How Much Does IVF Cost in Massachusetts? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 14, 2021


How Much Does IVF Cost in Massachusetts?

The cost of infertility treatments in Massachusetts state is what keeps many people away from their best possible treatment options. What is even more troublesome is the limited number of states that offer an insurance mandate to eligible candidates.

Fortunately, the residents of Massachusetts have an insurance law to cover the cost of IVF for infertility.

The IVF cost in Massachusetts can range between $11,500 to $13,500 one cycle excluding medication and testing. The average IVF Medication cost is between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000.

The average cost of IVF varies according to the needs and requirements of the patient, as well as the selected package at the clinic. For some patients a single cycle may work, for some multiple IVF cycles are required.

Here is what the cost of one cycle IVF looks like in Massachusetts cities:

Major citiesThe average cost of IVF without medication
Boston$ 13,500
Cambridge$ 12,000

Infertility and IVF Insurance in Massachusetts

The infertility law for Massachusetts was enacted in the year 1987. The law requires health maintenance organizations and healthcare companies to offer pregnancy-related incentives and full coverage for the necessary medical treatments including diagnosis.

Unlike several other states with insurance, it does cover advanced fertility treatments like IVF. Furthermore, the eligibility criteria have been made easier by defining infertility as being “unable to produce a pregnancy or retain pregnancy” for more than a year (woman less than 35). For women who are above 35 years of age, the eligibility time period is six months of inability to conceive.

Massachusetts law is transparent about what is covered by insurance. Insurance provides financial relief on IVF, AH, GIFT, inseminated egg retrieval, and ICSI. The law also clearly states that no insurance company can alter the law by restricting or limiting the coverage for drugs, tests, and consultations. For eligible candidates, the law provides a good percentage of relief on the total cost of IVF.

Infertility Insurance Law Limitations

As every law comes with its own limitations, the Massachusetts infertility mandate also has its own margins. According to the law, there is no liability for the insurance providers to cover the following procedures:

–    Surrogacy

–    Experimental procedures prior to the IVF treatment

–    Reversal of sterilization

–    Cryopreservation of eggs

Exceptions in the Infertility Insurance law

As an exception, the law is not imposed on self-insured employers. The law works only for companies and individuals based in Massachusetts. There is a restriction for insurance providers to cover certain procedures, yet the percentage of coverage is not specified. This makes the calculation a tricky business.

Before pursuing the treatment patients should clarify the level of coverage available through their insurance company. They should also verify possible discounts they can enjoy by the select fertility clinic to have a clear estimate of the IVF cost.

Affording IVF in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the lucky 17 states that offer an insurance mandate to the infertile couples of the state. For patients struggling with infertility, the stress of financing gives an emotional setback. In an already difficult time, it becomes troublesome for couples to manage their finances through inflexible means.

While the state provides relief through insurance, fertility clinics also offer their help to self-pay customers. The flexible payment plans and different IVF packages make it easy for them to afford the IVF cost in Massachusetts.

At the same time, many clinics have a limitation on the number of insurance plans accepted. Therefore prior to pursuing the treatment, patients should make sure to establish their payment plans.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

Boston IVF in MA

Boston IVF is a successfully running fertility clinic, helping hundreds of infertile couples every day in their struggle towards infertility, especially when it comes to affording the IVF cost in Massachusetts.

Boston IVF accepts the majority of the insurance plans, nonetheless with varied coverage criteria for each company. The cost of IVF at Boston IVF is dependent largely upon the age, condition, and insurance plan of the individual.

Many individuals have either exhausted their insurance options or do not enjoy any coverage. For such candidates, there are multiple unique discounts and financing programs available.

–    The Medication Program

The Medication Program at the clinic helps patients save on the cost of IVF medication. This includes discounts on Gonal-f, Cetrotide, & Ovidrel PreFilled. Depending on the financial status and annual income of the candidate, patients may be able to save between 50 and 75% on the medication cost. Savings on the medication provides an overall relief on the IVF cost.

–    The Military Discount

In honor of military workers, there is a special discount on the cost of IVF.  This includes army officers, army navy, National Guard, marine workers, and coast guards. Military discount offers a 25% discount on IVF, with 50% and 75% on medication.

–    Fertility Financing:

Boston IVF is partners with CapexMD, a renowned financing company striving to provide medical assistance to patients through refund packages and affordable programs. Before proceeding with the treatment, the company will establish the patient’s financial goals and help select the best loan program.

–    Fertility Scholarships

Boston IVF provides IVF Scholarships through AGC Scholarships. It has helped more than five million people in the country who were struggling with the stress of infertility. This scholarship has allowed many to fulfill their dream of taking home a baby.

–    Fertility Grants

Boston IVF also has a collaboration with the Journey to Parenthood, which is a foundation that educates and financially helps couples with fertility treatment. It raises funds for infertile couples and gives away grants on yearly basis to eligible candidates seeking treatment through surrogacy, IVF, and other advanced treatments.

IVF New England in MA

IVF New England also has a flexible pricing system for patients with infertility. With its multiple packages, it makes the IVF cost in Massachusetts more accessible and affordable.

IVF cost at IVF New England

Initial consultation: $395 for out of pocket paying patients.

IVF cycles: $7,900 to $15,000.

Financing Facilities

In New England, there are financing facilities available to customers who cannot afford the standard IVF cost. Moreover, for candidates who do not have any insurance coverage facility there, financial needs will be covered through any of the suitable payment plans.

–    CapexMD

IVF New England is partners with CapexMD which offers treatment loans to financially weak couples. The financing facility offered through CapexMD offers the following services:

–    Competitive and customized loans programs designed according to the needs of a customer

–    Flexible payment plans with no prepayment penalty and annual fee

–    Simple and easy to apply for the application process

Fertility Centers of New England in MA

At Fertility Centers of New England, the IVF cost varies according to the number of cycles purchased. On average, the cost starts from $8,000 compared to up to $12,900 at other clinics in Massachusetts. The prices also vary according to the following procedures:

–    Monitoring and management

–    Egg retrieval

–    Anesthesia per cycle

–    Embryo culture

–    Embryo transfer and follow up tests


At Fertility Centers of New England, patients can finance their treatment through CapexMD. With their special relationships with this financing company, patients can easily apply for a loan using the contact number of Fertility centers of New England.

Fertility Solutions in MA

The IVF cost in Massachusetts can be reduced through multiple means. Firstly, there is an insurance law mandate in place and secondly, the fertility clinics design multiple IVF cycles at discounted prices to ensure that patients maximize their chances of taking home a baby.

Fertility Solutions has an extended network and offers IVF Advantage plans to help patients afford the treatment. At Fertility Solutions, a single cycle IVF starts from $8,200, covering the following procedures:

–    Blood work and ultrasounds

–    Egg retrieval

–    In-cycle andrology, embryology, and endocrinology

–    ICSI (if needed)

–    Extended embryo culture up to 5th day

–    Assisted hatching (if needed)

–    Anesthesia

–    Pregnancy test

IVF Advantage Plans

Fertility Solutions offers affordable and innovative IVF Advantage Plans to give patients the best chance of conceiving. Patients who are medically suited for the treatment of IVF can receive personalized care by selecting one of the four Advantage plan packages that suit their affordability of the IVF cost.

–    IVF Ultimate Advantage: $22,400

It includes 3 frozen and 3 fresh IVF cycles. The cost covers blood work, ultrasounds, egg retrieval, culture and transfer, ICSI if required, In-cycle andrology, embryology, and endocrinology assisted hatching and a pregnancy test.

–    IVF Value Advantage: $16, 150

The IVF Value Advantage Package at Fertility Solutions gives 2 frozen and 2 fresh embryo transfers. This cost covers the monitoring, blood work, egg retrieval, culture, and transfer, assisted hatching, ICSI, In-cycle andrology, embryology and endocrinology, physicians’ fee, frozen embryo storage, anesthesia, and staff fee.

–    IVF Prime Advantage: $9,300

IVF Prime Advantage allows patients to get treated with 1 frozen and 1 fresh IVF cycle at $9,300. The cost covers ultrasounds, blood work, egg retrieval, culture and transfer, assisted hatching, frozen embryo storage, anesthesia and staff fee, embryology and endocrinology and follow up a pregnancy test.

–    IVF Military Advantage: $7,800

In the honor of the national workers of the country, Fertility Solutions offer a single cycle IVF at a discounted price. In this package the patients will be covered for blood work and monitoring, venipuncture, egg retrieval and transfer, anesthesia, embryology and endocrinology, physician fee. This plan has no age limitations.

Village Fertility in Waltham, MA

Village fertility is another successful clinic working to offer financial relief to patients struggling with the IVF cost in Massachusetts. For the self-pay patients who have no insurance coverage, the clinic offers many ways to save on the total cost of IVF. The clinic provides financial assistance through EMD Serono, Ferring’s Power of One, Compassionate Care, CapexMD, and Lending Club.

–    EMD Serono

Through EMD Serono patients can find relief on the IVF medications. It offers multiple discount offers on various fertility treatments. The medication relief immediately reduces the total IVF cost.

–    Compassionate Care

The compassionate care program is designed for patients who have no insurance and can otherwise not afford the IVF cost. To qualified individuals, it gives a 50% to 75% discount on the prescribed drugs.

–    Ferring’s Power of One Program

The Power of One program is basically a savings plan offered to patients who fill more than 40 vials.

–    CapexMD

CapexMD is a fertility financing company that offers easy loans to patients seeking treatment of infertility through IVF. It is one of the best-known lending companies with a simple loan inquiry and application process. Patients can have a customized loan plan according to their financial needs.

–    Lending Club

Lending Club is also a medical financing company offering loans to people across Massachusetts for healthcare services. With its support, thousands of individuals have been able to afford their medical treatment. The fertility financing program at Lending Club makes it easy for low credit individuals to pursue the treatment of IVF.

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