseen charges of the treatment that the insurance does not cover?
  • Exploring the different opportunities you have can improve your odds as a candidate for IVF. For instance, if your chance of IVF is high in the first cycle, it is best that you pay for a single cycle than exhaust your chances by opting for three cycles at the same time.
  • Consult with your physician to help you with different financial options. Success rate of IVF also largely depends on your age and medical condition. Your initial assessments such as IVF tests, and fertility tests can easily help your doctor plan the best strategy for you
  • For candidates who are not covered by insurance, there are several non-profit organizations and discount programs that can help you save a percentage on the IVF treatment costs.

Infertility and IVF Insurance Law

New Jersey is part of the 17 states that provide an infertility insurance mandate. It requires the health maintenance organizations and insurance plan providers to cover the fertility treatment costs, which includes the IVF cost. This law was passed in 2001 as the Family Building Act under the Title 17 of New Jersey Permanent Statutes.

Similar to the fertility insurance law of other states, this law covers residents of New Jersey who are employed by an organization that has more than 50 permanent employees and offers an insurance plan which covers fertility related remunerations.

The insurance law also covers the IVF cost in New Jersey. It is difficult for most patients to afford an IVF treatment as the majority is not covered by the insurance. Plus, as the insurance plan varies from state to state, it is important to have an exact description penned down to you by your insurance provider.

Understand that even if you are a resident of New Jersey, you may still not be eligible for the loan. There are several hidden factors that are not stated but are a part of the mandate. For example, self-employed people are not covered, there are lifetime caps for the insurance, and a limitation on heterosexual couples.

Eligibility Criteria

Infertility insurance mandate which covers the IVF cost in New Jersey and related fertility treatments has an eligibility criterion. According to the law, procedures as expensive as IVF and ZIFT are only covered by the insurance if the concerned individual meets the following conditions:

  •    According to the New Jersey insurance law, infertility is a medical condition which hinders the normal functioning of the reproductive system. This can result in the inability to conceive. Women younger than 35 should have tried unprotected sexual intercourse for at least 2 years, while women older than 35 should have tried for one year to conceive.
  •    The candidate should have tried all the other medically appropriate, less expensive treatments to carry a pregnancy.
  •    The candidate should not have completed 4 egg retrievals.
  •    The candidate is under the age group of 45.
  •    The IVF treatment is performed at medical centers or clinics that are authorized by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
  •    Couples who cannot conceive due to medical sterility.

Included Medical Facilities

The insurance covers for the below mentioned IVF costs in New Jersey

  •    Testing
  •    Ovulation induction
  •    Intrauterine inseminations
  •    IVF for 4 complete oocytes retrievals per lifetime
  •    Procedures for sperm or egg donor
  •    Assisted hatching and ICSI
  •    Fertility Surgery
  •    Fertility medications
  •    Zygote Intrafallopian transfer
  •    Gamete Intrafallopian transfer


Fertility Centers IVF Cost in New Jersey

Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Fertility in Edison, Cranford & Princeton, NJ

This medical center is currently offering a discounted IVF plan at $6,300. The billing structure from the total amount can be broken down as follows:


  •    Physician cost for IVF cycle
  •    Ultrasounds
  •    Nursing and blood work
  •    Embryology laboratory tests
  •    First progesterone and pregnancy test

Does not include:

  •    Assisted Hatching (if required)
  •    ICSI- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  •    Medications
  •    Embryo cryopreservation
  •    Anesthesia
  •    Post procedure testing

Overall, the cost of IVF can range between $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the condition of the patient, and the technologies required.

Allen Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Lakewood, NJ

IVF cost in New Jersey can be fairly expensive if one does not have an insurance. However, there are fertility programs that aid patients in their needs, making the treatment as affordable as possible.

The cost of each IVF cycle varies at Allen Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, ranging from $6800-$25,000. The cost is also affected by what your insurance covers, the additional tests and treatments performed and the number of egg cycles you select.

Cooper Institute for Reproductive Hormonal Disorder in Mt. Laurel, NJ

The cost of IVF at this fertility center is based on the treatment program you select. However, compared to the other conventional IVF cost, their packages seem much more convenient.


Conventional IVF with minimal stimulation will cost $4,200. In this cost is covered egg retrieval, embryo culture, and transfer. ICSI if required will cost an additional $1,100.

Donor Egg Program

Cooper Institute offers individuals a Free IVF as a part of their oocyte program. This is for women who would in exchange for the IVF treatment donate half of their eggs to another candidate. Another advantage of this program is that each candidate receives treatment with fresh oocytes. This program does not cover the cost of anesthesia and medication.

Donor Embryo Program

Donor Embryo Program at Cooper Institute in NJ comes at the cost of $3,850. This procedure does not require any anesthesia. And the medication required is minimal.

Reproductive medicine associates of New Jersey

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey partakes in many leading insurance programs of the country including Cigna, Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross, QualCare, AmeriHealth, and Oxford. The cost and eligibility for the treatment may vary.

Candidates without insurance plans can receive through self-insured out of network plans in Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey. However, in both cases, the center requires you to make a payment before the treatment. It does submit insurance claims, but your insurance provider will reimburse the amount directly to you.

Total Cost for IVF- $10,010

  •    Coinsurance-$1,793

Insurance reimbursement for every cycle would be approximately= $7,265

Does not include

  •    Assisted Hatching
  •    Medication
  •    ICSI

Other Ways to Pay for Fertility Treatment

IVF cost even with an insurance plan can be quite expensive. And for those who are not covered by an insurance plan, for as per the limitation of the law, the only other option is to opt for personal loans for special medical program offers. For such candidates, there are a few programs that can share your financial burden in New Jersey.

IVF Advantage

IVF Advantage program helps people save on the IVF cost in New Jersey. It requires the candidates to pay the first fee which includes two frozen and two fresh embryo cycle, saving 40% on the total cost of buying each cycle individually. This program is for all the self-paying patients.


This is another discount program which cuts your cost for egg freezing. Each candidate pays the upfront free for 1, 2 or three cycles, saving 20% on the total clinical charges. This discount program also covers the cost of freezing the egg for 2 years.

Financing Programs in New Jersey

There are several more financial programs that can help you cover the cost of IVF treatment in New Jersey. Several fertility clinics offer discount packages as “Bundle” for two to three IVF cycle, reducing the overall cost for each cycle. For example Attain Fertility Network offers a refund plan for IVF on 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles, (without donors) at $23,400 compared to the original $38,500.

These medical centers partner with different insurance companies to facilitate an affordable IVF cost. These discount offers are particularly designed for residents who are not employed at a big organization and cannot enjoy the perks of the insurance mandate.


ARC facilitates various fertility treatments including conventional IVF for up to three cycles of fresh and frozen embryo each. ARC offers:

  •    ARC Pharmacy Financing
  •    ARC Refund Program
  •    Financing Payment Plan Options
  •    Predictable Fertility Treatment Packages


WINFertility Discount Program covers patients who do not have any insurance plan or have exhausted their fertility treatment benefits. It includes fertility medications and advanced treatments such as IVF. The bundle prices for these advanced treatments can help individuals save 10-40% on the medical and pharmacy charges.

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