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Contact Information
9817 N. 95th St, Bldg I, Suite 105, Scottsdale,AZ 85258


Total Number of IVF Cycles

Clinic Success RatesReport
During The Year2019
Medical DirectorJohn L. Couvaras, MD
Total Number IVF Cycles239
Total IVF Cycles at Age<3589
Total IVF Cycles at Age 35-3754
Total IVF Cycles at Age 38-4058
Total IVF Cycles at Age>4038

Nondonor Eggs IVF Success Rates

Nondonor Eggs Success RatesAge <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age >40
Number of transfers3112116
Ave number transfers0.
Live Birth Rates35.5%* / 12* / 110 / 6

Donor IVF Success Rates

Donor Success RatesDonor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo
Number of transfers00*0
Live Birth Rates* / *

Rates of IVF Cycle Characteristics

Rates of characteristicsAge <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age >40
IVF using gestational carrier10.8%4.3%* / 19* / 15
IVF using frozen embryos97.3%95.7%19 / 1914 / 15
IVF with ICSI97.3%95.7%16 / 1912 / 15
IVF with PGT70.3%73.9%13 / 199 / 15

Why choose IVF Phoenix

If getting pregnant has been difficult and you have not been able to establish a cause, you will want to get in touch with experts who can help. That is where an establishment like IVF Phoenix can make all the difference.IVF Phoenix is an infertility treatment center that services the area of Phoenix, Arizona and its vicinities. The center offers 25 years of expertise that delivers a customized yet integrated approach to parenthood. The center guarantees a personal and individualized treatment plan in a professional, compassionate environment.Treatment options include alternatives for both men and women. Couples can also consult with doctors when deciding what type of assisted reproductive treatment they want.

How can IVF Phoenix Help

Whether you have been trying for 1 year or 5, at IVF Phoenix we understand the stress that couples experience during infertility treatment. The good news is that under the supervision and expertise of our staff, many couples have been successful in getting pregnant.As an IVF Phoenix patient, you can rest assured that you will be diagnosed and treated by the best personnel in the medical field. Your treatment will be in the hands of highly experienced professionals, rendering the most advanced fertility treatments. When you are with us, you will receive the following services:

  • Individualized treatment plan

At IVF Phoenix, we believe in personalized care and treat each patient based on their individual circumstances. The treatment that our doctors recommend will depend on the cause and duration of the infertility. Other considerations like the couple's age and personal preferences are also accounted for.Couples can also get counselling on the ups and downs of fertility treatment. This aspect of treatment is important as infertility can be an overwhelming issue and most people need emotional support.

  • In depth consultation

When you visit the clinic, you will have an in depth consultation with a fertility specialist to help you identify the cause of your problem. You will also get a chance to discuss your treatment options with your specialist. Our experts will help you with all of your questions and concerns regarding infertility. All our efforts focus on helping patients with:-------Diagnosing fertilization problems-------Assisting with male infertility issues-------Helping single women and samesex couples become parents

  • Patient education and emotional support

Our onsite staff fully understands the importance of all aspects of women's health and fertility treatment. Patient education is an integral component of our program and ensures that you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way.We work with a commitment to understand your concerns and support emotional wellbeing. Our staff will respond with both professional and emotional help to address your medical condition.

  • State-of-the-art techniques in reproductive medicine

Apart from the professional expertise that you receive, the staff at IVF Phoenix works with the latest technology available. This approach supported by modern laboratory techniques makes our job much easier and allows patients to build the families they desire.

  • Challenging infertility cases

Patients with complex infertility requirements are always welcome at IVF Phoenix. We recognize the particular needs of such patients and are committed to working with their individualized needs.You will have a committed team ready to provide information, support, guidance, and care when you need it.

  • All procedures are administered on site

IVF Phoenix has everything you need for your treatment on site from fertility services to medical therapies. All of our services are provided at the clinic where you can receive your treatment and support from trained professionals.

Doctors and Team

Our experience sets us apart with more than 20 years in the field of reproductive medicine. Under the leadership of Dr. John Couvarus, our director, we have been at the forefront of reproductive sciences. Dr. Couvarus is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist trained at Texas Southwest Medical Center.He is also board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and is an active member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. His credentials include top 10% ranking in the US. With his team of specialists Dr. Couvarus will take time to assess your unique situation and circumstances and plan a course of action just for you.Along with his professional expertise Dr. Couvarus is an advocate of establishing a personal relationship with his patients. His approach allows him to personally supervise all aspects of his patients †management.With the assistance of his other colleagues, Dr. Couvarus has been able to take on some of the most challenging infertility cases. Together, a team approach has helped IVF Phoenix staff to set up successful treatment plans for their clients.

Procedures and Services

At IVF Phoenix, there are a wide variety of services to help you conceive, including complete fertility testing and diagnosis.We realize that no two patients are alike. As such treatment options will vary for each case. This will depend on the couple's diagnosis, age, medical history, physical condition, duration of infertility and other personal circumstances.The center offers a comprehensive choice of assisted reproductive technology. These are reproductive treatments in which the egg and sperm are handled by a team of professionals. Some of the procedures that can be accessed at the center include:

  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Pre-implantation genetic screening
  • IUI
  • Cryopreservation
  • HSG
  • Sonohysterogram
  • Donor oocyte program
  • Ovarian reserve testing
  • Sperm analysis
  • Sperm extraction
  • Pre-implantation genetic screening

At IVF Phoenix, we aim to make infertility treatment as easy and successful as possible. We have the experience, staff and ability to give you the answers you are looking for.

Financial Options

IVF Phoenix works with most major insurance plans. All coverage is verified prior to any visits. For services that are covered, we bill the insurance company while applicable co-payments or co-insurance will be due on the date of services.Payments that are not covered by insurance are either paid in advance or due on the day of service.Patients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their insurance benefits and coverage for infertility. For those who need it, there are independent third party programs to provide lending options. Call us to find out more about your financial options.

IVF Phoenix Services and Profile

Services and profileYes/No
Whether clinic has donor egg programYes
Whether clinic has embryo cryopreservation programYes
Whether clinic has donated embryo programYes
Whether clinic has egg cryopreservation programYes
Clinic services for using gestational carriersYes
Whether clinic is SART memberYes
Embryo laboratory accreditation statusYes

* IVF success reports are based on the latest CDC data published in April 2021 (Preliminary 2019 Data).
* Learn about success rate and definition. Read: What Is IVF Success Rate?