One of the worse parts of donating and banking sperm is the difficult moment of producing the specimen in a cold and impersonal room in a clinic that doesn’t make people feel like they can relax and actually enjoy the moment, reflecting in a lower positive hormonal assistance and a lengthy and stressful procedure. An at-home sperm bank allows men to produce the sperm sample in the comfort of their homes, without feeling observed or judged in any way, and able to freeze and deliver the sample time-effectively to the chosen sperm banks. In this post, we have created a list of the top at-home sperm banks and sperm donor kits, we are hoping to make your due diligence process abundantly easier.

1. is a reliable and highly recommended at-home sperm freezing and storage kit that allows men to collect their specimens in the comfort of their home environment, without the hassle of having to go to the sperm bank, which can be a time-consuming and particularly awkward experience for any man. This simple and quick process is especially convenient in times like the present when a pandemic like COVID-19 is forcing us all to stay home and practice social distancing.

Based on a safe, tried, and tested process, is the most cost-efficient private sperm bank on the market, with high quality and safety standards, collaborating with FDA® registered labs that obtain the specimen within 48 hours, test and store the received samples in compliance with all up-to-date standards, using three-factor identity authentication protocol.

Compared to other at-home sperm freezing and storage kit, exceeds industry standards keeping the sample viable during its overnight delivery to the nearest laboratory due to its exclusive protection medium. Thanks to its over fifty years of experience in the cryopreservation of reproductive human tissue, offers today the only team in the United States aiming to improve male fertility and sperm storage, ensuring that the entire process results safe and secure and offering a simple and effective process: the customer can easily order the kit online, have it conveniently delivered at home nationwide, follow the instructions provided with the package, produce the sample and send it back. Once the sample is received, it is tested, then processed and stored, and the results are sent to the customer. prices of sperm collection, freezing and storage package price$250 (Standard)$450 (Recommended)$750 (Ultimate)
At-home Sperm Collection & Freezing Kit123
Fertility report in 24hrsYesYesYes
Testing for sperm count, concentration volume, and motilityYesYesYes
Free overnight shippingYesYesYes
Free 1 year of Cryogenic Sperm Storage3-6 vials3-6 vials3-6 vials
Interest-free payments234

*Additional years of sperm storage are $145/year for the Standard Package or $215 for the Recommended or Ultimate packages Contact Info
Phone: 855-855-3945
Email: [email protected]

2. Legacy

Legacy knows how male sperm count and quality decrease with age, and therefore promotes the collection and storage of men’s young and healthiest sperm in the safest and most relaxed possible way: in the comfort of your own home.

As the leading digital fertility clinic in the US territory, Legacy offers an incredibly thorough analysis of client’s semen performed at a CLIA certified laboratory but collected thanks to an at-home sperm analysis kit. The analysis gives a detailed look at the health and productivity of the sperm, and the medical staff gives then the client a detailed explanation of what information could be found in the provided sample, as Legacy believe that clients must have a clear understanding of the results to make the right decision about their future fertility possibilities.

Eventually, sperm can be cryopreserved for future use, and this is the best part of the service one can get at Legacy: the level of safety and security is second to none here, and all bits of information are encrypted and never sold to anyone or any outside company. Clients are given a code; and that will identify them and their sperm for all the time they are involved with Legacy, both for labeling samples, communicating results or banking and eventually withdrawing the vials. Legacy’s technology is built to keep information secure, data are stored and shared only through encrypted servers and transmissions, and this makes it as safe as a Swiss bank.

Legacy prices of sperm collection, freezing and storage

Legacy package price$195 (For Today)$995 (For Tomorrow)$3,995 (Forever)
At-home Sperm Collection & Freezing KitYesYesYes
Testing for sperm count, concentration volume, and motilityYesYesYes
Personalized RecommendationsYesYesYes
Free overnight shippingYesYesYes
Client Service Advisor & CLIENTIDYesYesVIP
Cryogenic Sperm Storage4 vials, One week8 vials, 5 Years12 vials, 50 Years
Fertility Specialist1:1 conversation1:1 conversation, email, phone
Priority Access to R&DYes

*Additional years of sperm storage are $14.95/month, $145/year, or $595/5 years.

Legacy Contact Info
Phone: 617 514 0901
Email: [email protected]

3. CryoChoice

With over fifty years of experience in both reproductive and cryogenic medicine, CryoChoice runs an FDA registered sperm bank that logged, in time, over 1,000 successful inseminations. Its laboratory has been operating for over twenty years and is led by successful and experienced professionals.

Its high-level security involves 24 hours monitoring of the tanks with temperature detection and special record-keeping rooms. Additionally, CryoChoice is proudly the very first company in the United States of America to offer an efficient home collection kit allowing men to collect their specimens in the comfort and privacy of their homes and then safely bank it with CryoChoice.

As an entirely private sperm bank, CryoChoice offers competitive prices: sperm processing and storage is much more affordable here than in most of the other banks in the US.

Who should think about storing their sperm at CryoChoice? All those men who want to preserve their ability to procreate even though they are or will soon be no longer able to produce sperm, such as men about to undergo a vasectomy, a testicular surgery, or cancer treatments; men experiencing hormone replacement therapies as in the case of transgender people; men exposed to hazardous materials or high-risk occupations. The excellent customer care, experience, attention to detail, and discretion make CryoChoice one of the top choices in the realm of sperm banking.

CryoChoice prices of sperm collection, freezing and storage

CryoChoice package price$595 (1 Collection Kit)$995 (2 Collection Kits)$1295 (3 Collection Kits)
At-home Sperm Collection & Freezing Kit123
All Lab Processing, Sperm Count & Motility Testing, Vials EqualizedYesYesYes
Free overnight shippingYesYesYes
Free 1 year of Cryogenic Sperm StorageYesYesYes
6 Month Payment Plan$115/mo$180/mo$230/mo

*Additional 1 year of sperm storage is $149/kit, starting in year two. The fee of enhanced sperm testing for sperm morphology is $100.

Cryochoice Contact Info
Phone: (404) 325-0907
Fax: 404-795-9126
Email: [email protected]

4. Dadi

It is very important to understand that in sperm banking, analysis and production, the psychological component plays an enormous role, and Dadi helps men to achieve their goals with comfort, safety, and a sense of relief. These days moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic gave us one more reason to choose this at-home sperm banking system, which allows donors to collect their sperm and preserve their fertility while avoiding all unnecessary interactions that put us at risk of contracting or spreading this terrible virus.

Dadi has been chosen as the partner of many important companies and associations, such as Planned Parenthood, the New England Cryogenic enter, or the Testicular Cancer Society. This testifies to their absolute commitment to innovating sperm testing and banking and eventually making these procedures affordable for everyone.

Dadi prices of sperm freezing and storage kit

At-home Sperm Collection & Freezing Kit123
Fertility report in 24hrsYesYesYes
Testing for sperm count, concentration volume, and motilityYesYesYes
Free overnight shippingYesYesYes
Free 1 year of Cryogenic Sperm Storage3 vials6 vials9 vials

*Additional years of sperm storage are $99/year.

Dadi Contact Info
Email: [email protected]

5. OverNite Male Kit

Collaborating with the leader in reproductive tissue banking, Repro Tech Ltd., the OverNite Male Kit is by far the fastest sperm analysis and storage method at present.

There can be many reasons why a man decides to store his sperm: it can be a simple need of waiting for better times to embrace parenthood and the fear of a loss of fertility when the economic possibilities or the psychological readiness arise. It can be because of medical conditions and procedures like cancer treatment or necessary vasectomy. It can be because of high-risk occupational exposure to toxic substances or because of military service or contact sports. Whatever the reason is, the OverNite Male Kit is the answer to anyone’s fertility preservation concerns.

When compared to other at-home sperm banking kits, the original OverNite Male Kit is the most cost-effective one: not only it is the cheapest solution in the short or long run, but it also includes extra services such as the shipment costs and handling and can be ordered and paid for entirely online. In addition, it allows clients to collect their specimens from the comfort of their home, but it can also be ordered, paid for, and shipped back without having to step out of their homes: no time-consuming and uncomfortable doctor visits, no time wasted. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

OverNite Male Kit prices of sperm collection, freezing and storage

OverNite Male Kit price$575$875$925$1,275
At-home Sperm Collection & Freezing Kit1 kit1 kit2 kits3 kits
All Lab TestingSemen Analysis & ProcessingVirology, Sperm Count, Sperm MotilityVirology, Sperm Count, Sperm MotilityVirology, Sperm Count, Sperm Motility
Free overnight shippingYesYesYesYes
Cryogenic Sperm Storage1 Year / per kit3 Years / per kit1 Year / per kit1 Year / per kit

OverNite Male Kit Contact Info
Phone: 888-586-3389