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    4316 Evergreen Ln, Annandale,VA 22003


    Total number of IVF cycles

    Medical DirectorAll IVF CyclesAge<35 CyclesAge 35-37 CyclesAge 38-40 CyclesAge 41-42 CyclesAge≥43 Cycles
    Pierre Asmar, MD124493391320

    Nondonor Eggs Number of transfers

    Age under 35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43

    Average number of transfers per intended retrieval

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43

    Nondonor Eggs Live Birth Rates (Transfers≥20)

    Age under 35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43

    Donor IVF Number of Transfers

    Donor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo

    Donor IVF Live Birth Rates (Transfers≥20)

    Donor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo

    Rate of IVF using gestational carrier

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Rate of IVF using frozen embryos

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Rate of IVF with ICSI

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Rate of IVF with PGT

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Why choose Washington Fertility Center

    WFC is a fertility practice that provides patients with comprehensive reproductive endocrinology and infertility disorder services. The centre has four conveniently located offices in Rockville MD, Reston, Annandale, and Fredericksburg VA.Pierre AsmarDr. Asmar is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist with certification in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. His expertise include donor egg, IVF, gynecological surgery and treating uterine fibroids. Dr. Asmar is also an expert in same day tubal ligation reversal microsurgery.

    Infertility Care and Treatment at WFC

    WFC offers a range of infertility treatment services to its clients. Based on the initial consultation and diagnosis, patients can receive the following services at the center:

    • Ovulation management uses fertility drugs to manage ovulation. This drug therapy may also be combined with IUI in some cases to resolve fertility issues.
    • IUI is typically one of the first treatments a couple will try. It is a simple procedure performed in cases of unexplained infertility, irregular ovulation or endometriosis.
    • IVF is a safe procedure where a man's sperm and woman's eggs are fertilized outside the body. Once fertilized, the eggs are then transferred back to the uterus for initiating the pregnancy.
    • ICSI is used along with IVF to inject a single sperm head into an egg for fertilization.
    • PGD helps diagnose embryos during IVF for chromosomal or genetic disorders.
    • Egg donation program at WFC works with a variety of clients including single, gay, lesbian couples as well as with traditional couples.
    • Gestational surrogacy allows patients to get in touch with a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. WFC helps clients fight the right surrogate candidate to match their needs.
    • Gynecological surgery includes laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, myomectomy and tubal reversal for patients. Many of the procedures are performed as outpatient surgical operations.
    • Fertility preservation services include cryopreservation of eggs, sperm and embryos for use in future pregnancies.

    Financial Options

    Some of the offered procedures costs are given below:

    In-Vitro Fertilization$9,990
    Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection$1,990
    Embryo Cryopreservation$1,990
    Embryo Assisted Hatching$1,490
    Frozen Embryo Thawing and Transfer plus Embryo Assisted Hatching$4,985
    Natural IVF Cycle$4,985
    Shared Donor Egg Cycle$14,900

    These services do not include any charges for lab services or diagnostic testing. Medication costs or anesthesia fee are also not covered.IVF Baby Guarantee $19,900This program includes a maximum of 6 fresh embryo transfers. Also included are unlimited frozen embryo transfers along with cycle synchronization.The plan also covers teaching and monitoring, egg retrieval, oocyte culture, and embryo freezing.Egg Donation Baby Guarantee $29,900This program includes a maximum of 6 fresh embryo transfers. Also included are unlimited frozen or thawed embryo transfers. The cost also covers cycle synchronization, teaching and monitoring of recipient and donor cycles along with egg retrieval, oocyte culture and embryo cryopreservation.Special Discounts ProgramsWFC also offers a 10% discount program for civil servants. There is also a 10% discount program available for military personnel.Other Financing OptionsPatients can consider additional financing help from the following resources:

    • Lending Club
    • United Medical Credit

    Prosper Healthcare Lending

    Washington Fertility Center Services and Profile

  1. Whether clinic has donor egg program (Yes)
  2. Whether clinic has donated embryo program (No)
  3. Whether clinic has embryo cryopreservation program (Yes)
  4. Whether clinic has egg cryopreservation program (Yes)
  5. Clinic services for single women (Yes)
  6. Clinic services for using gestational carriers (Yes)
  7. Whether clinic is SART member (Yes)
  8. Embryo laboratory accreditation status (Yes)

  9. * IVF success reports are based on the latest CDC data published in 2019.
    * Learn about success rate and definition. Read: What Is IVF Success Rate?

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