How Much Does IVF Cost in Alabama? Average IVF Cost, Insurance and Financing Options

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

Health insurance companies may be uncovered the cost of IVF in Alabama because of there being no mandate in the state regarding it. This is also the reason why IVF costs in Alabama are so high. People who wish to start a family need to research thoroughly and look for some plans that can help them cover the cost of their treatment.

The testing fee and consultation fee ranges somewhere between $ 1,500 and $ 3,500. The patient’s insurance may cover all the expenditures.

The average of IVF treatments around the US is $ 12,000, while the average IVF cost in Alabama is $ 9,000. For a frozen cycle the average is $ 3,500.

Medications for the IVF treatments usually cost around $ 2,500 – $ 4,000, depending on the plan chosen by the patients.

Average IVF cost in numerous Alabama cities are the following:

Major CitiesAverage cost of IVF without medication
Birmingham$ 10,000
Montgomery$ 8,500
Mobile$ 8,000
Huntsville$ 9,000
Tuscaloosa$ 9,500


Infertility Insurance in Alabama

Ever since the law was first sanctioned in 1985 for the coverage of IVF treatments in the US, there have only been 17 states that provide coverage for people. These states have approved laws and regulations to offer coverage for IVF related diagnosis and treatment options.

Sadly, Alabama falls in line with the other 35 states that do not provide IVF treatment coverage. Without any infertility support laws, many insurance programs do not provide much help to the people either. However, the coverage for other fertility amenities is quite common as compared to the IVF insurance coverage.

Infertility Financing Without Insurance

People living in the state of Alabama have to improvise when it comes to IVF treatments. The residents need to know that many of the infertility expenditures need to be paid by themselves and that they cannot rely on mandates alone.

Uninsured patients can opt for financing options such as online lenders, IVF grants and scholarships as well as discount programs that work to support financially weak patients.

Fertility Clinics Cost and Financing Options

Since the cost of IVF in Alabama remains uncovered and there is no mandate regarding treatments, patients turn to the state’s fertility clinics. In addition to providing IVF treatments for people who want to start a family, the clinics also provide their own specific payment plans to help make treatment more affordable.

To oversee the cost of IVF, there are a variety of affordable plans available, where some of them provide one or more IVF cycles in packages. A few others offer refund plans, while yet some others provide discounts regarding IVF treatments.

Every fertility clinic has its own specific fees to cover the cost of IVF. Price breakdown varies by clinic and patients are advised to select one that best suits their treatment requirements.

The following are some of the most recognized fertility clinics which provide affordable IVF:

The Center of Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, AL

The center’s average cost for one IVF cycle without medication is $ 9,000. To cope with the cost of IVF in Alabama, the center offers financial guidance in the following ways:

Financial Opportunities

The Center for Reproductive Management arranges a wide choice of financial opportunities currently available. By developing partnerships with different services, the center provides its patients with loan plans that are easily customizable and can help relieve any financial stresses associated with starting IVF treatment.

The center has partnerships with the following services for IVF treatments:

  • Health Credit Services (HCS) Financing
  • CapexMD

Health Credit Services (HCS) Financing:

This service pays great attention to patients who are undergoing IVF treatments. The following are the advantages provided by this service:

  • An upfront, rapid and relaxed application method
  • No application dues
  • Up-to-date internet safety to guarantee protected data
  • Immediate loan dispensation
  • Minimum monthly dues
  • Viable, fixed Annual Percentage Rates (APRs)
  • Zero pre-payment penalties or down payments
  • A fast online portal to make payments and access balance


A wide number of fertility treatments are financed by CapexMD for meeting the high cost of IVF in Alabama. Assistance is provided with medication coverage and other treatment options.

Every loan available with this funding option is made to be suited to the patient’s circumstances. The center works closely with CapexMD to ensure that funds are protected and all the financial duties resolved before any treatments start.

This approach helps remove any sort of worries for the patients so they can focus solely on their treatments.

The advantages provided by this service are:

  • Experts in fertility financing handle all transactions
  • Undivided attention
  • Approval provided in just 24 hours
  • Complete privacy
  • Viable rates with no annual dues or pre-payment penalties
  • Easy and protected online application
  • Adaptable terms
  • Credit scores can be retained

Payment Programs

For many women, it may take more than one IVF cycle to be successful. Keeping this in mind, the center provides a multiple-cycle IVF program with a single fee. This option has been seen as greatly increasing the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Multiple Cycle IVF Program:

The multiple cycle program includes the following:

  • Two-Cycle Program
  • Three-Cycle Refund Program

Two-Cycle Program:

This plan includes the transference and retrieval of the resulting embryos until the moment the patient goes home with a baby. There are medical criteria for this program and qualified patients who do not go home with a baby may get a refund of 50%.

Three-Cycle Refund Program:

This program also requires patients to pass certain medical criteria first. Upon qualification, they are offered the three-cycle refund program which is a more economically feasible option.

The plan consists of egg retrievals and transference of the embryos up to three times until the moment the patient goes home with a baby. If patients are not able to conceive by the end of the program, they get a full refund.

Military Discounts:

Patients who are veterans or are on active duty in the military can have up to 10% discount on costs of IVF, in addition to reduced rates for monitoring.

There are two programs that offer military discounts:

  • Compassionate Corps Program
  • Compassionate Care Program

Compassionate Corps Program:

This program is offered by the center’s partner EMD Sereno, which helps veterans to get services and medications related to infertility.

Compassionate Care Program:

This program offers qualified veterans and active duty patients to get a 25% discount on fertility-related treatments.

Attain IVF

Attain IVF provides people who want to start a family with affordable IVF costs. This funding option also provides the support of the community and information related to fertility treatments.

Multiple-Cycle Programs for IVF Patients:

80% of patients who go through this program bring home a baby with them. If the doctor advises their patient IVF treatment as the only way to have a baby Multiple-Cycle Program is a smart way that will help reduce the costs. Patients who opt for this program will pay about 30% to 40% less as compared to the same treatment on the basis of one cycle after another.

This program provides two programs:

Two-Cycle Program:

Until the patient goes home with a baby, the plan consists of transference of embryos and two retrievals. In case of not giving live birth, the patient can get a refund for up to 50%.

Three-Cycle Program:

This plan includes three cycles. If the patient does not give a live birth on the first cycle, the second cycle will be started without any waiting. If even after the third cycle, the patient does not bring home a baby, then they will get a complete refund.

Attain IVF Assist Program:

Patients who are already getting a 40% savings off their IVF treatments through the Multi-Cycle Programs can get a further discount of 20% through this program.

ART Fertility Program of Alabama in Birmingham/Huntsville/Montgomery/Northport, AL

The ART fertility program provides psychological, medical, and technical services for IVF.

IVF costs

The average IVF treatment costs around $ 7,600 – $ 8,700, without monitoring or any medication.

Infertility Treatment

Based on the patient’s treatment program, the monitoring cost of a cycle for ovulation induction with insemination differs. The cost averages from $ 1800 to $ 2400. The prices of medications and pre-screenings are not involved. Many of these services can be covered if the patient’s insurance carrier covers infertility testing and diagnosis.

IVF Plan

The ART Fertility Provides the following plan for IVF treatments:

Shared Risk Refund Plan (SRRP)

The Shared Risk Refund Plan (SRRP) is designed to guarantee that if patients trying to start a family do not give live birth, then the program’s refundable part will be given back to the patients so that they can try other live-building options.

In other words, the center will share the risk with the patients and do everything possible for the patients to get a live birth.

A promising opinion has been stated toward this plan by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), given that complete information is provided to the patients. The cost is similar to adoption. The patients who do not attain pregnancy are given the refundable fee for adoption.

There are two Shared Risk Refund Plans (SRRP) provided by the center:

  • Two-Cycle Option
  • Three-Cycle Option

Two-Cycle Option

Over a 12-month period, the plan offers up to two IVF cycles. If a live birth happens, this plan is considered a success. If all the eggs that are available are retrieved, following the transference of all the embryos (frozen or fresh), then it is defined as one complete IVF cycle.

Costs of Two-Cycle Option:

For patients who are using their own eggs, the cost to take part in the Two-Cycle Shared Risk Refund Plan is $ 14,450 (out of which $ 6,000 is not refundable while $ 8,000 is considered refundable). This is only applicable if the female is less than the age of 35 and also meets the requirements.

Three-Cycle Option

Over a 12-month period, this plan consists of up to three IVF cycles. If a live birth happens, this plan is considered a success. If all the eggs that are available are retrieved, following the transference of all the embryos (frozen or fresh), then it is defined as one complete IVF cycle.

If there is a delay in starting the cycles, then the patient will be charged according to their age category.

Costs of Three-Cycle Option:

For a patient using her own eggs, the price to take part in this plan is as follows:

The plan costs $ 18,800. Age should not be more than 35 years and the patient must meet all the requirements set up for the plan. The refundable portion is $ 10,500.

The total cost of IVF varies from one clinic to clinic. Fertility centers provide consultations before treatments, which discuss and consider the financial worries for patients.

Many fertility centers give patients a wide range of affordable programs to aid patients in achieving their goal of starting a family in Alabama. Patients are recommended to carefully consider these choices before going through with any program.

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