10 Top Affordable Mini IVF Clinics in the USA

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

Mini IVF is an affordable alternative to conventional IVF that is being used these days by some clinics in the USA. This procedure is still not very common but several clinics in the US are offering this cheap IVF service.

All these mini IVF clinics have state-of-the-art facilities and very cooperative staff to make the whole treatment as comfortable for the patients as possible. Patients can choose their clinic based on their location and IVF financial options. Along with medical treatments, most clinics also offer advice on financial options and guide the patients through this emotional journey with counseling. To find the plan that suits you best, contact the clinic, and schedule an appointment with their IVF experts.


1.San Diego Fertility Center

11425 El Camino Real
San Diego, CA, 92130
Phone: 858 794 6363

The San Diego Fertility Center provides mini IVF services to patients who prefer lower dosages of oral medications and lower IVF costs. The procedure used for treatment is quite easy for the patient as the woman does not have to be injected with hormonal or medicinal fluids before egg retrieval. Some injections and oral medications are given but they are quite low in dosage.

The clinic offers this option to patients who want to retrieve eggs with minimal stimulation and want to rely on the natural ability of their body to produce retrievable eggs. Mini IVF is also offered for patients who have had no success with conventional IVF in the past.

The fertility clinic also provides Mini IVF treatment to older patients. After the egg gets retrieved, the doctors at the clinic will send them to a lab where fertilization of the eggs takes place using donor sperm. Following successful fertilization, the egg gets transferred into the uterus of the female again.

A single cycle of Mini IVF can range from $8,000. To get more details about the affordable IVF cost, patients can contact the clinic. Before treatment, the clinic also offers guidance on the cost of the treatment and the diagnosis since it is different for each patient depending on their age, condition, and history with IVF.

2.Fertility Centers of Illinois

135 N. Arlington Heights Road Suite 195
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Phone: 877-324-4483

Fertility Center of Illinois offers a low-cost, affordable Mini IVF cycle using the INVOcell technology. They are the only providers of such a facility in the Chicagoland area. This technology uses the same fundamentals as traditional IVF and provides satisfactory results for half the cost of IVF.

This option is for patients who want to opt for a more advanced option and also want to keep things as natural as possible.  In this procedure, the gametes get placed inside the INVOcell device. After that, the device is placed inside the vaginal area and the egg gets fertilized inside the woman’s body. The doctors take out the device and screen the embryo for any defect. If everything is fine, the embryo is placed back in the uterus where it develops into a healthy fetus.

In this procedure, the patient feels like they have a closer connection to their child because the fertilization and growth take place inside the body instead of incubators. The fertility clinic uses natural conditions of the vaginal tract such as the pH to ensure proper fertilization. The device gets placed there to carry out fertilization in the most natural way possible. Since the procedure is low stimulation, it costs less and the amount of medications to be taken also decreases significantly.

3.Sher Fertility Center

5401 N. Knoxville Ave., Suite 102
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-0411

Sher fertility center offers low-cost mini IVF as an alternative to Intrauterine Insemination. For patients to be eligible for this treatment at the clinic, they have to be under the age of 35 and must meet some conditions. The procedure is less costly as compared to traditional IVF because the patient takes less medication. The drawback to this procedure is that egg retrieval is not as much as for traditional IVF so there are not many eggs left at the end of the treatment for the patient to freeze. According to the experts at the clinic, the success rate with mini IVF is three times greater than IUI.

The fee plan for mini IVF at the clinic includes guidance given by nurses and doctors. Plus, the follicle growth in the woman’s body is also monitored using ultrasound technology. The fertilization takes place using the ICSI method and the embryo is taken up to the blastocyst stage in the observation of the experts at the clinic. When the blastocyst is at a three-day stage or a 5-day stage, it is transferred to the uterus under ultrasound observation.

4.The Infertility Center of St. Louis

224 S. Woods Mill Road, Suite 730
St. Louis, MI 63017
Phone: (314) 576-1400

The Infertility Center of St. Louis also offers IVF with minimal stimulation which is a lower cost IVF option. At this Infertility center, only a few eggs from the female’s ovary are recruited. Extensive care is taken to ensure that among the few numbers of cells, most of them are of good quality so that egg retrieval is sufficient. This prevents hyperstimulation and also lowers the cost of medication and injections. When the woman reaches the third day of her menstrual cycle, she receives a small dosage of Clomid, up to 50mg. The dosage is kept constant till the fifth day of the cycle.

When the 8th day of the cycle comes, doctors administer a very low dose of gonadotropins to the body. The hormonal changes brought to the body to ensure premature ovulation. This is because Clomid does not let the pituitary gland secrete LH in the body.

In this treatment, a natural surge of LH is ensured and that makes this method more natural. The success of mini IVF depends to a large extent on the freezing methods employed by the clinic. The ST. Louis clinic uses a vitrification system which makes fertilization more effective and dramatically reduces IVF cost. Moreover, the process is performed in the purified air of the state-of-the-art labs at the clinic to prevent any mishaps.

5.New Hope Fertility Center

4 Columbus Circle, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.969.7422

New Hope Fertility Center has affordable mini IVF as its trademark. In their treatment, they retrieve 3 to 5 eggs as they believe these many eggs are enough for the conception of a healthy baby. The fertility clinic does not endorse aggressive use of medication that is common in conventional IVF.

The only medications involved in this treatment method are a pill of Clomid that is to be taken every day. Along with that, three Menopur injections are given to the patient and the patient is also made to use the nasal spray Synarel. In traditional IVF, the patient receives progesterone injections from time to time since the hormone is required for maintenance of the uterine lining.

The use of Synarel in Mini IVF erases the need for repeated progesterone injections. At New Hope, the experts suggest one-embryo techniques.

The clinic’s procedures are globally appreciated as they are gentle and successful at the same time. At the clinic, experts realize that constant use of IVF drugs can cause endometrial cancer and other health risks. Thus, they advise mini IVF as an alternative for less than conventional IVF cost.

6.Center for Fertility and Gynaecology

18370 Burbank Blvd  Ste 301
Tarzana, CA 91356
Phone: (818) 881-9800

At the Center for Fertility and Gynaecology, the treatments offered low-cost mini IVF in the greater Los Angeles area.  While in traditional IVF, all eggs undergo stimulation, this method involves the stimulation of only a few high-quality eggs. The stimulation is very gentle, in contrast to traditional methods. During the whole treatment, eggs are constantly monitored to ensure proper growth and development. After retrieval, eggs get fertilized and then transferred to the uterus.

At the fertility clinic, experts understand that their job is not only to provide medical treatment to their patients. They also have to give them emotional support. So, before the mini IVF treatment, experts sit with the patient and give them the whole breakdown of their diagnosis, conditions, financial requirements, and prepare them for the emotional rollercoaster.

7.Los Angeles Reproductive Center

16055 Ventura Blvd Ste 1127
Encino, CA 91436
Phone: (818) 208-5481

At the Los Angeles Reproductive Center, patients have the option to choose the treatment they want to go for. A mini IVF is normally advised for women who have some kind of medical condition that renders them unable to ingest many oral medications or take injections.

In the Mini IVF procedure used by the clinic, a small dose of Clomid is given to the patient. This is to induce the growth of a few eggs. While the eggs are maturing, they remain in observation under the ultrasound technology.

The frequency of this observation gets determined by the doctor and varies from egg to egg. The procedure following the retrieval of the eggs is quite similar to traditional IVF.  Most couples tend to go for mini IVF since it allows the patient to get many eggs with gentle stimulation.

At the fertility clinic, the patient’s views are considered first. According to the patient’s preferences and their own medical conditions, the experts at the clinic design a treatment plan for them. Personalized care gets endorsed at the clinic. The doctors understand that each patient is different and the results are best when treatment gets designed according to the patient’s needs.

8.Cha Fertility Center

5455 Wilshire Blvd #1904
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323-525-3377

At the Cha Fertility Center, the mini IVF procedure involves extensive care to ensure that the patient does not have to suffer from overstimulation. The cost of mini IVF is also less than the conventional method as fewer medications get used.

In their procedure, things are kept as natural as possible. Minimal and gentle stimulation is provided to the body. As a result of that, the body itself selects the best eggs among its pool of eggs and then these eggs get retrieved by doctors.

Slight modifications are made in the body’s own process by giving it a few medications and injections. Through these injections, doctors make sure that the body does not only grow one egg like it normally does. Instead, it grows and develops multiple eggs. These are then retrieved and transferred to the uterus once fertilization occurs.

This method is for women who do not respond too well to the traditional method and have had failed IVF treatments in the past. Women of an older age are also advised to undergo mini IVF treatment as it promises higher success rates as compared to the natural IVF method.

9.Michigan Infertility Center

37000 Woodward Ave. Suite 350
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Phone: (248) 952-9600

The Michigan Infertility Center offers mini IVF is for patients who suffer from any ovulatory diseases. Sometimes, women may also become victims of ovarian hyper-stimulation if they go through traditional IVF. This is why the clinic suggests them to go for mini IVF which is a gentler alternative.

In the cycle, the ovaries get stimulated for 5 to 7 days. During this period, medications increase or decrease depending on the follicle growth which is monitored with ultrasound.

Blood samples get taken to monitor the levels of hormones in the body. About three days before the eggs are retrieved; a slight boost is given to the body. Doctors use a needle-like tool to retrieve the eggs. The yield is dependent on how well the body responded to medication. Following this, the egg gets fertilized with the help of a semen sample. One sperm gets injected into each egg to ensure fertilization. Then, the embryo gets transferred into the female’s body without keeping her under sedatives.  Blood tests and hormone level testing confirm the pregnancy. Embryos that don’t get used up may be frozen for a subsequent cycle.

10.South Lake Fertility Clinic

910 E. Southlake Blvd.
Southlake, TX 76092
Phone: 817-442-5510

At South Lake Fertility Center, doctors believe that mini IVF is not the choice for everyone since the number of eggs retrieved is lesser than the traditional IVF methods. However, they advise certain women to undergo this procedure because when performed on the right candidate, this procedure offers a safer and easier method for having a baby.

The mini IVF procedure gets customized for each patient’s needs at the facility. In the treatment, the fertility clinic uses minimal medications and they minimalize the use of aggressive injections. Due to this, the cost of the IVF process is also more cost-effective. Patients can meet the team and discuss their financial options with the experts.