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Contact Information
5225 Old Orchard Rd, Suite 24A, Skokie,IL 60077


Total Number of IVF Cycles

Clinic Success RatesReport
During The Year2019
Medical DirectorJoel G. Brasch, MD
Total Number IVF Cycles648
Total IVF Cycles at Age<35268
Total IVF Cycles at Age 35-37143
Total IVF Cycles at Age 38-40122
Total IVF Cycles at Age>40115

Nondonor Eggs IVF Success Rates

Nondonor Eggs Success RatesAge <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age >40
Number of transfers198698033
Ave number transfers1.
Live Birth Rates34.3%31.9%22.5%9.1%

Donor IVF Success Rates

Donor Success RatesDonor, Fresh emb, Fresh eggDonor, Fresh emb, Frozen eggDonor, Frozen embryoDonated embryo
Number of transfers7915*
Live Birth Rates* / 7* / 9* / 150 / *

Rates of IVF Cycle Characteristics

Rates of characteristicsAge <35Age 35-37Age 38-40Age >40
IVF using gestational carrier1.7%0.0%0.0%6.5%
IVF using frozen embryos60.3%60.2%60.3%38.7%
IVF with ICSI93.3%96.6%84.6%80.6%
IVF with PGT6.1%9.1%5.1%11.3%

Why choose Chicago IVF

Chicago IVF is a leading infertility clinic offering the most advanced treatment options to its patients. Our IVF centers are staffed with top infertility specialists who work with a commitment to help you build your family.We are considered as leaders in our field based on our vast experience and services in all these areas:

  • Over 12,000 babies born
  • Internationally renowned fertility specialists
  • Qualified nursing staff
  • Dedicated health care provision
  • High standard services delivered
  • Convenient, online patient results
  • Over 85 insurance plans accepted
  • Convenient locations throughout the Chicago area

Meet the Specialists

Chicago IVF's board certified specialist team offers years of experience in fertility services. Our specialists also possess impressive credentials in education. Here is who you will meet at our fertility clinics:Dr. Joel G. BraschDr. Brasch is a board certified member of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has a Fellowship from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology.Dr. Brasch is the Medical Director at Chicago IVF and is proud of his achievement in creating a center where outstanding medical care is delivered to his patients.Dr. Tarun JainDr. Jain is a nationally recognized expert and leader in fertility treatment and health insurance coverage. He is double board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.Yelena PasmanMs. Pasman is the senior embryologist and lab manager at Chicago IVF. She brings with her extensive expertise in the areas of genetics and Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Ms. Pasman assists the Medical Director in overseeing the Clinical Laboratory Regulatory Compliance Operations at the IVF lab.Tammy ChavarriaMs. Chavarria has experience both as a Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist. She is involved in patient care and educates and mentors the ARHC clinical team at the center.Nancy CorsbieMs. Corsbie is Nurse Practitioner with extensive knowledge in women's health. She works with patients and assists them in meeting their fertility goals.

Services and Procedures

The doctors and staff at Chicago IVF are committed to providing the highest level of patient care to help you become parents. To achieve this, we have comprehensive treatment plans and options offered at our clinical locations. We offer the following procedures and services:

  • IVF procedures at Chicago IVF administered by our specialists have helped many patients welcome their babies through embryo transfer.
  • IUI treatment at Chicago IVF is recommended for couples where there may be issues with the male partner's sperm count or motility.
  • Egg donor program at Chicago IVF is one of the best in the country. The nurses in our program have been voted as the most compassionate while our doctors are recognized for their success with the procedures.
  • Donor egg recipient program at out facilities works in collaboration with My Egg Bank. We receive frozen oocytes from them for patients needing donor eggs.
  • Male factor infertility treatment is conducted by carrying out screenings and determining causes of infertility. Our specialist can help with all the different aspects of male infertility.
  • Fertility preservation at Chicago IVF helps women delay motherhood due to personal or health reasons.
  • Fertility testing & screening is available for men and women interested in learning about their fertility status. Testing gives individuals information about their future fertility potential and can help address any issues in a timely manner.

Patient Education ProgramsWe also run a number of patient education programs at our facilities. These programs are designed to better equip patients with knowledge about their treatment plans. The programs provide in-depth details about what to expect during treatment and how to practice self-care during this time.

  • IVF Patient Education Program

When your physician suggests IVF treatment, you will get enrolled in our IVF Patient Education Program. The program covers all aspects of treatment giving patients an insight on how the procedure will work and how to take care of themselves. You will be instructed using internet based information, reviewing education materials and in-person sessions with an education specialist.

  • Surgical Patient Education

For patients who need to undergo surgery, our Surgical Patient Education Program can help. You will connect with a clinical educator who will give you education materials for this program. You will have access to the patient instruction brochure dealing with pre and post-operative issues. Information and instructions on anesthesia, surgical scheduling details and surgical procedure information will also be provided.

  • Ovulation Induction Patient Education

If your treatment involves ovulation induction, you will meet with our clinical educator to get more information about your treatment. Our educator will provide you with relevant materials such as an instruction sheet and booklets about ovulation induction. Other booklets discussing IUI, fertility shots, ART, and tracking blood tests will also be handed out.All patients in an education program are asked to provide patient education feedback regarding their experience. This feedback helps us develop our programs better.Our Locations

  • Orlando Park
  • Munster
  • Warrenville
  • Valparaiso
  • Charles
  • Lincolnwood- IVF lab/ surgery center only
  • Skokie business office- no clinic at this location

Financial Options

To help you deal with the cost of fertility treatment, we extend these resources:

  • Front Desk Staff

The personnel at our front desk are competently trained to guide you with some basic insurance information. You can get input about filings, co-pays and out-of-pocket costs. Our front desk will also help you with balance dues.

  • Billing Department

The Chicago IVF billing staff can address some of your more complicated concerns. They can aide you in matters regarding mandatory fertility coverage laws, payment plans and other related issues.

  • Patient Financial Advocates

We also have a team of financial advocates who will help you understand costs associated with your treatment. Patients entering in vitro or other fertility programs will meet with their financial counselor to discuss insurance coverage and billing techniques. You will also get a chance to inquire about out-of-pocket costs and payment plans before you begin your treatment.Payment Methods & Insurance PlansWe accept most major insurance providers. We also accept, cash, money orders, checks, and all major credit cards.

Chicago IVF Services and Profile

Services and profileYes/No
Whether clinic has donor egg programYes
Whether clinic has embryo cryopreservation programYes
Whether clinic has donated embryo programYes
Whether clinic has egg cryopreservation programYes
Clinic services for using gestational carriersYes
Whether clinic is SART memberYes
Embryo laboratory accreditation statusYes

* IVF success reports are based on the latest CDC data published in April 2021 (Preliminary 2019 Data).
* Learn about success rate and definition. Read: What Is IVF Success Rate?