How Much Does IVF Cost in Missouri? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 14, 2021


How Much Does IVF Cost in Missouri?

With advancements in technology comes the challenging aspect of its affordability. This applies to the field of infertility treatment where even though treatment options are available, not every patient can afford them.

Instead, the cost of the treatment is beyond many peoples’ reach in Missouri. On top of that, there are only 17 states in the U.S. with an infertility insurance mandate, limiting even more the number of people who can afford it without any insurance coverage.

The one cycle IVF cost in Missouri can range from $11,500 to $15,000  excluding medication. The average medication cost is about $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

The cost of IVF in Missouri varies from clinic to clinic, largely because no insurance coverage is available. The patient’s IVF treatment bill depends on the pricing structure of each clinic.

To get an idea of what IVF costs look like in major Missouri cities, take a look at the prices given below:

Major CitiesThe average cost of IVF without medication
St Louis$ 14,500
Kansas City$ 15,000
Springfield$ 13,000
Jefferson City$ 12,000
Branson$ 11,500

Fertility Insurance law in Missouri

The cost of IVF in Missouri stands on par with other states that have no insurance mandate. Patients can only find a percentage of insurance covered through private plans. They may however find some relief on the pre-procedure diagnosis and testing under the health insurance law.

In most other states that have no insurance coverage, financial assistance is dependent on the fertility clinic and various non-profit organizations.

Affording the Cost of IVF in Missouri

The best option the residents of Missouri have is to look at different healthcare programs that are financially suitable for them. They can also reach out to non-profit organizations to give their treatment options a better chance.

There are multiple cycle IVF refund programs and IVF scholarships offered through multiple health care centers. While the state does not offer any insurance-based relief, patients can consider these their best options.

Infertility Grants in Missouri

Many non-profit organizations are working in Missouri to help patients afford infertility treatment. Patients finding it hard to pay for the IVF cost and do not want to pursue a financing company can apply for the following IVF grants:

  • Baby Quest Foundation

2 IVF grants are awarded per year to eligible candidates. Supports with a fund ranging between $2,000-$16,000 (for a combination of medication and treatment discount offers)

  • Cade Foundation

Offers a Tinina Q Cade Foundation grant annually for up to $10,000. The application fee is $50.

  • Parental hope

Helps patients afford treatment for infertility by applying for a parental hope grant. The application fee is $50 that goes into the fundraising for infertile patients. To be eligible for this grant patients must be verified through the American Reproductive Society as suitable for IVF.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

Louis Fertility Clinic in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Fertility Clinic initiated the Fertility Partnership through which it gives the most flexible options for covering the IVF cost in Missouri. The aim is to make IVF an accessible treatment for the majority of patients.

The cost of IVF at St. Louis Fertility Clinic starts at $7,000. The treatment starts with a consultation with the physician. In case the patients are unable to afford the treatment, an effective and affordable treatment plan will be designed based on their needs.

Financing Options

Health Credit Services is partners with St. Louis Fertility Clinic. It is a well-known organization helping patients finance their treatment. It offers fertility financing opportunities with an easy to apply for the loan process. The multiple advantages of HCS lending are:

  • A quick, easy and straightforward loan process
  • Low monthly return plans
  • Internet security with100% confidential data
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No collateral required
  • Easy access to online payments.

Multi-Cycle Program

St. Louis Fertility offers a multi-cycle program to Attain Fertility. Attain Fertility gives eligible patients a chance to select more than two egg retrieval and an unlimited number of frozen embryo culture cycles at a single price. In case treatment remains unsuccessful, patients receive a 50-70% refund on the IVF cost. This program is limited to patients who use their own sperms and eggs.

Blue Sky Fertility in Kansas City, MO

It is important to understand that every patient has their own response to treatment and that it may take more than a single try for IVF to be successful. Among treatment options, single cycle IVF has the smallest percentage of success, for the body may not accept the artificial implantation the first time.

Blue Sky fertility clinic strives towards making multiple IVF cycles more affordable than the average cost of IVF. With a completely transparent pricing system, it offers multiple payment plans including a refund program for two or three IVF cycles at a discounted price.

  • Lending Club

Lending Club is a popular financing company that allows individuals with all sorts of credit history to afford their treatment. It provides flexible lending packages as well as customized loan plans to facilitate you in the best way possible.

Mid- Missouri Reproductive Medicine in Columbia, MO

What makes the IVF cost more difficult to pay for is when clinics do not accept private insurance plans. In the case of Mid Missouri Reproductive Medicine, the center accepts most of the plans.

While they do have a few terms and policies for what could be covered through insurance and what would not, some facilities would help patients easily access the treatment. For self-pay patients who have exhausted their coverage or do not have any, the clinic offers financing through multiple healthcare programs:

  • Prosper HealthCare Lending

Prosper HealthCare Lending has been helping thousands of people across the U.S. afford their medical treatments. Patients struggling to meet the cost of IVF can send in an application through the referral of the clinic for an immediate loan under $35,000. The loan process is easy with customized return policies and no prepayment penalties.

  • Lending  Club

Lending Club also offers to finance for IVF treatment. If patients are unable to pay for the cost of IVF, they can apply for the Lending Club loan. It also has an easy to apply for the loan process.

Financing for Preservation Patients

MMRM is also considerate towards cancer patients who may have their sperms or eggs stored. For such patients financing is available through:

  • Heart Beat Program

The Heart Beat Program allows cancer patients to have free medication for IVF. There are no financial requirements and no forms are required.

  • Livestrong

LiveStrong is another non-profit organization that helps raise awareness and funds for patients who may lose their fertility because of cancer.

MCRM- Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine in Chesterfield, MO

Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine is another successfully running clinic, helping hundreds of patients pursue the treatment of infertility. At MCRM, depending on every individual case, patients may be provided a discount on medication and its affordability at a low cost of $1,000.

In most fertility clinics the cost of medication for IVF ranges between $5000 and $6000. Such discount reduces the summed up burden of the IVF cost in Missouri.

  • Assured Reproductive Care and Health Program

MCRM patients can benefit from the ARCH program in which the clinic shares the financial risk burden with the patients. It assures its clients of the best quality treatment with the highest potential of success. If patients are unable to take home a baby, they will be refunded 100% for them to reach out for other possible options.

The ARCH program treatment comes under the best technology available for IVF treatment. The procedure covers multiple IVF cycles at a single discounted price with a refund guarantee. The treatment includes:

  • Blood work and ultrasounds
  • Up to 3 oocytes retrieval
  • ICSI
  • Embryo Culture
  • Magnified Sperm selection
  • Assisted hatching
  • Cryopreservation
  • 3 frozen egg transfers

There is however an eligibility criterion for this program.  The patient should be younger than 39 years. They should also meet the clinic’s criteria for IVF verified through MCRM.

Discount Programs

MCRM also provides competitive discount programs and varied prices to give flexible payment options to patients who are overwhelmed by the average IVF cost. MCRM helps by first accepting all major insurance plans, and secondly by designing such discount programs that automatically structure individuals according to their financial background.

  • First Responder Discount

MCRM believes in the cause of the first responders who risk their lives to protect the people of the state. For the police department, MCRM offers a special discount on IVF treatment.

  • Educator Discount

For professionals from the education field, MCRM offers an honorary discount on medication and treatment of IVF. The eligibility criteria are for one of the two to be recognized as an educator by the school district.

  • Compassionate Care Program

Compassionate Care Program offers a medication discount through EMD Serono to eligible veterans suffering from the medical condition of infertility. A free medication service is provided to the couple for 2 IVF cycles in a year.

To be eligible for the treatment, the patient must be a veteran, should have infertility due to an injury, and must not be insured for prescribed drugs.

Midwest Reproductive Center in North Kansas City, MO

Midwest Reproductive Center helps patients select the most suitable treatment option for them which does not come at an overwhelming cost. To make the IVF cost in Missouri more accessible to patients, the Midwest Reproductive Center offers discounts through its partnership with Arc Fertility.

It is one of the more affordable financings and affordable planning program. ARC Fertility has an extended network of specialists across the state, and with experience in the field, it has assisted thousands of infertile couples.

Affordable & Predictable Treatment Packages

  • ARC Success Program

The ARC Success Program gives a multi-cycle benefit to patients at a discounted price. It allows patients to give their treatment the best chance. The discounted cost covers egg retrievals for up to 2 cycles and 4 fresh and frozen transfers. The 3 cycle success program gives up to 3 retrievals and 6 embryo transfers with fresh and frozen eggs.

  • ARC Refund Guarantee

ARC offers a refund guarantee program through the Midwest Reproductive Center. After purchasing a multicycle package at a discounted rate if patients are unable to take home a baby, the cost will be refunded to them.

  • ARC Pharmacy Financing

ARC Pharmacy Financing gives patients relief on the cost of prescribed drugs. This automatically saves them a good percentage of the cost of IVF.

  • Prosper HealthCare Lending

Midwest Reproductive Center has a collaboration with the Prosper HealthCare Lending services. Prosper offers loans to candidates suffering from infertility under a minimal procedure. There are no collaterals required and an immediate loan under $35,000 can be delivered to eligible candidates in no time.

Reproductive Resource Center in Independence, MO

The Reproductive Resource Center also has an extended financial options network for eligible candidates of IVF in Missouri. For self-pay patients, it offers flexible payment plans to Attain IVF.

In this package, patients receive multiple IVF cycles at a fixed discounted price. This plan is limited to patients who do not have any insurance coverage. The cost covers the following:

  • Core Plan

In the core plan by IVF patients are eligible for 2 egg retrieval and all embryo transfers. If you are eligible for IVF, you can automatically apply for the Attain Core Plan.

  • Refund Plan

Refund Plan is designed for patients for up to 2 or 3 egg retrievals and all embryo transfers. In case treatment is unsuccessful patients will receive a 100% refund on the total amount of IVF. This is a risk-sharing program for those who may want to pursue other family building options.

Fertility Loans

  • Prosper HealthCare Lending

Patients looking for a financing option for treatment and remain unable to afford any of the above treatment packages can apply through Reproductive Resource Center. Through Prosper they can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Urgent loans under $35,000
  • No collateral needed
  • 84 months terms period
  • Easy and fast loan inquiry

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