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    7900 Fannin St, Suite 4400, Houston,TX 77054


    Total number of IVF cycles

    Medical DirectorAll IVF CyclesAge<35 CyclesAge 35-37 CyclesAge 38-40 CyclesAge 41-42 CyclesAge≥43 Cycles
    George M. Grunert, MD1,409529347290123120

    Nondonor Eggs Number of transfers

    Age under 35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43

    Average number of transfers per intended retrieval

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43

    Nondonor Eggs Live Birth Rates (Transfers≥20)

    Age under 35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43

    Donor IVF Number of Transfers

    Donor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo

    Donor IVF Live Birth Rates (Transfers≥20)

    Donor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo

    Rate of IVF using gestational carrier

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Rate of IVF using frozen embryos

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Rate of IVF with ICSI

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Rate of IVF with PGT

    Age <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age 41-42Age ≥43All ages

    Why choose Houston Fertility Specialists

    Houston Fertility Specialists offer fertility treatment services out of six convenient locations throughout Houston. As one of the area*s longest running infertility practices, HFS has delivered over 7,000 babies and counting.HFS offices can be found in Houston, Fannin, Katy, CyFair, Clear Lake and Sugar Land.

    Meet the Doctors

    Yanett AnayaDr. Anaya is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. Her areas of expertise include fertility preservation, IVF, PCOS and reproductive endocrinology & infertility.Subodh ChauhanDr. Chauhan is board certified in both OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. Having trained in the UK, Dr. Chauhan has vast global medical experience. He has been in his professional field for over 20 years and was awarded the Texas Super Doctors Award in 2011-2012. He was also among the ※Best Doctors§ in 2009- 2010.Randall C. DunnDr. Dunn holds board certification in OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. His areas of expertise include infertility assistance and reproductive endocrine health. He has over 25 years of experience in reproductive medicine and has consistently earned the Castle Connelly*s National Top Doctor Award since 1999. He has also been on the Texas Super Doctors award list since 2004 to present day.George M. GrunertDr. Grunert is board certified in OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. He holds expertise in many different areas of infertility treatment including IVF, endometriosis, and fertility preservation. He also specializes in recurrent pregnancy loss and reproductive genetics. Dr. Grunert has earned numerous awards since his prestigious career began in the 1960s.Ertug KovanciDr. Kovanci is board certified in OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. His areas of expertise include fertility preservation in cancer patients and minimally invasive and robotic surgery. Dr. Kovanci also specializes in myomectomy, PGD, IVF and IUI.R.K. MangalDr. Mangal holds board certification in OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. He is a surgical specialist for pelvic pain, endometriosis, and infertility. He specializes in administering ovulation induction, IUI and IVF.Leah M. SchenkDr. Schenk holds board certification on OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. She specializes in cases related to egg donation and egg freezing. Her other areas of expertise include IVF and PCOs. Dr. Schenk has consistently been on the Texas Super Doctors award list since 2006 to the present.

    Services and Procedures

    HFS offers a comprehensive set of fertility services to patients ranging from the most basic to the most advanced techniques. The following fertility treatment services ca be accessed at HFS:

    • Fertility consultation. An in-depth consultation with the center's physicians and clinical staff is the first step of the treatment process.
    • Fertility testing for women can involve tests like hormone studies, ovarian reserve testing and an ultrasound. Some women may need extra testing like an HSG, sonogram, and laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.
    • Fertility testing for men includes tests like semen analysis and anti-sperm antibody testing. Testing attempts to evaluate male andrology issues such as impotence, ejaculation disturbances, male menopause or other medical conditions affecting fertility.
    • Ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination. After testing, basic, non IVF treatment starts with ovulation induction and IUI. In these options medications are prescribed to stimulate ovulation and some cases are assisted with IUI.
    • IVF is administered where basic treatment fail to work. The HFS IVF program was established in 1984 and is one of the largest and most successful in the nation. The center*s IVF program is designed to treat even the most challenging infertility problems.
    • Reproductive genetics. HFS makes high quality, reliable genetic screening and diagnostic testing available to all patents. Among these technologies, PGS can help select embryos with the best chance of pregnancies. On the other hand, PGD can be used to prevent transmission of serious medical conditions to the embryo.
    • Gynecological surgery services are also available at Houston Fertility Services. Surgical options to correct infertility issues include myomectomy, operative laparoscopy or hysteroscopy and tubal surgery.

    Third Party Reproduction ServicesDonors and gestational carriers are a recommend treatment for single females or couples who cannot provide the required eggs, sperm or uterus to give birth. Instead, pregnancy is made possible with the assistance of third party reproduction.

    • Donor eggs in infertility treatment are used by patients unable to produce viable eggs themselves. HFS has instant access to egg donors as well as to frozen eggs. All egg donors are meticulously screened before being accepted into the program.
    • Donor sperm is available through many sperm banks. For patients who need this service, HFS staff will collaborate with them to locate a donor who matches their needs and requirements.
    • Gestational carriers are used when women are not able to carry a pregnancy safely on their own. Instead a gestational carrier, who has no biological relation to the embryo she carries, carries the pregnancy for the individual or couple.

    Fertility Preservation ServicesHFS offer fertility preservation services to women who wish to delay pregnancy for their own reasons. At Houston Fertility Services, patients can opt to have their eggs cryopreserved until they are ready to use them.Women may wish to do so because of health, professional or personal reasons. The procedure is recommended for younger women as egg quality and quantity is superior at a young age.Counseling ServicesHFS offers individual and couples counseling to deal with the trauma of infertility. Patients get to sit with the HFS in-house certified psychologist and therapist, Dr. Irena Milentijevic. Dr. Milentijevic works with patients offering counsel on how to take care of themselves and to deal with the stress on the treatment.Consultation services for third party reproduction including eggs and sperm donors and gestational carriers is also provided.Support groupsHFS also offers different support groups and webinars for patients to connect for additional support. Support is provided for patients seeking different treatments including donor parents and others seeking infertility treatment.

    Financial Options

    HFS accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal checks as payment. The center also works with many major insurance providers.Patients who do not have insurance, can get in touch with the following fertility financiers to get assistance:

    • Prosper Healthcare Lending
    • Win Fertility
    • Arc Fertility

    Houston Fertility Specialists Services and Profile

  1. Whether clinic has donor egg program (Yes)
  2. Whether clinic has donated embryo program (No)
  3. Whether clinic has embryo cryopreservation program (Yes)
  4. Whether clinic has egg cryopreservation program (Yes)
  5. Clinic services for single women (Yes)
  6. Clinic services for using gestational carriers (Yes)
  7. Whether clinic is SART member (Yes)
  8. Embryo laboratory accreditation status (No)

  9. * IVF success reports are based on the latest CDC data published in 2019.
    * Learn about success rate and definition. Read: What Is IVF Success Rate?

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