How Much Does IVF Cost in Georgia? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on December 22, 2020


How Much Does IVF Cost in Georgia?

IVF is one of the most expensive treatments for infertility. In the Georgia state, infertility comes at a great emotional and financial cost. For anyone who wishes to opt-out of advanced fertility treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is reaching out for insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, there are only a total of 17 states in the country that currently offer infertility insurance, while the rest of the 35 are on their own. Georgia is one of the states that do not enjoy the benefits of insurance.

The IVF cost in Georgia can range between $10,000 to $13,000 excluding medication and testing. The average cost of IVF Medication is between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000.

Here is what the cost of IVF looks like in major Georgia cities:

Major citiesAverage IVF cost without medication
Atlanta$ 13,000
Savannah$ 11,500
Marietta$ 12,000
Augusta$ 10,000
Athens$ 9,500

Affording IVF in Georgia

For states without an insurance policy, the best option is to look for IVF discount and refund programs. Fertility clinics and healthcare organizations play a significant role in defining the cost for treatment of IVF.

Clinics design financial risk-sharing and discounted price programs to facilitate patients who are otherwise not able to afford the IVF cost.  Because IVF is an unpredictable procedure, with no 100% guarantee of taking home a baby, there is a chance that patients may only achieve pregnancy after multiple tries.

To make it more accessible and beneficial, many fertility clinics in Atlanta offer a discounted price refund program with multiple IVF cycles to share the financial risk. In case no birth is achieved, 70-80% amount is refunded to the patients.

The non-profit organizations working in the U.S. offer annual grants to eligible and needy couples, helping them give their treatment the best chance. Also looking for private insurance companies that may cover a certain percentage of the treatment is a good idea.

Georgia residents may also find insurance-based coverage for the diagnosis and testing for infertility under the basic healthcare, which can automatically save a percentage of the total IVF cost.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options in Georgia 

Brunswick Fertility Clinic in Brunswick, GA

Brunswick fertility clinic has an extended network and offers multiple IVF plans. Patients can select the package that best suits their financial status and medical condition.

  •    Mini-Stimulation IVF cost

This program is designed for patients who do not have any kind of insurance coverage, or an out of network financial facility available to them. This program covers the following procedures at the quoted cost:

IVF Monitoring: $ 5,400

  •    Cycle Monitoring
  •    Egg retrieval
  •    Embryo culture and transfer

Additional costs:

Medication: $ 2,040 (approx.)

Anesthesia: $ 225

ICSI (If required): $ 600

Assisted hatching (If required): $ 375

Cryopreservation fee: $ 750 (for up to 2 years)

  • Three IVF cycle Plan:

The three cycle IVF plan for the basic procedure costs $15,500. The  three IVF cycle plan includes the following procedures:

  •    Ultrasounds, blood work, and consultations
  •    Hormone tests
  •    Egg retrieval
  •    Embryology
  •    Embryo culture and transfer
  •    Anesthesia
  •    Cryopreservation (all up to 3 cycles)
  •    Embryo thaw & transfer

Additional costs:

Medications: $ 2600-$ 5000

Sperm Retrieval: $ 3300

  • Flexible IVF Program

The flexible IVF program is designed for patients who want to capitalize on the IVF cost in Georgia. This includes a fresh cycle of IVF with three of the patient’s own eggs, or one cryopreserved donor egg and one own egg. This packager is available at $ 16,800 and is offered to those who have no insurance coverage for relief on the cost of IVF. 

  •    Ultrasounds, blood work, and consultations
  •    Hormone tests
  •    Egg retrieval
  •    Embryology
  •    Embryo culture and transfer
  •    Anesthesia
  •    Cryopreservation
  •    Embryo thaw & transfer

Additional costs:

Medications: $ 2,600-$ 5,000

Sperm Retrieval: $ 3,300

  • Financing options: Compassionate Care Medication Assistance Program

At this fertility center, patients can find financial relief on medication through the Compassionate Care Program. To be eligible for this program one has to have an income of less than $ 70,000 and should not have the benefits of any kind of insurance.

The medication is provided either directly through the institute or is donated by other patients. It is a once in a lifetime help plan. Once patients have used the discount they cannot use it again for other IVF cycles.

Servy Massey in Atlanta and Augusta, GA

Servy Massey serves the residents of Georgia with the same aim: to reduce the cost of IVF for patients who are unable to access it. To help patients have the best understanding of the prices and the required budget, Servy Massey has a transparent financing system.

–    Fresh IVF cycle: $ 7,725

This cost covers blood work, ultrasounds, ICSI, retrieval and transfer, and assisted hatching.

Financing IVF at Servy Massey

Servy Massey participates with multiple financing companies working throughout the country. Such partnerships between clinics and financing companies reduce risk, financial burden, and stress of the loan process for patients already struggling with the overwhelming cost of IVF.

At Servy Massey patients can find financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending. It has currently empowered more than 250,000 infertile couples to afford their medical treatments. With Prosper Healthcare Lending patients enjoy the following benefits:

  •    Immediate loans of less than $ 35,000
  •    No collateral needed
  •    Flexible monthly plans
  •    Fast and simple loan inquiry

Medication Discount

Relief on medication helps patients save much on their total budget for IVF. The clinic also participates in the Compassionate Care program to help individuals save money on medication. Eligible patients can save up to over $ 1,275.

Another option available to patients is the First Steps program. It offers discounts to qualified individuals for up to 75% on the medication. It includes all major medicines required for IVF.

IVF Grant

Anyone who is an eligible candidate with genuine financial needs can apply for the Tinina Q Cade Foundation’s grant for IVF. It is an annually distributed grant of $ 10,000 to infertile families who cannot afford the cost of IVF.

The IVF cost comes without an insurance package, therefore such grants are of great support to financially weak couples. The requirement of the grant is for the candidate to be a permanent resident of the U.S. and should have a medically verified statement of IVF eligibility.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists- Shady Grove Specialists  in Atlanta, GA

The IVF cost depends greatly on how much discount is offered to patients through their fertility clinics. While searching for a fertility clinic, it is best to review the financial information and the possible discounts that one can avail of.

Any fertility clinic that participates with out of network healthcare organizations and financing companies always offer multiple payment plans. This adds flexibility to the treatment, making it more accessible and affordable.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists have designed a Shared Help Discount Program that gives eligible patients a discount on several IVF procedures and treatments. The limitation is that patients must not have any insurance benefits of their own. The eligibility criteria for this program are:

  •    The annual income of the couple should be less than $ 95,000 for the previous two years.
  •    The patient is medically verified as eligible for IVF
  •    The patient is a permanent resident of the U.S.
  •    Tax return documentation should be provided.

Medication Discount

Medication discount is provided to patients through Shady Grove where they offer several pharmaceutical discount programs.  Patients can review one suited to their needs.

Fertility Finance

The center also participates with the Fertility Finance that is a patient resource for all fertility treatments. It offers competitive rates and an easy loan inquiry process.

Fertility Finance provides a wide range of loan options, allowing patients to maximize their chances. Patients can also discuss and plan their own loans according to their financial needs and status.

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine in Atlanta/Johns Creek (Duluth)/Marietta, GA

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is one of the best IVF clinics in Georgia. It facilitates patients with multiple discounts and financing options. By participating in several IVF programs, it ensures that the cost of IVF is no more an out of question subject.

For instance, it participates in the Attain IVF refund program to share the financial risk of patients. Understanding that IVF is an uncertain treatment, it allows patients to undergo more than three IVF cycles at a discounted price.

The other financially beneficial options available are:


Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is partners with CapexMD, a renowned financing company of the U.S. aiding patients in their infertility treatment process.

Lending Club

Lending Club is another financing company that offers convenient, flexible and low-interest rate loans to eligible candidates. Patients can apply with their existing credit without any concerns for acceptance.

Medical Financing

IVF cost gets a boost when the cost of medication is combined with it. To share this burden, ACRM gives patients the facility of Medical Financing.

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine in GA

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine has an extended network in Northwest Georgia. For patients who enjoy no financial benefits, insurance coverage or discount plans would find the IVF cost unaffordable.

TRM gives relief to patients by offering them a transparent pricing system that helps them best understand their financial requirements. After this calculation, they can reach out to financing companies through TRM to give their fertility treatment the best chance.

Financing procedures:

–    Prosper HealthCare

With prosper healthcare lending TRM patients can enjoy the benefits of immediate loans under $ 35,000 with no collateral and penalties. It has an easy to apply loan process with flexible monthly returns.

–    Heart Beat Program

The Heart Beat program is for cancer patients who may lose their fertility due to cancer. It allows such patients to preserve their eggs and sperms without feeling the financial burden. To eligible candidates, it offers free medication with no forms required.

–    First Steps Program

The First Steps program offers medication discounts on drugs that are used during the IVF treatment. It reduces the total IVF cost by giving a 50-75% discount on the following medication:

–    Pregnyl

–    Follistim AQ Cartridge

–    Ganirelix

TRM Programs

–    IVF Guarantee Program

The IVF Guarantee Program offered at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine is designed to help patients minimize the cost of IVF. This program offers 3 fresh and all frozen embryos. If patients are unable to take a baby home, they receive a 100% refund on the IVF cost. This program comes at an upfront single discounted price of $25,000

–    Multi Cycle program

The multi cycle IVF program increases the odds of taking home a baby. Because a single cycle IVF may not be successful, multiple IVF sessions can increase the chance of conception. Keeping this the goal in mind, the multi cycle program comes at a discounted single price. There are two multi cycle options offered by TRM

Multi-cycle option 1:

  •    2 fresh & 2 frozen embryo transfer without the use of PGS
  •    2 fresh & all frozen embryos with PGS until a live birth is achieved

IVF without PGS: $ 21,000

IVF with PGS: $ 24,000

This is without the medication cost of $ 2000-$ 5000 and the anesthesia cost of $ 350.

Multi-cycle option 2:

  •    4 egg retrievals & 3 frozen egg transfers without the use of PGs
  •    3 retrievals & use of all frozen embryos till a live birth is achieved with PGS

IVF without PGS: $ 29,000

IVF with PGS: $ 31,000

–    Egg Donor IVF Guarantee

When patients use a donor egg, the cost of IVF becomes higher than the conventional method. Since affording the IVF cost is already concerning enough, TRM offers a guarantee program to donor egg patients as well. In this procedure patients get the following:

–    1 fresh IVF cycle with all frozen embryos

–    A 100% return on the money if unable to take a baby home

–    The cost of this program is $ 35,000

For all programs, the age limitation is 38. And patients must be medically qualified as eligible for IVF.

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