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Contact Information
929 Gessner Rd, Suite 2300, Houston,TX 77024


Total Number of IVF Cycles

Clinic Success RatesReport
During The Year2019
Medical DirectorTimothy N. Hickman, MD
Total Number IVF Cycles1308
Total IVF Cycles at Age<35471
Total IVF Cycles at Age 35-37367
Total IVF Cycles at Age 38-40296
Total IVF Cycles at Age>40174

Nondonor Eggs IVF Success Rates

Nondonor Eggs Success RatesAge <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age >40
Number of transfers2611256524
Ave number transfers1.
Live Birth Rates55.9%40.8%47.7%33.3%

Donor IVF Success Rates

Donor Success RatesDonor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo
Number of transfers12*450
Live Birth Rates7 / 12* / *53.3%

Rates of IVF Cycle Characteristics

Rates of characteristicsAge <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age >40
IVF using gestational carrier1.5%0.6%4.5%7.7%
IVF using frozen embryos84.0%93.2%94.0%78.2%
IVF with ICSI97.7%94.9%94.7%93.6%
IVF with PGT66.0%78.5%79.7%60.3%

Why choose Houston IVF

Houston IVF started operating in 2001. The center was established to provide infertility patients services in their journey to parenthood. The center is led by top physicians, qualified embryologists, nurses, and lab technicians. All specialists are fully trained in different aspects of infertility care.The center combines professional care and meticulous laboratory techniques resulting in successful pregnancies. At Houston IVF patients can get access to:

  • Individually tailored treatment plans
  • Nationally recognized fertility specialists
  • High success rates
  • State-of-the-art fertility services facility
  • Several IVF loans and financing options

Team of Doctors

Timothy N. HickmanDr. Hickman is the Medical Director and cofounder of Houston IVF. He holds board certification in Reproductive Endocrinology. He has been awarded ※Top Doctor in Reproductive Endocrinology§ and ※Top Doctor§, ※Top Doctor for Women§ and Texas Super Doctor by numerous national publications.Katherine K. McKnightDr. McKnight is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist. She joined Houston IVF in 2012 and was awarded the Texas Rising Star three years in a row. Her areas of expertise include IVF, fertility sparing surgery, PCOS and fertility preservation.James L. NodlerDr. Nodler is board certified in OB/GYN by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has vast experience in robotic surgery with a focus on uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

Services and Procedures

  • Fertility assessmentat Houston IVF includes new patient physician consult, baseline ultrasound and blood work.
  • Basic infertility servicescenter on the use of fertility drugs and artificial inseminations. Sometimes the two methods may be used separately on patients. On other occasions the two may be combined to achieve a successful pregnancy.
  • Fertility surgeryis used when patients suffer from blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis or fibroids. Other gynecological problems that may need surgical intervention include genetic defects or ovarian cysts.
  • IVF treatment optionsat the center address problems like fallopian tube disease. Other cases that use IVF treatment include moderate to severe male infertility. Older female patients who have been unsuccessful with other treatments can also use IVF.
  • Male factor infertility treatmentsaim to correct sperm disorders and functions. ICSI is most often used to treat infertility in patients with low sperm count or motility. Sometimes minor surgical procedures nay be required to resolve the issue.
  • Preimplantation geneticsis a screening procedure that identifies embryos with chromosomal abnormalities. It is recommended for couples who are carriers of genetic disorder diseases.
  • Comprehensive chromosome screening or CCSis a procedure which screens all 23 pairs of human chromosomes. The procedure is done prior to embryo transfer and is recommended for high risk couples.
  • Fertility preservationallows unfertilized eggs and fertilized embryos to be stored for future use. Younger women can choose this option to freeze their eggs which can be thawed and used later on. Eggs retrieved at a younger age are healthier than those retrieved at an advanced age. Women soon undergoing cancer treatment can also choose to preserve their fertility.

Oncology ServicesSuccessful parenthood choices are available for cancer patients before, during and after treatment. Men can consider options like sperm banking, testicular tissue freezing or testicular sperm extraction. Women can choose from embryo or egg freezing, ovarian transportation or ovarian tissue freezing.LGBT Family BuildingHouston IVF has all the resources needed in one place to help same sex couples start a family. Typically lesbian couples require an outside sperm source for conception. Likewise, male gay partners needs donor eggs and a carrier for the pregnancy.Fertility options include donor sperm insemination, IVF, and egg donation services. If same sex couples wish, they can also have their fertility preserved for the future.

Financial Options

All patients at Houston IVF have access to financial counselors. These counselors can explore and explain all issues related to payment. The financial team also works with insurance benefits, preauthorization and other payment requirements. Counselors can also assists patients if any financial issues come up during the span of the infertility treatment. The same applies to insurance issues.Third Party Financing OptionsHouston IVF files claims with carriers they presently participate with.Assure IVF Refund Program This program gives qualified patients a chance to look forward to a successful pregnancy. Otherwise, patients get back up to 100% of their entire program fees. Acceptance into the program requires that patients are 39 years or younger when applying. They also need to meet certain clinical criteria along with a look at any past IVF history.Houston IVF Multi Cycle Discount PlanThis plan includes two fresh egg cycles and two frozen egg cycles into one marked down price.Fertility and IVF LoansCapexMD offers customized loan programs to patients. The company specializes in financing services for all types of fertility treatments. There is a wide variety of loan options available.CapexMD offers the following benefits:

  • Specialist in fertility financing
  • Competitive rates
  • Preapproval within 24 hours
  • Flexible terms
  • Easy and secure online application

Proper Healthcare LendingProsper Healthcare Lending offers financing solutions to fertility treatment costs. Financing applies to treatment procedures, surrogacy and medications. The company provides instant decisions without affecting credit on loans under$35,000.Lending Club Patient SolutionsThis financing option offers flexible payment plans. Plans are available with low fixed rates and low monthly payments. The plan does not require any upfront payments and there are no prepayment penalties.Houston IVF Compassionate Care ProgramThis program makes infertility testing and treatment more available and affordable. Patients with no coverage for ART procedures and limited personal resources can receive discounts on their IVF treatments.Houston IVF Military Discount ProgramActive duty officers and veterans can use the Houston IVF Military Discount Program. The program offers a large discount on infertility treatments and a free initial consolation with fertility specialists.Livestrong Fertility ProgramThis program is for patients diagnosed with cancer. Qualified applicants can receive discounted fertility medications and other services from Houston IVF.Cade foundationThis foundation educates, provides financial aid and raises funds to provide grants to families in need. Every year the foundation provides selected infertile families up to $10,000 to help meet costs of infertility treatment. 

Houston IVF Services and Profile

Services and profileYes/No
Whether clinic has donor egg programYes
Whether clinic has embryo cryopreservation programNo
Whether clinic has donated embryo programYes
Whether clinic has egg cryopreservation programYes
Clinic services for using gestational carriersYes
Whether clinic is SART memberYes
Embryo laboratory accreditation statusYes

* IVF success reports are based on the latest CDC data published in April 2021 (Preliminary 2019 Data).
* Learn about success rate and definition. Read: What Is IVF Success Rate?